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LG 27UL600-W 27" UHD 4K IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor $459 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Been looking for a 27" 4K monitor which wasn't a DELL for my mac (which seems to have quite a few issues) This monitor seems to have some good reviews and a very competitive price.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    I bought this about a month ago, and its been amazing. The only thing i wish i knew for the first two weeks was to download the drivers and icc profiles from LGs website. As the display in HDR mode washed out without the icc profile and drivers installed.

    This also works great in g-sync compatible mode.

    • Have you used it for gaming much?

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        A few reviews rate it as the best monitor for XSX and PS5. I assume it will be just as good for the PC.

        Here is what LG days:

        "LG Game Mode
        Optimise your screen for gaming with the LG Game Mode function. There are 3 gamer pre-set modes, so you can choose the best mode for your game play."

        That includes Freesync and a GSync compatible model.

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    Refresh rate is 60hz for those wondering

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    Only 60Hz.

    Not very good for gaming on pc, but then again neither is 4k

    Probably a good panel for general stuff, 1440p + 144-165Hz for gaming though.

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      That in fairness makes it a gaming monitor.

      Not like many people have the ability to push higher then 60fps at 4k anyway.

      • Horses for courses.

        I am sure consensus would be more in favour of 1440 / 144 than 4k 60

        Due to lesser ability to notice the 1% and ability to use less expensive video cards if necessary.

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    Thanks OP, bought one to now have 2 x this model sitting side by side for gaming and work from home (great for INDD/AI/PS work).

    This is an amazing price for those that want to game at 4K, but don't need the crazy refresh rates.

    Personally I prefer gaming at [email protected] even in FPS games over [email protected], but YMMV.

    • I have a 4K 60hz HDR QLED TV which also supports 1440p 120hz.

      Or you prefer image quality or you don't really play FPS.
      4k 60hz you can see the kills you missed because of the frames you don't see.
      I'm talking about 20 against 30-50 kills on Call of Duty.

      I used to say 120hz is bullshit, yeahh, I was the one saying bullshit about it. The experience is like day and night.

      I will only go back to 4k next year when I upgrade my TV to a QLED 4k 120hz

  • whats the issues with the dells?

  • I have this since last year. Pretty good monitor. Using it for usual office and console gaming

  • Fantastic monitors for any colour accurate work. Pretty good for gaming too. i managed to overclock mine to 67hz with freesync disabled. only 62hz with freesync on though.