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EVGA SuperNOVA GA Series 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply $149 + Delivery/Pickup @ Budget PC


just saw the deal on the corsair psu: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594979
I found out no one posted this one yet, this is EVGA GA 750W Gold rated full modular PSU. 149 only, usually 180 - 199.

I have been using both brands for many years, usually I would go for Corsair because they are cheaper. (not anymore)
back in 2015-18 a SuperNova G3 is usually 10-30 bucks dearer than the Corsair equivillent.
but in the past year or so EVGA have lowered price on the PSUs, my latest build, after doing few research, I went for EVGA G5 1000W + RTX3090
(still only 17 - 19 FPS go absoultely max setting @4k with cyberpunk 2077)
I was going for RTX3080 + 750W GA PSU from EVGA, and during my price ressearch I found this deal, they are not on staticice yet.
so if you looking at a 750w psu, this could be a good choice.

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  • 750W PSU enough for a Ryzen 5800X and 3090?

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      RTX 3090 have a sudden powerdraw "issue"
      as a owner I can gurantee you that you will need a 850w or 1000W (I use 1000W) .

      I do not have rtx3080, from what i heard, rtx3080 will definately be ok with 750w, 5800x i don't owe one so let other people comment on that one.

      My build (5900X + RTX3090 + Samsung 980 Pro with EVGA G5 1000W) have max power draw up to 870W+ (very rarely)
      so I suggest use 1000W

      • I am running on Corsair ax860i, AMD 3900X, ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero wifi, RTX 3080 and on load, monitoring my Corsair app (iCUE), it hovers on average 510 watt on load.

      • I agree with you, I think for a 3090, you need at least a 1000w power supply

    • I use 1300W for my 3950x + RTX 3090 build

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      Enough for RTX 3090 according to nvidia required system power (if you don't plan to OC or buy OC cards). Otherwise, 850W is much safer.


    • If you going to spend that amount of bank, how is spending extra 100 bucks on 850-1000 watts power supply.

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    If you're spending the cash for a 3090, surely you wouldn't cheap out on another $50 for a better PSU?

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      A decent 1000w psu is like $300 these days

      • I meant this PSU vs a "better" PSU like RMx series.

        • It'll be a terrible idea to buy a rm750x for a 3090 system, you'll want at least 850w, a semi good 850w would be more ideal than a good 750w psu

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            @ln28909: running absolutely fine on my 750w gold w/ 3090 OCd to 2025mhz. Zero hiccups, i suppose it depends on which sku you're using, some recommended psu is 750w, some is 850w

            • @AssBargain: do you have a 3090 tuf or something, those are probably heavily power limited

              • @ln28909: nah msi ventus

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                  @AssBargain: Ah fair enough, just had a look through, seems like a lot of 3090 still use 2 8 pin, so yeah 750w is probably enough

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    This PSU has been causing system crashing issues with high power draw graphics cards according the EVGA forums (https://forums.evga.com/FTW3-Ultra-Shutting-down-PC-m3114618...). Its more than just wattage/rating when it comes to power supplies, there is a reason why this on the cheaper end for 750W Gold.

    • A hx1200 cause crashes on my system 3950x and 2 2080ti, so you can never be certain unless you buy like an ax1600i

      • +1

        you buy like an ax1600i

        And that PSU cost like 5 times more than this OP posts.

        • Yeah just saying it can happen on high tier psu as well, hx1200 is quite well rated

    • if you look for examples of new cards failure with psu, there are corsair issues too

      people who are happy with PSU won't post anything…I have both brands here, in 99.99% cases you won't have any issues with either one of these 2, and there is a 50 dollars price gap…

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        The GA units have so low OCP limits that EVGA are RMAing them with 1000w units because of all the reports of crashing in 3080/3090 systems. It's a known issue with the line rather than individual faulty units.

  • This deal is great! I purchased cooler master V 750W instead because EVGA was OOS.

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    Can also get an extra $10 off with newsletter subscription for first time purchase.

    • Not coming through for me :/

      • Ah, seems they must have removed it recently.

      • Try the code BPCT10 if you haven't already ordered.

        • thanks for trying, but not working unfortunately.

          • @bboarder: Strange… just one last thing then, you're logged into your account while trying it, right? If still no luck, then I'm guessing they disabled/removed it after an influx of orders for this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594915 (code was working for that as mentioned in the comments).

            • +1

              @MiscOzB: Logged in. The coupon code "BPCT10" is not valid. Oh well with shipping it was a bit too much for me anyway.

  • Great product and price.
    I've been using a 750w G2 since 2016 and have no complaints (currently powering a 2070S).
    Don't forget the 10 year warranty. EVGA are extremely good at customer support and won't hesitate to give assistance/fulfill RMA's if needed (they speedily sent me two me motherboard chips when I bricked my Z170 Stinger a few years ago).

  • Good price.
    Surprised this didn't go out of stock yet.

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