[Unobtainable Deal] [Pre Order] PlayStation 5 $745 + Delivery @ The Good Guys (Online Only)

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The PS5 is available for online pre-order at The Good Guys.

Delivery date is unknown.

Mod 8/1: Orders are cancelled, it appears there was no stock in the first place. The Good Guys have generously given users $100 store credit due to the mistake, check your emails if you have ordered. See comments.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • I applied as I received the invite, however, I entered a different email to the one I initially order, but all other details the same, name address and phone number, hope they don’t cancel it :(

    • fail. you need to use the same email address, as thats how they cross check applications

    • Just fill it in again with the correct email - nothing to lose? They said they would ignore duplicates so one of yours will be ignored.

  • Ok cool. Good Guys just called me then, I think they expect people to use that courtesy credit because she prompted and asked if I wanted to use the 'The $100 code we sent out' before I even got to that myself :P

    Shipments start about the 2nd of Feb apparently, regardless of what the email actually said.

    • What time did you apply? Still waiting for a call lol

      • I made my comment here yesterday right after getting the email and filling it out, so like, literally this time give or take 10 mins on Tuesday.
        ~3:15 (4:15 AEDT?) I guess.

        • I got the call just then too !!

          • @skido: :D

            Was it a private number for you too? I was expecting Good Guys official, but eh whatevs. Suppose that should be a heads up for others too who don't answer unknowns to keep an eye out.

    • Got the call also … applied $100 credit and received an sms with the link to complete the order …
      The order link went to my phone's sms spam folder tho! So would've missed it if I didn't check :|

      Was told Feb 5th for shipping and "5 - 7 days via AusPost Regular" with "Express" not being an available option due to the amount they are posting or some bs

      • Phones have spam folders? Hmm, I never got one yet. Maybe I should look into that..

    • Huh this is good to know. I started wondering when are they going to sent out the ps5

  • Second round ps5 invites were sent out this afternoon for stock available next week (approx). Anyone else got one?

    • Yes but I can’t put in my email. Keep giving me error

      • Went through fine for me. I think some people had issues during the first round offers

  • Just got my text

  • I’m in first round and still haven’t got any update to stock. I wouldn’t be holding breath for second round. That being said. Some major retailers starting to get dribs and drabs of stock. Eg bigw

    • The dispatches of the first round has commenced yesterday. Shipment notifications have started and invoices are initially sent by SMS.

      So I would suggest to just wait a couple of more days for them to process.

  • I received my sms/email invoice, and tracking info earlier today.

    “Shipping information approved by Australia Post
    Column, event date and time,
    Fri 5 Feb • 7:54am”

  • Mine arrived today. Left at my door all evening even though the tracking clearly said signature required and would be taken to the nearest post office otherwise.
    Thanks Aussie Post.
    Meh, wrapped up in black plastic atleast so it wasn't as conspicuous.

  • anyone still waiting? i paid last week and no call or delivery yet

    • no. paid last wednesday, recieved yesterday.

      • I got mine yesterday

        • +1

          All my troubles seemed so far away… ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

      • courier or australia post?

        • aus post

        • Courier

          • +1

            @Siddh: Jim ?

            • @jv: more confused than ever.. what im asking is did you get an sms or auspost app or shop app notification when it was on the way

        • courier or australia post?

          Australia post are a courier…

    • Received mine last week, but we decided against having a console in the house, with a son starting high-school so ended up selling it someone at work for $765..

      • Good work. Me too. No prof

  • Anyone expecting a PS5 Delivered today?

  • anyone.. hello.. hello

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