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Viofo A119 V2 Dashcam US$53.47 (A$70.66), Viofo A119 V3 Dashcam US$84.41 (A$111.55) Delivered @ VIOFO Official Store AliExpress


Great prices on these two dashcams from Viofo

To get price in title:

  • Apply promo code VIOFOA139 US$15 off on orders over US$20

  • Apply store coupon US$2 off on orders over US$50

Viofo A119 V3 Dashcam US$84.41 (A$111.55)

  • Apply promo code VIOFOA139 US$15 off on orders over US$20

  • Apply store coupon US$2 off on orders over US$50

Viofo A119 V3 Dashcam w/ GPS US$91.43 (A$120.82)

  • Apply promo code VIOFOA139 US$15 off on orders over US$20

  • Apply store coupon US$5 off on orders over US$100

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • +4

    I've got a A119 V2, still going strong after 3 years in the hot Perth summer. The GPS module broke the the cam is still fine!

    • How are these attached? I see one photo with 3M sticky. Is that it?

      • +2

        yes 3M tape on the backside. I've tried using mounting tape but nothing works as well as the 3M tape provided

        • +1

          Any tips for someone that changes car frequently?

          • +1

            @DingoBlue: buy a dashcam with a suction cup mount , i have such a spare dash cam myself so when i am in a friends car or i am in a rental car its a 15 second job done and dusted.

            whatever cam you get just make sure its 1080p or FHD as a bare minimum standard.

            P.S as far as i am aware Viofo do not do that as an accessory as of yet.

            • @DisabledUser373341: do they work in parking mode? is it easy to install ?

              • +1

                @capslock janitor: You can buy models that have a parking mode option but in order to capitalize on the parking mode function it has to have alternate power coming from somewhere

                For example there is parking mode recording on the 70 Mai Pro as it uses a battery rather then a capacitor.

                But high heat is a battery killer so that dash cam won't last as long as one with a capacitor for example. most dash cam's advertise if they have a capacitor or not but you can check it out in the spec sheet or contact the manufacturer if uncertain.

                I am unsure of what your exact needs are but to be honest if you are switching cars often i would just buy any dash cam of your preference that comes with a suction cup mount and use that instead just for when the car is on , when the car is off will become difficult because the whole point of hard-wiring something is literally wiring up a connection directly to the cars battery or fusebox with the intent of having the same camera stay in the car hence the term hard-wire.

                If you were able to find a dash-cam with a suction mount that was battery operated then i believe you may have what you were after, but for example the 70 mai pro has a battery but no suction cup mount so it would be infuriating and time consuming to constantly remove it and put it back.

                Realistically it depends how many cars you are swapping to , if for example you had 3 or so cars you alternated between most dash-cams in general provide multiple mounts , so you could essentially put 1 mount in 1 car , another in the other and just clip the cam off and swap it around. but to achieve the desired affect of parking mode it has to be either hardwired or battery operated as aforementioned.

                hence the easiest option is just to buy a dash cam with a suction mount , most will list in the accessories/specifications sheet of the product.

                in terms of ease of installation , personally its not hard to install a cam normally at all but if you are hard-wiring something i would recommend you take it to a mechanic for a proper install purely for the fact you have that peace of mind knowing it is setup correctly.

                good luck

        • Thanks, never owned a dashcam, always thought the majority of these were wired into the vehicle and requiring someone to fit them.

          • @Charlie Dont Surf: the bulk of the dash cam market is powered via the cigarette lighter output in the car (like 95%)

            the reason why dash-cam's are hardwired is purely to catch events where the owner is not near the vehicle and something happens , the camera pop's on and in most newer models captures the previous 30 seconds before the accident (buffered parking mode) to capture the entire incident.

            this allows for accurate and timely information in the event of an issue and ease of use when extracting the recording for insurance purposes.

            additionally these days most dash-cam's also have wireless capability which allows the user to directly send recordings to their phone via an app without having to remove the SD-Card and find a laptop to check footage.

            • @DisabledUser373341: cig lighter connected dash cams look very UGLY

              this is why i always hard wire mine.

              and a lot more than just 5% of installations are hard wired for this very reason.

              • @sachz: agreed , it is mostly due to the following

                1. people are not provided extra equipment in the form of clips so they can tidy up the cable
                2. people are lazy and don't want to use the clips even if provided
                3. people are stupid and can't use the clips because they don't know how
                4. sometimes the cigarette lighter is already in use and people need to buy a double adapter and they don't want to
                5. in certain car designs it is hard even with clips to run a cable neatly from the camera itself to the cigarette lighter output therefor it becomes messy by default.

                In almost all situations hard-wiring would be preferable but then for a lot of the population who park their car at the train station or do short trips , hard-wiring causes the battery to drain faster which for your average person who understands little to nothing about vehicles will leave them in a stressful situation on more occasions. the drain is "very little" but it is still there , a most simple example i can make is accidentally leaving your interior car light on and going home and forgetting about it , it won't make a difference if you do it for a whole week but over a month it could leave you not being able to start your car one day. a very general…example even if not 100% precise.

                The solution would be to drive your car more often so your battery maintains its charge (in at least 30 minute intervals) or by connecting a 5 or 7 stage battery charger every few months if you do not drive your car that regularly.

                But again…MOST people would not even do that.

        • -1

          3M VHB is the best ;p

    • Got same based on your feedback for $71… thanks

    • Any idea what happened to the GPS? Mine lasted only a few months but i never tried to replace or fix. Really should because it was handy.

  • +2

    Nice price but be prepared to wait a while, I order one from them on Nov 24, it hasn't made it to Australia yet…

    • The OPOLAR air duster I ordered on 17 Nov (via AliExpress - EMS shipping) had made it to Australia on 02 Dec. Since then it has been stuck in customs in Sydney somewhere. 🤦🏻

      • Customs has a lot of keyboards they need cleaned. Be patient.

        • if they are more than 90 days, u get the item for FREE.

          pray they hold it a little longer…

    • I'm hearing you. I have 2 I bought for Xmas presents on the same slow boat. Their chat support send me the tracking number and claim it's with auspost but the tracking returns nothing.

    • +1

      Ordered mine on the same day, just got delivered this morning (SA)

      • +1

        Whinge and win, mine also just got delivered.

  • +2

    Just ordered a v3 with gps for the front. I got a v2 still going strong from last year in the front which I'll move to the rear. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    What is the difference between v2 and v3?

    • +2

      Just check some clips on youtube. V3 seems to be miles ahead.

  • +1

    Thanks. Bought two V3. Had to be on two different orders but able to use the code twice.

    What cards should I buy from officeworks?

    • +1

      max size is 256gb so go with one that size.

    • +3

      Any reason why Officeworks?


    • +2

      You'll be waiting for weeks so plenty of time to wait for an endurance micro SD deal. A 32GB or 64GB card is plenty unless you want to record the entirity of very long trips.

  • Wow that's cheap

    Pity I ordered one a month ago

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Ordered V3 with GPS and CPL. Don't forget to enable Shopback / Cashrewards (5%).

  • Does the price include shipping?

    • Prices include free shipping and GST.

  • +1

    My A119v3 has been running so well I'm waiting for a good special on the A129 Pro Duo

    • +1

      The discount code (VIOFOA139) works for the A129 models as well.

      • Mmm, but with GST is still 315-ish vs the 288 it's been in the past

  • Thanks, just placed an order for the v3 with GPS and CPL filter for USD101. 👍🏼

  • brilliant find, was waiting for dash cam specials this boxing day, had to wait until 1AM on 29/12 to find it!

  • You don’t need hard wiring these right?

    • Nope

      • Goes into the cigarette charger?

        • +1

          Yes, but you won't get the carpark hit and runs without the hard wire kit. If that isn't something you worry about, then yes it will work fine from ciggy lighter plug they supply.

          • @Flyerone: Ok thanks for that

          • @Flyerone: The dashcam can be powered by a power bank when the engine is off, it goes into park with a USB power bank plugged in.

            • @senz: Yeah that sounds convenient.

  • +1

    Heat busted mine after 2 years

  • +1

    Mine beeps constantly and seems to restart the recording loop all the time. Sometimes it hangs too. It’s a v3 with a quality endurance card.

    Almost new.
    Any ideas or help?

    • +1

      Your power source is not good enough. Either the plug isn't giving enough power or your cable is faulty.

      Did you use the camera to format the card after you put it in?

      • I had a pro install it hard wired as he as in my other cars which were all fine.

        He supplied a cable and yes. I formatted it in the unit itself.

        • +1

          Some aftermarket cables don't work well. Try the original cable

          • @julz: The original cable was I think cigarette lighter only. The one he used was a hard wire to the fuse box with all the “off sensors” etc.

            • +3

              @rezok: Yep but to try and isolate whether power supply is your issue try temporarily using the standard cable

    • Mine also does this and beeps every 30 seconds … brand new 🤔

  • +3

    This applies to the a129 duo plus too
    Thanks op!

    • Hey there, which warehouse did you select? Also, is there a reason for me to go with a129 pro duo instead or a129 duo plus is the sweet spot for its price? Thanks!

      • +1

        from what i gather even though i did not know about the "plus duo" , based on the description alone the PLUS duo is 2k front 1080p rear , PRO duo is 4k front 1080p rear if that helps your decision.

        1080p is the absolute MINIMUM standard these days , with 2K being optimal and 4K being at the upper end.

        See here

        • Hey mate, thanks for the infos. I am about to pull the trigger for plus duo after reading a few good comments about it.

          Have you had experience purchasing from Ali Express? Which warehouse should I select?

          There are 2 options:
          1) China Stock for All
          2) US Stock for Local

          • @Nigelwsk: to be honest i buy all mine from Ebay periodically with coupon codes available , so if there is any issue as i pay with paypal i can get my money back (thankfully have not had to atm)

            i would go with the one off aliexpress right now though as it appears to be the cheapest option based on a quick search.

            good luck

        • +2

          Also, if you upgrade from duo to pro duo (4k) the front to rear usb cable is interchangeable.

          But if you upgrade from plus duo to pro duo, you'll need a new front to rear usb cable as the plus duo has a separate chip on the rear camera so the cables are incompatible.

          Craig's DIY has a detailed review of the unit.

      • +1

        From what I've read is the pro 4k is overkill and can be laggy.
        The plus which does 2k is their newest can and seems to be the sweet spot.

        The rear cam that comes with this has been upgraded as it does the processing leading to a less choppy image.

        • Thanks for that.

          Also noticed it is also currently on sale on Viofo website for $152.99. https://www.viofo.com/en/home/197-233-a129-plus-duo-dual-cha...

          How much did you pay for yours via Ali Express and did you opt in for eMMc? Also did you purchase the hard wiring kit from them as well?


          • @Nigelwsk: AUD$248 with hardwiring hit and fuse from the China warehouse.

            Without eMMc which is internal storage, from what I read without is better in the heat and you can grab many of the SD cards going round.

            • @Queue2Queue: Thanks for sharing. Do you mind telling me how to find out the correct fuse type without having to open up the fuse box? Tried googling it can't find the answer. I own an A4 B9.

              • @Nigelwsk: Haha same, I found it deep in a forum. It was hard to find

                Mine was a mini fuse tap I have a VW golf 2020

                Having a look at the A4 it says a mixture of regular and mini
                I guess it depends which one you tap it in to

                • @Queue2Queue: Thank you! Will continue dive deep in those forum I can find on Google!

  • Note that heat kills these. I have two and one has melted buttons and frequently requires factory resetting to get around a corruption problem. Not sure how the factory reset fixes it but it does. Extremely annoying as I rarely check it and just assume it works.

  • So I replaced mine that died after about 4 years of use with a Xiaomi. Would love to go back to viofo but not really seeing a good enough reason to spend that money. Good price though

    • $70 is a lot of money? I'd be wrapped if mine lasted 4 years..

      • It's alot considering I have one that's working currently.

  • +2

    I just ordered an A129 duo, gps, hardwire cable, posted including GST for $181 from Banggood.
    Ordered on 19th Dec, arrived Sydney on 24th.

    • Can I still buy it for the price?

      • +1

        Deal is expired. They do restock every so often, will post the deal when it next becomes available.

    • May I know how did you get that price please? Thanks

      • From this deal, dashcam was A$145. Hardwire kit can also be purchased at Banggood.

        • Thanks.

    • What shipping method did you use? Was it the AU warehouse or the CN warehouse? No way it arrived in 4 days from CN, even with the most express option

      • CN warehouse and standard shipping.
        I didn't believe how fast is when I received the shipping info. But saying that, I live in Brisbane and the parcel still in Sydney at the moment, I don't how long will I can actually receive the parcel in my hand.

  • +2

    The US Viofo store has a sale as well. Viofo 129 Pro Duo (US $212.49 which is around $280 AUD) https://www.viofo.com/en/home/149-viofo-a129pro-duo-ultra-4k...

    the others are also 15% off which make it comparable to these prices and much cheaper than the Australian Viofo store…I ordered from the US store in December and arrived reasonably quickly!

    • +1

      Ordered from the US website during their Black Friday sale.

      Got the A129 Duo Plus for just over A$200, 2.5 weeks to deliver from China. Also picked up a couple of CPL filters for ~A$15 each delivered.

      Nice device, good quality videos (with clear view of most number plates on other vehicles) and fairly easy install. Hardest part was getting the old 3M stick on stuff off from a previously installed A118C clone that gave up the ghost a while ago.

      • I'm interested in the A129 Duo Plus variant. It is available for around USD153 now. Can you share some details if you had to buy any other accessories? Their page lists options like Hardwire Kit Cable HK3 and Fuse Tap. Are they necessary for using Parking Mode?

        • +1

          I don't need parking mode, so didn't buy hardware kit. If you want parking mode though you need it & probably best to get direct from Viofo while on sale.

          Will need to do some reading to work out exactly which fuse setup you need for the car model you want to install it in, as there are a few variations when ordering.

  • +1

    Viofo A119 V3 Dashcam w/ GPS but it looks like you can't select China and no card? Am I doing something wrong or did they just already sell out of the cheapest option?

    • Sold out of GPS version with no card.

  • These are eligible for CR.. I got the confirmation another ~$6

    • Wasn't sure so didn't include it in the description. As I understand it promo code VIOFOA139 isn't listed at CR so may not be eligible?

      • AUD 6.51
        Estimated approval: Up to 95 days
        Store AliExpress
        Date of purchase 29 Dec 2020
        Amount USD 101.87*

        Yes it is ,,, CR confirmation as above

  • Looking for a Duo setup, what's the best option available?

  • how do you apply store coupon?
    it says no coupons are available?

    • Click on 'Get coupons' located under price on desktop site or under 'Discounts & Coupons' on mobile/App. Click either US$2 or US$5 coupon which then automatically applies at checkout. Then copy the promo code VIOFOA139 and paste at checkout for the other US$15 coupon.

  • +1

    Anyone thats on this thread that have recently purchased a Viofo or are considering one , just want to advise you guys not to forget to register your product with Viofo when you get it. in most cases you get up to 6 months extra warranty on the device which could come in helpful for you.

    here is the link from the manufacturer themselves , if uncertain you can always google it and find it yourself.

  • Promo code's not working - looks like the deal has expired

    • Thanks, have marked deal as expired.

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