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Nutella 1kg Christmas Version $5.25 (1/2 Price) @ Big W


Happy new year everyone!
Saw this at Big W Gungahlin, so not sure how if it's local stock or nationwide. It's half price at the moment and there's heaps of stock. 1kg Christmas version. The one I bought had an expiry of 15.09.21. this is my first good news of the year.

Mod: See previous deal and comments, it appears this is available at a number of stores nationwide.

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    Post Xmas sales are disappointing this year, almost all shops have packed up their wrapping paper etc… straight away

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      They caught up with OzBargain skills, and resale in 2021…

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      This is call better inventory management, if they plan it well there will be next to no post Christmas clearance.

      This is also why Boxing Day sales sucks these days, since they are never there to clear out stock anymore, they are specially bringing stuff for the sale as per normal operations.

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        More online sales = more data to predict stock needs.

        Perhaps the era of Boxing day sales is over?

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      Trust me, no reasonable sized business is keeping their Christmas stock until next Christmas. It just doesn’t make any business sense when you consider the opportunity cost.

    • Probably because no one wants xmas stuff anymore. They want Easter stuff instead. Why waste shelf space on 75% off xmas stuff that no one really wants when people are willing to pay full price on hot cross buns and Easter cards.

  • Cheers OP, will keep an eye out at my local now, in case they clear it too.

  • Bought for $4.78 @ Bigw Carnes Hill!
    small bottle was for $2.
    Christmas edition bottles only.

    • what's the expiry?

      • 30.9.21 - it is on half price/special because Christmas package on bottle instead of normal packaging.

        • sold out, bro; went out first thing in the morning.

  • Same price at BigW Wonthaggi. Various nutella Christmas themed jars are 50% off.

  • Update: Just got some half price from Big W Hallett Cove, SA.

    • Thank you for sharing. Do they have a markdown label on the bottle or just scanned at half price? Thank you

    • Just got a bottle from Golden Grove SA BigW same price

  • It's got reduced sticker on it, 1kg was $10.50, now $5.25, as above. Don't know about other sizes, I sent the missus. :)

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