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[VIC] Kensington 4K USB3.0 to Displayport Adapter $16.66 (from $119) @ Officeworks (Richmond)


Saw this in a clearance bin at Officeworks Richmond (Bridge Road), there were still plenty in stock.

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  • 4K USD3.0 to Displayport Adapter

    That's some new standard.

  • must be a pollie post…

  • That is big drop from 119 lol. Desperados to remove the item

  • 4K displaylink? Good lord even 1080p consumes 2Gb of RAM and runs like a dog.

    • Hmm, i'm running a pair of true 4k & QHD monitors on a Mac Air M1 through a Targus Displaylink dock.
      Blown away with how well it runs. And a way to get 2 external monitors on these new Macs.

      Yes, on my older Lenovo i5 8th gen, it boiled the CPU. Older intel Mac Air (2020 i5) was unusable.


      • Did you have to install any drivers for Mac OS?

      • Like lowey71, I've been running Displaylink docks for a while in various workplaces.

        Using a Toshiba Displaylink dock with dual 1080p outputs, my old Surface Pro 3 (i5-4300U, 8gb RAM) would overheat pretty rapidly - I used to run it with a USB desktop fan pointed at it.

        Currently, using a Windows-On-Snapdragon/Windows-On-ARM Lenovo laptop (C630, SD850 - no better than a i5-7200U - 8gb RAM), the same dual Toshiba Displaylink works just fine. Combined with the video-out via USB-C, I'm typically running 3 external displays + the laptop display.

        Riker88, re MacOS, I've previously read that there's been various glitches with Displaylink drivers depending on which version of MacOS you're running - probably worth doing some googling re: that.

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    I bought a couple of these for $20 from my local Officeworks a short while ago. A good part for my geek arsenal.

    And essential for anyone who want the Lenovo duet to work on a regular monitor (cheap passive DP to HDMI adapter may also be required).

  • Kensington 4K 30Hz USB3.0 to Displayport Adapter.

    Given that it is USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1, it's bandwidth limited. Make sure you are okay with 4K 30Hz before you buy.

    • yeh i get that but most people would be using this in a pinch to get a 2nd monitor up quickly AND cheaply and 2k/60 ie. 1,440p is great for $16!

      i'm with you in that i specifically buy hdmi switchers and whatever that supports 4k/60 but i rarely even do that since even at 4k on my 32" its too small LOL

  • This is amazing. I paid 80 bucks for those things and I thought they were well worth it

    • these are active (I think?) in that they have a chip inside to do the 'magic'

      i dont think these are 'dumb' adapters

      $16 is well under cost

  • I actually need one of these. Going to check my local tomorrow then.

  • I understand Display port to USB C for new laptops, but why the other way around?

  • Just a FYI, these are USB3.0 to HDMI and not DP…

  • got me excited, thought it was USB3.0 to Display port which can display 2k @ 144hz

    • I wouldn't worry about that, it would not be the limiting factor. The rate the controller connects to the monitor is independent to the speed the controller is plugged into the PC. And I doubt any USB 3.0 connection would be fast enough for QHD ("2k") @ 144Hz over software. I'm guessing 144Hz wont actually be different from 60Hz whether DP or HDMI even if it links to the monitor at that rate.

      For example the one I got (which is DP) can connect to my monitor at max 3440x1440 @ 100Hz but only using a USB 2.0 connection. And as you can imagine it's nowhere near actual "100Hz" (it feels <30Hz with a ~100ms latency). That being said even USB 2.0 is fine for scrolling documents or web pages at FHD (but not for video). I assume the same controller is in the HDMI models (VU400 vs VU400D) since the DP model works the same as a dual mode DP++ port and switches to native HDMI with a passive cable.

      • Your 2nd paragraph just fried my brain cells, I don't know what you mean.

        My Dell vostro only has HDMI 1.4 slot and USB-C. I'm trying to display 2k @ 144hz with an external monitor, is there a way?

        • Heh, sorry about the stream of consciousness. Not sure I can help though since I don't have a QHD monitor to test this dongle with (you do mean 2560x1440 when you say "2k" right?).

          The USB adapter can definitely do QHD, and since the DP version can do 100Hz on my Ultrawide QHD monitor I'd assume it can do yours at least that fast. But it's not as "snappy" as a proper connection since it's software/USB (added latency in processing/transporting vs raw data).

          So, as I was trying to say above, I'd guess the proper 60Hz (75Hz?) HDMI 1.4 connection would be better than software @ 144Hz (but maybe not).

          Your best hope would be if the USB-C port does DP also, in which case it can probably do the full 144Hz on one monitor. Then run the other monitor with HDMI or try one of these adapters and test it yourself.

          Note: If your USB-C port does DP but you need it for charging also you might need a dock with a DP port and pass-through power for the computer. But don't get a big dock since extra USB devices on that port might limit the DP speed.

          • @grb: yes at the moment I'm running at 75hz at 2560x1440 but my monitor is capable at doing 144hz so that is what I'm trying to achieve. The difference between 144hz and 75hz is huge and I can certainly see the difference.

            I can't seem to find a USB-C hub which has DP. All the hub on here only has HDMI.

            • @Homr: Yes 144Hz vs 75Hz is noticeable in an apples to apples comparison, but this adapter makes it apples to oranges. It's just not in the same league as a raw link. I'd guess 75Hz HDMI is better than 144Hz software USB "DisplayLink", but that's just a hunch.

              Are you sure your USB-C port does DP? And that you also need that same port for charging?

              If yes to both then you will need a USB type C dock with a DP port and power pass through (there are plenty around but they look expensive). Or maybe just the DP adapter with power input/delivery would be better, something like this:

  • None in WA :(

  • Stupid question, but will this allow me to plug a MacBook Pro with USB-C into an HDMI monitor?

    • Stupid answer… If you get a quality USB-C to USB-A converter, AND you managed to get hold of a working DisplayLink driver/app for your Macbook Pro's OS (which tends to have issues with latest OS), AND a quality DisplayPort to HDMI cable, then it "probably" will work.

      Honestly, don't bother going down that path, it will cause more headache. If you can afford a MBP, then get a proper USB-C to HDMI dongle (or USB-C monitor).

      • short stupid answer: pay the premium price and get only genuine apple accessories since that's what apple want you to do! :))

        • Even that isn't safe. The first / early version of digital AV adapter for USB-C is not ideal. The latest version has higher OS requirement. While USB-C / alt-mode is okay, it is still best to have HDMI or DisplayPort. The cost is also too high for that dongle.