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Lever Weight Lifting Belts $75 + Shipping @ Enigma Physiques


Hey Guys,

I've created my own brand of Lever Weight lifting belts and other lifting accessories.

Currently, have a 25% off Sale. I would like to be apart of Ozbargain with regular deals.

There are 5 Different colours - Black, Blue, Light Purple, Red and Cream

Product Description:
Introducing the Enigma Physiques 10mm Lever Weightlifting Belt. Fabricated using Fine Split Leather on the inside and covered with a soft suede finish on the outside. Double stitching enforces product longevity, while the ergonomic design ensures your core and lumbar is supported during heavy lifting.

The Heavy-duty quick-release lever makes it easier to put the belt on and ensures the same level of tightness for every lift.


10mm thickness and 10cm wide - Perfectly sized for comfort
Soft and Smooth Suede Finish
Heavy-duty and quick-release lever closure system.
Adjustable and easy to tighten.

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  • +4 votes

    IMO branding on the belt is really obnoxious.


      Pick a random noun + any fitness noun = omg you guyz, I have a lifting brand.

  • +17 votes

    I've created my own brand

    Translation: I've dropshipped a bunch of dogcrap sweatshop lifting belts from Taobao etc and slapped my ugly logo on them



      And missed the COVID gear shortage hype train by a wide margin…


        Hah, people wanted plates and dumbells not this junk

  • +1 vote

    Should have gone with a simple stamped logo rather than a contrasting colour.
    Why you want a "soft suede on the outside" is also beyond me. Full leather would have been the way to go for durability.


      Full leather lifting belt for $75??? Your kidding right?

      Yes I won't use anything but full leather levers (I've been rocking my iron tanks for maybe 5 years now).

      • +2 votes

        I didn't say it should be $75…i would rather pay more for a full leather belt that is pretty much indestructible. I too have been using and Iron Tanks lever belt for 5 years or so and it's still like new.


      For pretenders to feel more comfortable for posing for photos on thier insta feed. Agree full leather would be much better.


    No way this belt is a bargain even with 50% off and free shipping. I bought a lifting belt from K-mart for $5, looks heaps better than this belt.

    OzBargain is not the place to try a fast one, users know about drop shipping from Alibaba.


    I can see the idea of having suede outside as a cool aesthetic look but you have exposed it to the wrong market. Get instagram models to advertise it for you and you might sell to some posers. Isnt the new age a fun place?

  • +1 vote

    They don't look like quality belts at all. Inzer or sbd are way better

  • +2 votes

    Hey mate, like many others before you have quickly realised, ozb is a ruthless community.
    Unless its a genuine bargain, it's probably best that you advertise your business elsewhere.
    Good luck and all the best in your new venture!