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[Back Order] Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (Copper Brown) $185 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lower by another $4 from this post. Copper colour only

In stock on January 16, 2021.

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    • Bought for $120 on gumtree new in box. Noting I've tried comes anywhere near as good. You can't compare inner ear buds as they aren't the same fitment.

  • +2

    I returned mine. ANC is basically non-existent. Walking down a semi-busy road and I could not hear my music over each passing car. I understand the limitations of it given the design, but I can hear more music with the Buds+ on the max ambient sound level vs. these with ANC on.

    • -1

      You didn't have them for correctly, or they didn't fit your ears.

      • No, the anc is just terrible due to the lack of seal

        • It's not as good as sealed ones, but it isn't terrible…. I used them on a plane and they cut out the drone entirely.

  • They have been this price since Christmas time.
    The downward price trend likely reflects the fact that the ANC doesn't work so well, as well as the likelihood of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro being released in about 1 weeks time.
    They will probably go down further once the new "Buds" are released.

  • A friend who owned these for a good few months complained about the fit of the beans (not the silicone buds) in his ears. The ANC wasn't worth putting up with either, but he did say the quality of the sound itself was good (when it was quiet ofc)

  • Non existent ANC, but I use Sony's over ears xm4 if I want good ANC.

    Pretty decent for music while letting in some background noise (i.e. the wife's yelling when she wants me to do stuff)

    Not the best for voice calls as I sometimes get complaints that I sound like a robot.

    • I actually find I get better results in calls from these than my old xm3, bose qc35, Sennheiser momentum tws 2, Jabra elite 75t.

      • sony mic quality for calls arent too good

  • +2

    Find these comfortable unlike any bud I've tried before. Also sound OK.

  • I actually love these. Also have a variety of other ones (CHEAP AND EXPENSIVE) and also apple airpods. These are so comfortable that I have them on for ages without any issues. The sound quality is surprising good for the open design as I get a very good fit. Very good bass and hearing the same song with these, I often find tones that i didn't pick up with other sets. ANC is nothing great but I don't really need them too much. The mic quality is the best of all the ones I have tested and not a single complaint so far from anyone.
    This has been the best for my usage.

  • I think samsung should have just left out the anc and presented this as a cheaper alternative to the regular airpods. They have a better and less intrusive design. a lower price would be much better than having their shitty anc

    • As an example, on the latest firmware, they blocked out the drone of the plane engines entirely while sitting in the middle of the plane. I rarely ever use ANC, but man these buds are incredible and I would rather have options and features than they cut them out. I paid $130 off gumtree for these, don't see how anyone could complain about them.

      • They're hard plastic so it just depends on the shape of your ear. Might work for you but for someone else they may not seal (meaning no ANC) and others they just fall out. It's hit and miss.

        • Yep, just like literally all buds. My partner said that ANC didn't work, it just was a matter of re adjusting the buds correctly and then their face lit up when it was positioned correctly and all background sound was cut out.

          • @onlinepred: Yeah, but I reckon soft tipped buds conform to a lot more ear shapes than hard ones. I've got the Buds Live, and I like them for listening, but the ANC has never been impressive for me and they require constant readjusting to get them to sit correctly. Even just chewing food will loosen them in my ears.

            • +1

              @3: Yea it's entirely subjective hey, the tipped buds are extremely uncomfortable for me, if I eat, drink or swallow it makes them even worse. Having no seal means I don't have those issues of discomfort.

              The key for me, is that buds without the seal are few and far between, especially good quality ones. These tick all the boxes, and also have ANC that works for certain scenarios.

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