[Unobtainable Deal] [Pre Order] PlayStation 5 $745 + Delivery @ The Good Guys (Online Only)

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The PS5 is available for online pre-order at The Good Guys.

Delivery date is unknown.

Mod 8/1: Orders are cancelled, it appears there was no stock in the first place. The Good Guys have generously given users $100 store credit due to the mistake, check your emails if you have ordered. See comments.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • I estimate this will last 15 minutes.

    • Big improvement over the 8 minutes for the pre-Xmas Amazon listing

      • More like 14 mins improvement

      • She will be happy with that! ;)

    • It is 45 minutes now and there are still plenty of PS5 console stocks available. Maybe demand for PS5 had slowed after festive Christmas period.

      • +1

        I doubt they have that much stock available/on back order at the moment.
        Many people will be left disappointed with emails stating cancellation of their orders no doubt.

    • wrong estimate, still available :)

      • Hate to be pessimistic but I see a lot of cancellation emails incoming.

    • That's what she said…

  • +32

    Got a phone call about 5 mins after placing my order.

    They don't actually have any in stock and when I asked for an ETA they didn't know, so this is very firmly a pre-order for 'whenever Australia gets more'

    • +29

      The old "we'll hold onto your money until it arrives" trick?

      • +2

        Sure, but I mean everyone is waiting for the next wave of pre-orders anyway and these are the only ones doing it so far.
        May as well get in and have the ability to cancel later if need be or if something better/sooner comes up.

        • They've also listed the Xbox Series X as well

    • Did they take your money now?

      • +7

        They took my money immediately

        • Well it’s not like they’ll take it dilly dally

          • +10

            @ireadtermsofuse: It's a good question, since Amazon only takes your money when they are ready to ship.

      • Yup, transaction is there in Paypal

    • The warehouse near me says it's in stock, and will be sent in 2 to 3 days.

      • Probably wrong based on the comment above

        • I ordered one. Never got a phone call.

          Apparently this guy (Stoibs) Ordered one before this OP posted the Bargain.

          Maybe he is tricking everyone?

          • +2

            @CampingIdiot: I've got a bunch of tabs between Amazon/Good Guys, Big W etc. open here at work and have been f5'iing every now and then in downtime. I just happened to catch this before it was posted here :P

            You can check my comment in the Xbox Series s thread where someone posted about the PS2 themed Retro console deal, and I actually replied with a link to the Good Guys deal a minute before this one went up ;)

            • +1

              @Stoibs: Thanks for the reply - Hopefully we can all get a ps5 soon!

            • +1

              @Stoibs: very productive employee :)

            • @Stoibs: Thanks Stoibs i saw your comment and bought one but lets see if its true, lots of speculation of an error now.

              • @gamechaser28: Yeah reading on some facebook pages and whirlpool etc that people are phoning up and being told it was a glitch, with refunds coming? Which is completely opposite to the lady who rang me and pretty much said "hey this is in regards to your order that we just received, just telling you we don't have stock just yet…"

                You would have thought she would have told me it was an error and to be cancelled :S

      • +1

        Just ordered one. If the webpage disappears soon then it's probs in stock

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    can someone explain why the PS5 is insanely more popular than the series X/S?

    • +21

      (Subjectively) better game lineup and exclusives, a lot of MS games are not only coming to PC too, but are free on gamepass anyway.

    • +2

      Better exclusive titles?

    • +12

      because all of Xbox exclusives are playable on PC. PS5 exclusives are not.

      • +7

        Plus the PS5 controller is the only new thing that isn't just performance.

    • +5

      The scarcity factor perhaps. It plays on people’s FOMO

    • +8

      PlayStation has always been the more popular one on launch day. I would take a guess that the Playstation has more attractive exclusive games than Xbox.

      • +4

        Except the PS3 / 360 launch from recollection.

    • tbh both are probably as good as each other, but it's what you grew up on. There was a time where you had to make a decision, a time where Playstation was (is always) the right choice.

      • +4

        Playstation has (arguably) had more high quality / highly rated exclusive titles over the past couple of years, and the launch exclusives seem to be heading the same way as far as I can tell. That's literally the main driver when you're only going to be selecting one console.

        • Microsoft bought Bethesda recently and I wouldn't be surprised if there's other big acquisitions in the future.

          • +2

            @studentl0an: Yeah but those games will keep coming out on both Xbox and PC, so they won't be exclusive.

        • +3

          This definitely applies to me. On xbox I can think of only a few exclusives that I really wish were on PlayStation. But on PlayStation there are dozens of must have exclusives for me. Also some of the xbox exclusives I really wanted like ori and the blind forest and will of the wisps are now on switch which I also have. I would build a new gaming PC before I would consider buying an xbox to be honest.

        • -5

          people put too much weigh onto exclusives, this gen they wont get as much anymore. You barely got anything on launch, a niche remastered game and a 4 hour dlc, hiw is that any better than xbox lol.

          Game Studios have figured out that keeping it exclusive only hurts their sales in the long run, look at FF7 Remake Horizon Death Stranding its all limited

          FromSoftware has completely moved on from Sony

          Not to mention Gamepass is a major seller for parents and students who doesnt want to buy $60-80 games every month

          • +1

            @Freestyle: Yeah but you're talking 3rd party developer exclusives.

            Sony owned studios make some good quality games, just look at Spider-man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, and God of War as recent releases. All great exclusives (although horizon is now available on PC as well).

            I can't recall many Xbox exclusives that have been as well rated.

            • @Singu1arity: Because Xbox doesnt care about making things exclusive anymore lol, as consumers you should be happy for that

            • -2

              @Singu1arity: I agree with you, but the titles you mentioned haven't been realised exclusively on ps5 yet. ppl rush in to buy all the stock just for resale on ebay.

              • +1

                @dsl1108: Spider-man Miles Morales is already out isn't it? It's a PS5 exclusive.

      • -2

        Ehh, I grew up on Nintendo, and still consider myself a Nintendo boy despite honestly having 0 interest in much of the companies stuff now.

        I choose the PS4 because most of my mates did, so to play with them I got PS4.

        I'm definitely open to switching to Xbox this gen, but since I own a pc, I don't see any real incentive to do so.
        Since I can't get a ps5 yet anyway, I'm looking to see how the zenimax purchase works out.

    • +6

      Probably because of those PS4/5 exclusive titles?

    • +1

      Do we actually know its more popular than the X at this stage? Both are completely sold out so all we know is both have saturated supply for now?

      But yea PS5 does have a clearer exclusive lineup, and PS4 was more popular last gen as well.

      • +1

        I was looking at each console's respective reddits earlier. The PS5 reddit has 500k more users than the XSX/S. Obviously doesn't tell us the specific unit popularity but I think that's a fair indicator of which one is more popular.

      • +1

        Ps5 sold double the series x in Their launch months


    • +4

      Not sure about others but my reason is simple: Bloodborne, God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us - all only on PlayStation, not a PC version. Don't even think about it.

      • all games that already exist.. are you buying in case they come out with more sequels?

        • Very sure about sequels on PS5 - God of War. Somewhat sure - Uncharted and The Last of Us. Not sure but personally finger crossed - Bloodborne.

    • +1

      Beyond the existing reasons already given.

      Lots of people tend to stick with the console they already have- or move to a console that their friends have. 130m PS4 sales vs 50m xbone sales, gives you a larger base for PS5.

    • PS has always been more popular. I'm not really into their exclusives, personally. I've always wanted to pick up a PS at some point, but other hobbies get in front.
      My last Playstation was a PS2, from there I jumped over to Xbox.

      Plus, the controller. The PS5 one seems nice, but the Xbox one is so comfortable.

      • PS4 controller was a big step up in the comfort side of things, apart from the battery drain which really isn't that bad it's pretty good.

      • Pretty difficult to know if you like their present day exclusives if the PS2 was the last PlayStation you owned.

        • You based that on the assumption I haven’t played on a later generation console, or know anyone who has one and can either play on theirs or talk to them about it :)
          I never said I have zero experience of the PS3 and onwards

    • I always had both excluding the original Xbox. The xbox one lost me with their interface tbh, so clunky. Playstation controller grew on me and like people said has better exclusives especially since Halo and Gears got destroyed. I played my xbox one probably less than 10x, just could not get into it.

    • +2

      It's a carry-over from PS4 resoundingly outselling the XB1 last generation. I'll bet most folks who have a PS4 are not switching to XBSX, nor are the XB1 owners particularly switching to PS5. So the sales ratio remains, at least at this price point AUD 749.

      Secondary to this, I believe PC gaming competes with Xbox sales more than PS5, as Xbox and PC are more closely related, share platforms and product releases etc. PS games often eventually come to PC but, as noted, most Xbox exclusives come to PC around the same time.

      Personally I don't understand an argument of exclusivity, as we are only talking about a dozen or so top-level top-rated games. That's not to say the argument is invalid, but to say that argument doesn't hold for me. For example PS4, we are only really talking about Spider-man, God of War, Ghost Tsushima, Horizon 0D, Last of Us, Bloodborne, Uncharted, InFamous. That might seem like a big list, but you can easily get 100-200+ quality titles on Xbox (depending on tastes), which should be more than enough.

      I'm not even convinced Sony are going to be able to generate as many exclusives this generation given MS buying up developers, more developers going dual platform (e.g. Yakuza) and many PS exclusives porting to PC eventually.

      Really, the true kings of exclusivity are Nintendo and their Switch sales are huge.

      I own both a PS4 Pro and a XB1X, but I got an XBSX this time as I prefer back-compat and performance over exclusivity. XBSX is a beautiful machine, no complaints.

  • +7

    I need this for JB Hi FI. Sitting on so many gift cards from the Telstra deals.

    • Yeah I’m just waiting until I can walk in an buy it. Got like $600 in eb credits from selling old consoles just waiting there.

  • +2

    That's a helluva price for a game consul.

  • is the non cd drive version?

  • Will this run Cyberpunk?

    • +1

      Yeah, the ps5 managed pretty well glitches aside

      • +1

        And by the time you can actually get one, Cyberpunk should be fixed up, win-win!

    • +1

      Apparently pretty well, though keep in mind you'll be playing the enhanced PS4 version, and not the ps5 version at the moment

  • Apparently you also get a digital game. Not bad.

    • Astros playground?

      • +1

        Astros playroom is available for all ps5 owners as it comes pre installed. What TGG described is a digital game token which I interpret is a separate thing.

    • Wait really? I clicked through so fast I didn't read anything else :O

  • Good luck guys. It's indeed an amazing console!

  • thank you very much op :)

  • Also it has a bonus offer. They are giving one free game with it

    • +1

      Says a digital game token, not sure what that means?

      • +1

        Not just Astros playground?

      • Probably means Astro's Playroom

      • +4

        Surely can't be Astro as that would be extremely misleading. No other seller has tried to pass that off as a bonus game either.

        Also mentions that this bonus offer ends in March so again shouldn't be anything to do with Astro's Playroom.

  • +14

    Holidays season is over. More and more PS5 will be available. There is really no rush to give them money.

    • +1

      yeah. I'm waiting until I can pick one from the store. What's the rush?

      • I wanna play cyberpunk

        • +2

          Don't think there should be a rush in wanting to play Cyberpunk on console in its current state either. I would wait for both.

          • @chihaeru: Ehh, doesn't look worse than any Bethesda softworks game.

            The PS4 Pro and ps5 seem to be playing it fine enough.

  • Thank you, my brother needs one.

  • It says, will be dispatched in 2,3 days. Does that mean I need to wait for a long time? I consider 2,3 days dispatch as 'In stock'.

    • where does it say it will be dispatched in 2-3 days? confirmation email?

      • +2

        Just order confirmation. I ramg Thomastown store and they have confirmed this is a pre-order. Very disappointing and dodgy because it DOESN'T MENTION anywhere on the sales Web page that it is a PRE-ORDER. It says will be dispatched within 2,3 days. 😕😕

        • Yeah it seems bs.
          Better off holding off on ordering (And not paying them upfront and waiting for stock to arrive), stock will be readily available soon given the holiday period is now over.

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