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Konka 55" UHD (4K) LED, Linux TV $562.20 Delivered @ Konka via Amazon AU


No idea if the TV is good but sub $600 for a 4K 55inch TV seems good if it is a little better than the EKO and Kogan alternatives. Also runs linux (I'm planning on using an old Telstra TV with it instead if I pull the trigger) which I'm assuming isn't important for a lot of people but might be something a minority are looking for. Says deal ends tonight at midnight but who knows.

Originally had IPS the listing, it's been removed so I took it away as well.

Free delivery (prime) seems good for a TV with most only having free C&C

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    pretty happy with my JVC 55" tv from Big W at $499 ($449 after Zip gift cards)


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      Yeah mentioned in the description it's a good deal IF it's better than the other alternatives (only said EKO and Kogan but ceebs listing all of them). Otherwise it's really only better if you need Linux or are in a position where you have to get it delivered and have prime

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    I dunno man… Seems risky.

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    Konka is a Chinese state owned company.

    All profits go the CCP.

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      Ahm, so?

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        Knowledge is power.

        Be an informed consumer!

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          Yeah? are you sure?


          Ignorance is powerful, unfortunately, just as Trump.


            @Jamesx: You can easily find Trump quotes against Trump, this works on freedom89 too


              @SilverRanger: Trump was elected in & then voted out by US citizens. Maximum of 2 terms (8 yrs)

              XI, was not elected by Chinese citizens, he changed the leader term rules to make himself the leader for life.

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      This is a typical western style comments towards a Chinese company and very popular like Trump.
      Konka was the first joint venture (inverted by bith Chinese and Foreign investment) company, which means about half the profits went to each side.
      It started producing desirable TV and was popular for years since 1980.
      It is a public listed company, so the profits goes to everyday mum and dad investors as well as major shareholders just as an Australian public listed company.

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        Konka is listed but its largest shareholder is Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises Co. (32.8%) is a Chinese state-owned enterprise.

        In turn Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises is 100% owned by the state council of China.

        I hazard to guess numerous of its board members are from the CCP.

        I cant think of any asx200 listed company having its largest shareholder as the Oz govt. Plus any current members of parliament are not a board member of any company.

        Profits go to mum & dads. If you think this happens in China, you know nothing about China. Most of it goes back to the state.


          The majority of Konka's profit (more than 2/3 according to your figure) literally goes to the Chinese mums & dads, do you have a problem against that too?

          Telstra's privitisation went through different stages. Initially the Australian government was 66% (T1) and 51% (T2) majority shareholder, I guess you didn't have a problem with it then?


            @SilverRanger: The largest shareholder owns 32.8%, but other smaller shareholders are also state owned entities & CCP associated.

            Even with just 32.8% holding, the CCP has control & influence in the company.

            Telstra was privatised & govt stake was reduced to zero. I dont see the CCP doing this any time soon.


              @freedom89: Just how do you do your research? Can you even back your claim that "other smaller shareholders are also state owned entities & CCP associated"?

              Konka has no other significant inistitutional holdings, meaning they are just retail shareholders (ordinary mums and dads). Hold on, I get it, all Chinese are communists, right?

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                @SilverRanger: The Chinese Communist Party requires that any Chinese company with more than 10 employees allow the establishment of a Chinese Communist Party cell in the company.

                Each party cell meets monthly to discuss the party’s latest policy initiatives, and how they can implement these policies. A monthly report is filed with the local party secretary.

                This is done independently of the company management. It also means that the party knows very well what each company is doing.

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                  @freedom89: Have you realised you are moving the goal post, every time you post?

                  XXX is CCP owned -> XXX is majority CCP owned -> All Chinese companies are associated with CCP

                  It's becoming a little too wide to defend, good luck boycotting them all


      Quoting from your own figure below, Konka is 32.8% state owned, therefore making your statement grossly inaccurate.

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        I stated its largest holder (Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises Co.) which is state owned owns 32.8% of the company;
        not the total % ownership of the company with is state owned.


          Is this a watered down version of

          "Konka is a Chinese state owned company.

          All profits go the CCP"?

          I didn't see the * sign to read the fineprints!


          Oh btw I didn't bother correcting your other false claim, BBK (owner of Oppo, Oneplus and Vivo) is NOT a Chinese state owned company, its owner is technically an American (Chinese immagrant)

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    Konka do TV's now? Their phones were already meh.


      Did TVs since CRT days. Meh is an accurate description.


      I bought a Kogan TV back in 2012 and it came DOA with broken Konka firmware on it - I suspect they've been an OEM for a lot of the cheapies for a while.

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    are there any "mainstream" tv brands that use linux as their tv os? first time i've heard of it being used.

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      Having to su to change channels is really user friendly.

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        The use of su for such trivial functions is deprecated, sudo is preferred.

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        Doing a find ¦ xargs grep to do the tuning is fun.

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    Where does this state it's an IPS display?


    Linux TV?


    Konka UDL55MP667ANT


    Backlight Unit LED
    Panel Size (inch): 55in
    Refresh Rate 60Hz
    Contrast Ratio: 6000:1
    CPU Core: CA55 Quad Core 1.2GHZ
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    GPU Core: Mali470 Triple core
    DDR3: 1G Byte(8G bit)
    Display Resolution: 38402160
    EMMC: 4G Byte(32G bit)
    Brightness (cd/m2): 280(typ.)
    WIFI: YES 802.11 b/g/n
    Response Time (G to G): 8ms
    WIFI Hotspot: YES
    Viewing Angle (H/V): 178/178
    Smart TV: YES LINUX
    Comb Filter: 3D
    Dynamic Noise Reduction: 3D
    Adaptive Deinterlacing: 3D
    Audio Output Power: 10W
    Power Supply: 110~240V
    Power Consumption: 210W
    Power Consumption (Stand-by): 0.5W


    Pretty sure I read somewhere that the EKO TVs are badged Konkas anyway. Very, very happy with the 58" Android EKO I got my Dad for Christmas. For sub-$600 it's just amazing.

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      Dont think Konka is as good



    This one looks exactly the same as the EKO TV just a different brand


      Yep, the 50" Hitachi I was eyeing off at The Good Guys was 100% identical to the EKO too. Same remote, same socket locations and even the same back shell moulding.