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iPad Pro 11” 128GB Space Grey $1220 + Delivery @ JW


First post, be brutal.

Price beat at Officeworks as aus stock with model number on webpage etc.

I went for this instead of 256 gb Air 4 as I don’t need 256 but need more than 64, and I value ProMotion and four speakers. Only slightly more for the Pro with price beat.

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    Wifi only obviously.

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    I think a new model iPad Pro is coming in q1 2021, rumoured to have mini LEDs

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    What do people do with iPad Pro? What is it useful for?

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      Pro and current model Air support Pencil, which is great for work purposes e.g. note taking, mark up documents etc. Cameras are overkill for my needs but otherwise the performance is sweet. If you don’t care about screen refresh rate then Air is probably a better buy for most people though no discounts available AFAIK.

      • Basic iPad (from 7th Gen) supports Pencil for less than half the price.

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          Yep and would likely suit my needs for less than a quarter of the time. All jokes aside, I somewhat justify getting a higher spec version of anything if I use it multiple times a day, which is the case with my iPad.

        • That feeling to work on a home-buttonless iPad is worth the other half of the price.

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        … and for posting comments on OzBargain

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      I play games on mine 🤷🏼‍♂️

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      Angry Birds cos only the Pro version will run it

    • I use mine for pretty much solely watching media.

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      Serving tray or a coaster for several drinks

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      120hz refresh rate makes it perfect for rhythm games that support high refresh rate

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      Same as everyone else who buys a pro….Twitter, YouTube, OzBargain when on the couch watching TV.

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      High productivity, like swiping left and right and time checking. I’ll add more when I can find them.

    • Video editing using luma fusion it's great

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      I use it for most things I would use a laptop for to be honest.
      Ever since my home PC died about eighteen months ago. There are still some things I find it still isn’t as good as a PC (eg file management, in fact annoying in that eg) but otherwise the benefits of very light weight, long battery life and performance are pretty good.
      And for my particular work use case, disaster management, it is the best device Eva! Obviously LTE/GPS models so I can report remotely, and people find a tablet and pencil not as much a…distancing barrier as a laptop can be.
      If you use Office 365 mostly or manage photos it is actually quite good. My only work complaint is that the profile work imposes on iOS devices limits access to the MS servers compared with win10 machines so I can’t access files as easily as a laptop.
      Clearly it would not be the device of choice if you are rendering massive movie files or other such specialised work, but for most people I reckon its quite good as your only device.

      I really like my setup at the moment: iPhone 12 mini, a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, and an i5 HP dragonfly that connects to a pair of monitors at work. That might also be a difference for me, I prefer as small a phone as possible and use the iPad Pro for more intensive activity or general browsing on the bus, for example.

      I actually have a pen that works with the dragonfly in tablet mode too, but the experience is quite ordinary, OK, bad compared with a pencil and an iPad. So much so that after a week fiddling with it the pen now sits in the drawer at work.

    • Art with procreate, ClipStudio and some work with Affinity photo/designer.

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      I’ve used mine for over 4 yrs for leisure and work.

      I use it for email, browsing, movies, games, drawing, reading.

      I use it for talks, presentations, research, note taking.

      I love the form factor. One minute I’m writing a talk and the next I can be lying on the lounge watching a video.

      iPadOS is better than it’s ever been.

      It’s not a laptop replacement. But I never believed it would be. It’s just a great device that fits in with my workflow and life stuff.

      Hope this helps.

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    First post, be brutal.

    I respectfully don't care

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      OP said “brutal”… way too polite

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        Most typically say "first post be nice" so I combined my response to cover all bases

  • These are used at restaurants to take orders 😅😝😝😅

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      The genius bar?

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    Mobileciti have 10% off AirPods max today only if anyone is interested. $808 delivered from 15th. Code HAPPY2021. Cancelled my JB order and saved $100 with their delivery cost.
    If you are not interested don’t bother commenting.

    • Amazing

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    No one buys Samsung tablets lol

  • I thought iPad Air also had 4 speakers ?

    So the diff is 128gb less but you get ProMotion ?

    Prefer the iPad Air TBH - appears to be $1049 with education discount which JB seem to always do for me.

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      The Air now has speakers one speaker top and bottom, so stereo in landscape, a good upgrade from previous though Pro has two st each end. Better cameras and LIDAR on Pro. Only old people use iPads for photos it seams and not sure there are many apps that exploit LIDAR sensor. Pro display up to 20% brighter.

  • If you order from JW just be aware that I have found that they refused to pay postage for warranty purposes once it is outside its initial DOA period. I ordered a computer monitor that failed after four weeks. they refused to pay postage back to the store ($20) and didnt refund the initial $15 postage. so i was out $35 and still had no monitor.

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    Just be aware that Apple design the iPad so they can't be repaired (glued together, not screwed).
    I had an issue outside of the warranty period and Apple just told me to buy a new one as they can't fix them. So much for being environmentally friendly.

    • How far out? I would have started talking about the ACCC and consumer rights

      • Bought it in 2017

        • Still worth a try at the time (“a reasonable person would expect this to last longer than 2 years. I expect you can cover this under statutory warranty…”, but prob 3+ years would be pushing it.

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            @spillmill: I went through their own consumer rights team but they seemed it a reasonable amount of use. Still, it was one part that failed (charging port) you would think for such an expensive item it should be repairable, not just go to landfill.

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              @klonky: There is another consumer guarantee that also applies. Products sold must:

              “have spare parts and repair facilities available for a reasonable time after purchase unless you were told otherwise.”

              There is always the question of what constitutes a reasonable time, but I would have thought that for spare parts and repair for a tablet a reasonable time would be longer than that.

              Offering a repair that costs more than a tablet that old is worth and nobody ever takes up may well cover the repair part of the guarantee though.

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              @klonky: They've been stung and fined by the ACCC in the past about misleading Australians about their rights regarding warranties and repairs. It's just what they do. You can probably get them to repair under the consumer guarentees act it if you fight hard enough about it, threaten to file a complaint with ACCC etc. Their team probably thought you'd cave easy and not follow it up, so told you what they consider white lies.

              But yeah, apple's environmentally friendly message is almost all just marketing fluff. They have some of the worst repairability, and are extremely anti right-to-repair.

              • @Ark94: I agree Evinronmentally friendly is mostly marketing bull because of the lack of repair ability, but a three year old device is getting iffy on the repair side if things.
                That said I have had Apple repair things out of warranty quite often, most recently a MacBook that was out of warranty for nothing (dodgy RAM).

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      They can be repaired, its about as much of a pain in the rear as any other tablet or phone. Hopefully the right to repair legislation gets traction and governments force these companies to make their devices easier to repair.


  • Love mine, i use it just for shits and giggles, sometimes i prefer it to using my phone to google random stuff when watching a movie, playing a game etc.

  • Hi Apple fans,

    I need to buy an iPad device for my daughter for her school this year. The school provides a code to purchase through JB's education portal and the prices are cheaper than anything I've seen posted on Ozbargain. Eg $445 for a 32gb iPad. Or $1193 for the iPad Pro posted here.

    Any idea why that is the case and why the posted prices are considered cheap?

    Will Officeworks price beat against these?

    Do you think the prices will drop further before the end of January?


    • Most people can't access JB education pricing. Most people can access apple educational pricing if they really wanted to, but JB educational pricing is a bit harder I presume

      Will Officeworks price beat against these?


      Do you think the prices will drop further before the end of January?

      I don't think so, maybe not before the end of January. You'll probably just get more frequent deals similar to this. They'll drop when the next generation gets announced, that might happen this month but most likely it'll be March or so.

    • because you need to prove your a student, otherwise you dont get the discount.

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    Firstly, love the post. First time be brutal.
    I don’t get all this “first time be gentle” like they’re losing their actual virginity.

    Secondly love the comments also. I use mine for normal shit seems to be the consensus instead of all the “I’m a power user” rubbish.

    OZB keeping it real.