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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard $169.15 Delivered @ digiDIRECT


Cheapest I've seen anywhere.

Free delivery to states where they have stores maybe? Delivery to WA was free for me.

Edit: possible Officeworks price beat?

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Great keyboard

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    Great price. Got the Mac version of this via Amazon UK delivered for about this price a couple of months ago.

    Excellent feel and travel in the keys and the proximity backlight works a dream. And the switch function to other devices is a bonus. Far better than the one that came with my mac.

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      The amazon ones are still around this price. They've gone up slightly since yesterday:
      $167.50 for the US international and English layout windows matte black version as well as the gloss black Mac US international.
      $160.51 for the English layout gloss Mac keyboard.


      they all work perfectly on either OS, although obvious the text on the bottom row differs control control, option, command either side of space on the mac version. The original has both pc and mac on those keys
      with a fn key instead of right option.

      The english layout can be great but you shoudnt impulse buy, you'll be typing pound symbols instead of hash until you get used to hash sharing a key with forward slash,

      • what about the warranty since it;s shipped from the UK?

        • +1

          I've never had any problems with warranty from UK or US even before we got Amazon here and they really do a good job of customer care for refunds, damaged products etc (They spent $160 on express delivery to get me a digital photo album that was maybe $220…I think it was meant to get here 2 days quicker than the cheapest option=).

          I've returned things within a week of getting them even though they were from the UK/US amazon just asks if I want a refund or replacement no hassles.

          As far as warranty goes I've never been denied o I havent had to take any time consuming measures but the fair trading website should be pretty clear that a business operating in Australia will be subject to all of our consumer protections. Im not even sure if valve had any physical presence when we sued them but they made an australia store front.

          At the end of the day if you arent comfortable either read ACCC/Fair trading sites or call and ask. if your till nervous then jump on a deal like the one chips posted for piece of mind. Hope that was some help.

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    Highly recommended. The best non mechanical keyboard I've ever typed on. Great travel and feel. I use this with work, alongside Mx Master mouse. Excellent combo.

  • I can't find the code to compare with office work product. If yes, it will be nice for post boxing day

  • Digidirect sells computer stuff now??

    Isn't this price well into mechanical keyboard prices?

    • +3

      Quite a few people (myself included) find the MX Keys better for productivity than mechs.

      • +2

        I actually sold my mech keyboards off (Razer Blackwidow and Corsair K95) and kept the MX keys. It's easy these days to get swept up in the hype of what every reviewer thinks is best, and therefore is the only option for everyone. The whole of YouTube has just become an echo chamber

  • your colleague will kill u if u use mechanical keyboard in office

    • What does that have to do with this deal?

      • +3

        It prompts you to buy MX Keys, probably.

    • Lol been using it for the past 4 years.. your Mile may vary

  • Can this keyboard switch between devices without installing Logitech Flow? That software makes my MX Master 2S super buggy when installed on Mac.

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      Yes, it can.

  • +1

    Thanks, just got one.

    Note that paying through Paypal Express from the product page will not apply the discount.. you have to add to cart, enter your details and then pay through paypal in the next page - otherwise it's $199.. Weird glitch for me.

    • Order update: just received an email from them saying they're awaiting stock and could take up to 14 days before dispatch.

      The site is still taking orders though, so be prepared to wait til around mid Jan 2021

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    Can confirm an Officeworks price match, I just paid $160.69 at Officeworks Fyshwick.

  • Has anyone used both this and the Microsoft Sculpt? Any comments on ergonomics? Coming from someone with potential early stage RSI…

    • +1

      I've used both (the Keys sparingly, my SO's keyboard), the Keys is not an ergonomic keyboard at all, it's just really pleasant to type on but does zero for your wrists.

      Don't buy the Sculpt though. The USB dongle is linked to the keyboard and not replaceable. If that breaks, your whole kit is useless. Some idiot took the dock from my desk at work and the dongle with it and I was left with a paperweight of a keyboard.

      • Thanks - really helpful feedback. What keyboard are you currently using?

        • Some tiny bluetooth keyboard I picked up because it's the only thing that will fit on my kogan standing desk! Can't recommend it. I've seen people have the Surface ergonomic keyboard (replacement for the Sculpt and uses bluetooth) but for some reason has a fabric wrist rest and gets filthy in days. I'm sorting out my home office space over Christmas (didn't expect working from home to last so long) and am ordering one of these - https://www.amazon.com.au/Perixx-PERIBOARD-512-Ergonomic-Spl... - simply because it's cheap and the reviews are great.

          The most important thing is to change how you type, I found changing my hand posture, keep my wrists as straight as possible and don't rest them on anything made a world of difference. That and a ball mouse (except they're not very reliable).

  • I just bought this keyboard recently to upgrade from my old Logitech MX800 keyboard mouse combo and this new keyboard is the perfect upgrade from what was a great keyboard. Yes it is expensive for a keyboard but it is worth it. It connects either via a wireless device or Bluetooth, once that is done that's it! The keyboard stays connected all the time, every time. It has some useful yet not overwhelmingly confusing keyboard shortcuts, for back-lighting, volume, brightness, calculator etc.
    The actual keys feel so nice to use, as soon as you touch them you know why you spent that extra $$ on quality and there will be no regrets!!

  • Grabbed one from OW a month or so ago, no regrets, best keyboard I've used in years, lovely slim and small profile really cleaned up my desk, glad to be rid of the bulky Logitech gaming keyboard from 10 years ago.

    Perfect for working from home easily swap between work laptop and personal computer.

  • Would this be good enough for a FPS play ?

  • The one annoying thing about this keyboard is the lock shortcut button is right near the - button and I often find myself accidently locking the PC when using Excel. Otherwise it's great.

    • Probably a way you can disable it - don't ask me though

    • +1

      Install the Logitech options software, then you can remap it to do something else. I start Everything search with it.
      EDIT: yes, you can also disable it completely.

  • +1

    Cheaper on Catch (currently $184.3) this way:
    Unidays 10%, digital GC from Suncorp 6%…comes down to $156 delivered

    • Also this way potentially:

      Price beat office works (5%), Zip Pay in-store (3%) = $155.87 ($156)

      • +1

        How do you get the extra 3% from Zip Pay in store? Do you just pay for it by Zip Pay and the app refunds you the 3% back to your Zip Pay after a few days? Like a cashback?

  • Shame that decided to have the wrist rest separate…

    • If you check reviews, it looks like MX Palm Rest is nothing special in terms of functionality and quality, you can replace it with some unbranded alternative and don't feel much difference.

      • +3

        I bought an arm rest from Daiso for $5 yesterday and it is perfect. Will need to see how it fares over time.

        • +1

          Can you please post a pic thx

  • I just noticed that Amazon offers Mac version of MX Keys for $160 (sold by Amazon UK): https://www.amazon.com.au/Logitech-Advanced-Illuminated-Resp...

    • -2

      no unifying receiver in the mac version

    • As stated earlier that's what I bought. Just be aware that it is the English version layout as opposed to the standard US International version. Easy to adapt to and the Mac automatically adjusts to the layout but there are a couple of differences (e.g. shift key size, additional currency keys) but no biggie. And yes it does come with a unifying receiver.

    • Select the US international layout and the price is $167.50 (temp out of stock).

    • +1

      Digidirect also have the mac version for those who want the US layout


      Confirmed with online chat that it is this one:


    • -2

      AU$ 139.99 | Logitech MX Keys (MAC)

      Condition: Used
      Quantity: 4
      1 Month RTB Warranty

      FREE Shipping From Melbourne

      • +1

        Condition: used in good condition, some may have a few scratches.
        Packaging: some come with original box but box is damaged.
        Warranty: one month return to base warranty. No return on change of mind.

        And only $20-30 cheaper, IMO not worth it.

        • It's much cheaper with eBay discount vouchers/coupons.

          Anyway, I am already using a Logitech Craft keyboard (for PC),
          so I know how good the MX Keys can be sans dial :-)

  • How does it compare against Logitech K780 which is almost half the price? K780 also has multi-device

    • the cheapest keyboard I've found that is multi-device, is the K375s
      However, the construction is plastic and it feels 'cheap',
      but it's decent enough to be used as a keyboard with unifying receiver / Bluetooth.

      ( The K375s also has the letters/numbers printed onto stickers on the keys,
      so some people may not like that )

  • +1

    I moved from a mechanical keyboard to one of these and don't regret it for a second.

    • Same. I like it so much, I bought one for my office as well. I now have 4 mechanical keyboards gathering dust.

  • FYI, Few days back, I got it from JB for $170 with 2 years extra warranty. Bargain from JB with price match and get extra warranty also whoever wants. Like the usb-c charge, it's heavy to carry but good for home or office keyboard.

    • $170 total for KB and warranty? Was it standard or did you ask them to include it as part of the price match?

      • Just asked for the best price. Sales guy was nice and offered $170 instead $199. And also provided extra 2 years warranty, maybe it's a promotion for warranty. I bought on 23rd Dec.

        • I just had a crack at JB in north lakes qld and they would only go to 186. 20% off Logitech keyboards excluding MX though :(

          • @doggmatic: Not good. I bought in Redland area. Looks like depends on store and sales guy.

  • PM at OW, cheers OP!

  • +1

    Just got mine from price beat at Officeworks! Great keyboard!

    • Got mine too from Officeworks Jandakot. They still had 10 in stock.

      Thanks for the post OP!

  • Also PM at OW Woolloongabba, still a couple of the shelf.

  • I haven't found anything as good as the K810 which was discontinued, other than the number pad would this be comparable design/feel wise?

  • Does the PC version come in the space grey colour too like the MAC version?

  • +1

    Can confirm that OW (North Ryde) staff knew this deal and price matched easily. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      I went to the North Ryde store just now and the guy at the counter even mentioned it was being OzBargained 😂

      I walked over to HN though to see if they'd match Amazon as I wanted the Mac version vs the combined Mac/Windows one and HN price matched them at $160 even. Was quite surprised!

      I then walked over to the other side of the store and subsequently price matched Bing Lee on a Breville Air purifier.

      Used Zip Pay for another 3%, so all in all, it's been a good day!

  • This would have been the perfect keyboard and an instant buy if it didn't have those gross Mac icons merged with the alt/ctrl keys. No thanks.

    • Yeah those "gross" Windows icons sure are horrible!

  • Just got a PM at OW in Doncaster, VIC. One left on shelf as of now.

  • So… I just had Harvey Norman price match Amazon for $160 on the Mac version of the MX keys. I was entirely prepared to be shot down and head off to JB (since the ticket price was $229) but the guy looked it up and was happy to do it.

    Obviously, YMMV but I thought I'd let everyone know it's possible.

  • here's a stockchecker for OW:


    edit not sure if it is up to date…

  • Price matched in OW (Bayswater) and got it for $160. Thank you I have been considering this keyboard for a while… my MX master 3 needed a friend and my razer keyboard was using up too many resources with the stupid software.

  • Does anyone know if we can price match this at OW?


    • +1

      I don't know if they actually price match Newegg, but if they do, they will add delivery to that price as well. Newegg delivery isn't cheap as it ships from US. For me it shows delivery is $62.05.

      • oh ok! thanks for the insight. if the added the delivery it would push it back over haha.

  • Anyone have a recommendation for a compatible wrist rest to go with it?

  • JB Hifi best price $159. Call them up for the best price. Save further via discounted gift cards

    • Ooohh which JB did you use?

  • Cant find any more stock at any Officeworks (NSW) unfort….

  • Still was able to price match this with officeworks

  • Got hard balled at OW trying to price beat. Guy claimed they have to be able to verify it's in stock.

    • +1

      Went back the next day and got it PB by another person. Happy days!

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