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Methven Waipori Satinjet Rail Shower $49.50 + Shipping/Pickup @ Bunnings


Methven WELS 3 Star, 9L/Min Waipori Satinjet Rail Shower $49.50, appears to be nationwide. Listed on the Harvey Norman website for $299.

Free click and collect in store otherwise delivery from $10. Special order item so not stocked in store (4-7 day lead time according to website)

Other items in the Methven Waipori range seem to be marked down too, for example:
- Methven Waipori Shower Mixer $39.50
- Methven WELS 4 Star 7.5L/min Waipori Wall Mounted Basin Mixer With Plate $49.50

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      • I would prefer something with a longer arm/sprout like extending almost halfway into the basin, but at this price point there is definitely no better choice:)

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    It has been this price for a few weeks now. I heard that Bunnings is clearing Methven stocks and might not re-stock them again. RRP was $185 before.

    • Yes been marked down for awhile now.

  • Both (Dorf) owned by Caroma now. Used to be NZ quality, now China. Just did full bathroom reno using Methven (Waipori) from Bunnings. The bath mixer box had a tap handle missing. Took a while to get Bunnings to respond. Otherwise is very good., probably equivalent to Dorf, maybe better. Have used in the past as well.

  • $49.50 is a good price however isn't 9L/min a bit too excessive?

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      It's not. I had a showerhead with 7.5L/min flow. It was terrible… Changed it to a 9L/min one recently and can finally enjoy the shower.

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        Kinda wasting a lot of water in the expense of a luxury experience..haha

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          Each to their own.

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          Not if you spend 10 mins extra to feel like you've showered properly?

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          Not when you collect your own rain water. Currently got 120k litres at my disposal for showering. Thank you rain gods.

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            @MS Paint: 120l that’s not a lot of showers… whoops, hang on!

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      Not when you have an older instantaneous gas hot water that doesn't turn on without enough flow. I haven't measured mine exactly but definitely can't use any shower heads with Bob-removable flow restrictors.

      • Even old hot water heaters would ignite with a flow less than 5L

        The ones available today will ignite with 2-3L

  • Pretty sure I’ve had a similar experience with this mob but fewer years since sale. Will support again.

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    I have one of the more expensive methven stainjets and I'm never going back to shitty brands. The quality of my showers is a luxury I was happy to spend more money on.

  • is it easy to install? we got a normal shower, with to tap hot and cold switch plesae help

    • Two screws for the rail and hose connects to the head outlet

  • Great product, got it few days ago, easy to install, the satinjet is awesome.

    The box says, Designed and Engineered in NZ. I think that means made in NZ. If it is then it’s a win for not made in C.

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      I think it's like Apple "Designed in California". Neither is made in the design location… and the unstated place would be China.

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      "Engineered" does not mean "made" unfortunately.

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      I'm not so sure about the 'made in' part.

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      Arrrggg, fell for the Apple marketing trick.

  • I don't get why a product considered such high quality doesn't have a stainless steel hose which is available on any basic 30 dollar hand shower. Instead it's got one of those disgusting and relatively inflexible PVC hoses that ends up being sprayed with silver paint and looks like dog sh!t

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      Inside the stainless steel hose is a pathetic flimsy plastic bag which breaks easily. The stainless steel is just for show and I’ve replaced countless stainless steel hoses. The pvc will outlast the standard stainless steel hose for sure.

      • I have had my Estilo (cheap bunnings) Stainless steel hoses not break on me yet, the first installed about 13years ago. They still look good, and they hang and manouver nicely. It also takes only a few minutes to change one, every 15 or 20 years maybe (I can report back when the first one I put in which still gets daily use fails)

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        I have used the Methven hose for a while (came with my shower set) and really hated it due its annoying rigidity. I ended up getting the Flexispray metal hose which is much better (flexible). The Methven one might be more durable but I like to use my hand shower a lot so it is a huge PITA.

        • +1 for the Flexispray. I've had sets come with the matte silver hose. Fugly and rigid too compared to the other ones.

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            @dufflover: Yeah it is the most rigid shower hose I have ever used in my life so far. I'd rather wield a pex pipe than this supposedly premium hose.

      • According to thing guy the flexispray PVC hose only lasted "at least 4 years" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9896056/redir

        • I read that as he's been using it for the past 4 years and still operational

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          I've had Methven showers with both their stainless steel hose and the silver PVC hose. Whilst the stainless steel hose they offered is excellent, so is their silver PVC hose. Two years on and it's as good as new.

    • Their entire product is mostly just spray painted plastic. Quality is not part of their product, but apparently replacing it for free when invariably it falls apart or leaks after only a few years, is where the fascination lies.

      • Lol, 5 years and no issues here

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          Lol, just look at all the comments here, half of them talking about how great the Methven warranty is when it falls apart. Better keep the number handy, because you'll be needing it shortly.

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    Looks a bit cheap and nasty. Prefer these shower on rails to have a mixer and diverter and head all in one.

    Wouldn't work with our arrangement unless I want to remove tiles and rewaterproof.

    Probably worth $100 but not $299

    • Each to their own, but agree this is overpriced at 299

      • I had a look. These are slightly cheaper through HNC so the markup for retail on these are a bit crazy.

        • What was it through HNC?

  • thanks grabbed 2 for the bathrooms

  • Would anyone know if it's possible to buy this just for the shower head to replace existing shower heads already installed? Thanks!!

    • If you mean an existing hand shower head, then maybe, if you mean an existing standard out of the wall shower head, almost certainly no.

      But it does come with everything if you want to replace your existing standard shower head, but you need to use all the parts. I don't really know why you wouldn't want to?

      • Sweet!! Thanks..I currently do just have an existing hand shower head and don't want to renovate for the rail atm

        • Should do, I did similar with a different Methven head a while ago

    • Bought 2 exactly for this purpose and to replace the hose. The hose alone will cost this much.
      Worse case scenario I will have to replace the rail etc, but the price is cheap.
      Thanks OP.

    • If you are in Melbourne I am happy to split it. I am only after the rail.

      • I’m after the head only, also in Melbourne east

        • Let s see if the order goes through first, might be a little early to split the loot:)

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    OP, any special deals for those with no rails? Maybe this one?

    • Not that I know of, although I have no idea why that one is more expensive than the rail? You could probably still use this one without the rail if you've got an existing bracket anyway, it'll just be mounted on the side of the outlet rather than on it if that makes sense.

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        The connector where the water comes out is a different one, mine has to be the hook that holds the shower head too while this one isn't. Since you work at Bunnings, maybe have a word with the Buyer and see if they'd look into dropping the price for this one too? :)

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    Get them to do the basin mixers for $40 so I can go all Methven OP 😁

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    Note that the showerhead is plastic (PVC).

    • What would you like it to be made of?

      • ABS and stainless steels are the other two choices I think. Beware of stainless steels as you might lose your toes:)

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          Exactly, made out of any metal would be stupid. Heavy to hold, and heavy when its inevitably dropped and hits and breaks a tile/s.

          • @brendanm: Sorry. Every JW Marriott I have been to have got a SS showerhead in the bathroom. Won't break a tile unless you have got poor quality tiles.

            • @bruceclipse: It might not break your tiles but if it drops on your toes it wont be pleasant. That is the only complaint I have about the Turoa Vjet.

        • +1

          Would choose a brass or SS any day of the week.

    • Which makes it even more pathetic when coupled to the relatively rigid PVC hose that it comes with. It definitely does not scream 'premium' quality. Something like Grohe is probably a better choice.

    • Higher end Methven shower heads are generally metal whereas the Waipori is more mid range.. I've got this shower in one bathroom but a Turoa in the other which is made from stainless steel https://www.methven.com/nz/collections/turoa/vjet-turoa-hand...

      • +1

        Tuoroa is nice, very well made.

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    While I would save at least 1k if I got 2 of these for our upcoming reno there is no way the missus would let that happen, and tbh they are pretty ugly.

    • I just decked out 6 bathrooms with showers, bath and vanity taps, toilet roll holders and towel rings, all for about $1200. That's $700 per house, unheard of with name branded fittings like this. I was planning to cheap out and get chinese stuff off ebay, but it still would have cost me about 400 per house so this was a bit of a no brainer. Finally will have a place that's decked out, with proper support if something goes wrong (not that anything ever has before, fingers crossed). Also will be an added feature if I ever sell/rent.

      not sure if I should buy towel rails as I plan for heated ones… but you never know if they won't end up fitting them. they are discounted but no where near as heavily

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      You will also save $99 by not buying two :)

  • Anyone know if the wall mounted basin mixer can have any flow limiter removed so it can be used for a bath?

    • Looks like their website suggests it can be, as they mention that they are able to provide 14L and 9L /min restrictors

      • Is that a different part that you get? What's the normal flow of a bath tap vs Basin tap?

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    For everyone asking about the drilling, if you'd rather not and can forego the fancy rail functionality just buy an arm holder adapter thing if you don't have a hand shower set up already.

    e.g. https://www.bunnings.com.au/estilo-wels-3-star-9l-min-single...
    (And get a free crappy backup shower head :P)
    (No, I don't use this so can't comment on this specifically)

  • Are we able to return for refund incase this does not fit in and is in pack condition.

    • +1

      Of course.

  • A couple of Ovalo mixers also look to be reduced


  • I own the Satinjet Kiri which is fantastic -how does the Waipori compare to the Kiri?

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks op bought the shower head for $49.50, as its mentioned with price tag range of $299 to $380 on other websites..will return if dont need it later :-)

  • Keep having an issue "There was an issue adding the item to cart. Please try again." Anyone else?

    • Seems the issue was when using Android browser or Linux Firefox. Switched to Windows and worked fine. NFI why

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    Tempted by the brand and price but, yeah, that is a pretty ugly setup

    $47.03 on PowerPass btw

    • Really the only ugly thing is that total sh!thouse hose, replace it with a stainless one on the cheap and you are set

    • +1

      Just remember the hose will smoothen out after a little while. It's all kinked because of the packaging

      • Yep exactly. Within 1 to 2 days it straightens out.

      • +1

        The kinks get straightened out, yes, however the hose is still as stiff as a board.

  • +1

    Wow great price. But I am not a fan of drilling into tiles so I changed my old showerheads to these instead a few months ago. The showerhead holder is solid and not plastic.


  • I just want the shower head. Sounds awesome. Already have a rail. Is the price worth it for that?

  • Is the distance between mounting points adjustable, says 730mm on description but wondering if you can slide the mounts closer together so I can use my existing holes in my tiles which are only about 630mm apart.

    • +1

      Yes, it's adjustable meaning you can retro-fit.

  • Wish it was in black.. Would grab 2 of them…

    • +5

      That's what she… Nvm.

    • Black scratches too easily.

  • +1


    For those who prefer a round showerhead and have amazon prime.

    • +2

      Just note that the spray pattern on the Maku isn't as wide (compared to the Kiri at least, I'm not sure what the Waipori is like)

      • Maku has fewer holes. Both Kiri and waipori have about 20, so the spray pattern and coverage should be comparable.

  • For people who haven't tried the Satinjet heads, they truly are wonderful. They have amazing coverage and what I would describe as a wonderful softness to the shower.

  • Novice question but could you get the shower mixer and also a different bath spout to use over a bath instead of a bath mixer (all in one)?

    • Of course. The mixer just connects to the spout in the wall. Assuming someone certified does it 😊😉

    • You can replace your normal bath spout with a divertor and have two functions - bath and shower. I've got this one which works well (just the diverter washer went off a couple of times in 2 years which I fixed myself :-D): https://www.bunnings.com.au/shaw-mason-165mm-chrome-bath-spo...