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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered, Graphite, Size B $1690 + $80 Delivery/Pickup in Sydney @ Living Edge


Been eyeing these for a while trying to find a reasonable deal. Not as good as it has been in the past but considering the last decent price on these was from 2017 i bit the bullet and ordered one

If you plan on getting delivery however you can order from https://www.sitbackandrelax.com.au/aeron-chair-by-herman-mil... instead and delivery ends up a bit cheaper.

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    Great chair, but best you try in store for sizing.

    I did and ended up with an embody instead

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      Which store in nsw did you try it? I have difficulty finding one..

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        Living edge in Alexandria (the store that’s selling this one) be warned tho, don’t hang around too long as wallets tend to bottom out once you start browsing

        On my visit I got 2 embody chairs, and wife wanted 3 stools, coffee table , total was close to 20k

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          So you are Living on the Edge ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • @haji: Somehow read ‘Loving’ on the edge 🙂

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          nice flex bro.

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          you actually spent 20k on furniture?

          Wow. That's like, a small renovation. Or an amazing holiday. Or a totally decent car. Or a great investment.

        • some people jelly

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          Blasphemy! This comment should result in permanent ban from the ozbargain community (because of the 20k). A small group bearing pitchforks and torches will be knocking on your door soon.

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          2 chairs 3 stools and a coffee table for 20k. What are you doing on ozbargain?

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        Living Edge store is in Alexandria. For ergo chairs, they only have Herman Miller so you can’t compare them with other brands directly.

        Also in Alexandria, JasonL has Haworth Zody and Fern. I haven’t been there so I’m not sure if you can try them in store.

        Not sure about where to try Steelcase other than second hand furniture dealers.

        • I went to CBD quality used furniture to try Steelcase leaps, it's pretty close to Living Edge in terms of location.

          However I ended up with a HM Sayl for home office, preferred that seat over the mesh.

        • Just called JasonL about the Haworth chairs, apparently none of their stores will have them for another 3-4 weeks because they just recently started stocking them.

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      Highly agree. I initially thought an Aeron would be great but it turned out the Embody suited me a lot better. Fortunately it was on sale at the time so the price difference between the Aeron and Embody was not as wide as normal.

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        This chair costs more than my car and pc, combined ..

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          But this chair has 5 wheels, your car just 4.

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            @Jef Tino: my pc case has 4 more wheels so in total im up 8

            edit - my car has a spare wheel too lol

      • Embody costs so much but it will probably get much more use and last way longer than my PC which i spent 3-4k on…

  • Anyone know if they have these types of chairs to test instore?

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      Yes, they've got a lot of Herman Miller models to try out. I spent about an hour sitting on them and the staff are fine with that.

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    Price is the same but shipping is a bit cheaper here.

    There's also innerspace at an even lower price but you have to arrange shipping yourself if you're outside QLD for herman miller products apparently.

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      Yeah sorry i forgot to mention this, if you're getting delivery that link is definitely cheaper. Good pickup

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    It's size B only but most of people fit in this one.

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      Size B is like for 90% of human sizes.


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        given size chart I would say more like 75%, basically if you are 6 foot or above you may be better off with something else. I went with an embody.

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    Great price but I still recommend people to try them before you buy. Its true that it has great erganomics etc. But personally its not that comfortable than a $400 chair when you sit on it. Don't believe the hype. Try before you buy

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      Ill report back how it is, as someone that doesnt have an experience store nearby to try i fell into the hype but i was able to justity its price by watching review. Most people say its not neccesarily a chair you will sit in and find its immediately comfortable as its ergonomic and takes days/weeks for you to fix your bad posture (which is really why i want it)

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      I think it's half true, like the issue is people hear about the reviews and that it's the most comfortable and they sit on it and try and go hmm it's just like my chair at home. But the fact is it's not the immediate comfort but the prolong comfort. If you sat in any padded chair and what not it can only be X hours before it's uncomfortable, but with the Aeron really you can sit in it all day and it doesn't have any change in comfort.

      Naturally if you are heavier type of person it's what makes the difference because I am and back then I use to go through a $200 office works chair every 1-1.5 yrs because I'm heavier and that padded material just ends up flattening to the point where the metal base is starting to touch my butt.

      • HM don't flatten?

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          Not this model, mesh seat. Mine (original Aeron) is 12 years old now and still going strong.

          They are great fr spending a long time in, which I do at the desk.

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      100% Agree. It's a great chair but is it worth $1500? I am not sure. If one can be found under $700, definitely get one.

    • Yeah I worked in an office with Aeron chairs, plenty people swapped them out for a padded chair. Not for everyone.

      • Ive noticed this too, but they arent immediately comfortable and i noticed that they also tend to cross their legs etc

        Dont ask me why i know this lmao

    • A good chair isn't meant to be comfortable imo, but something you don't notice when doing your work.

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      well all i can say is my discomfort on long computer spells vanished after i got mine. and unlike typical chairs I have no doubt it'll still be fine in 15 years.

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      I have one, it's a lot less comfortable compared to the cheap office works chairs.
      I was replacing my office works chairs about once every year, this one has lasted me about 5 years with minimal wear and tear though.

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      Yeah I had one and it made my back worse. I persisted for a few years because of all the hype. Finally sold it and replaced it for a $100 chair. Back pain gone. I'm sure they're great chairs for some… but not everyone.

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    Great chair, had one for 10 years, and still looks the same as when I got it. Which I got 2nd hand from an office clearance place. Cost me 350 I think, was like new. Anyway- keep an eye out for those type of places for these too.

    • that's a real bargain — 2nd hand from an office clearance place. Cost me 350 I think

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        Whats the name of the office clearance place?

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          Was listed on Gumtree or Craigslist type of site. They had 40ish of them at the time.

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            @StorminNorman: Just wondering, was it actually on Gumtree or Craigslist or another website, or you don’t remember?

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              @skd100™: You wont find anything now. Covid f'd the used chair market. I got my Herman Miller mirra in February for $90. Sold it 2 months ago for $350 easy

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              @skd100™: Don't remember was 10 years ago. But be patient and keep an eye out for clearance/2nd hand office stuff. Took me about 6 months of patience to find them being sold.

    • Yep same here for me. Just look for office clearance shop fronts (sometimes short term leases), can get great bargains for quality pieces.

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    Awesome chair, can someone please tell me more on how this expense can be claimed against your personal tax return? Thanks

    • Would also be interested how i can add it to my personal home office space

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      You first need to work out the proportion you use it for work vs. personal stuff. You can only claim the tax deduction for the work usage.

      Then, since it is more than $300, you can't claim the whole amount as a single tax deduction.
      What you can claim is the depreciation in the financial year.

      For example, if you buy the chair for say $1500, use it 75% for work and 25% for leisure, that makes a total claimable of $1,125.
      That chair seems to last forever, so let's say it fully depreciates over 10 years. It means that each year you can claim a tax deduction of $112.5, for the next 10 FYs.

      Well at least that's my understanding of how things work… ^^

      • Who decides the working life span of an asset? If a chair normally lasts 3 years who is to say this one should last 10 years?

        Same thing with computers ive never really understood. Some are basically obsolete as soon as you buy them while others last years before an upgrade is needed

        • The chair has a 12 year warranty so I would probably start with that?

        • +4

          Last year I used the ATO Depreciation calculator tool - it has different categories you can assign your items to. There is also the option to decide the useful life of your assets manually and you can also adjust this figure annually.

        • There's a schedule in taxation rulings that provides guidance for most asset classes. Alternatively you would seek to depreciate assets over the shortest possible time so as to maximise your deduction.

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    I spent quite a bit of time testing this chair in-store (size B & C as I wasn't sure which size would work for me - C in the end) as well as the Embody. I found the Embody significantly more comfortable, but it's also quite a bit more expensive. In the end, for me personally I didn't feel either chair was comfortable enough to warrant the price (I was happy to pay it for the right chair) and I ended up ordering an Ergohuman from Temple & Webster that in the end was more comfortable than both, for a significantly lower price. But that's just me of course; a chair is a very individual thing.

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    Warning : do not buy if u sit cross legged.


    2nd warning:

    Look at most Youtube reviews and you will find the Aeron is often described as LOVE or HATE.
    Do not, whatever you do, blind buy or if you fall into the hate category you just blew quite a bit of money.
    Always sit on one first!

    • Not advocating for the chair but generally speaking with high ticketed items, if you don't end up using it you will most likely get around 90% of the price you paid for it if it's in mint condition. The difference would be the time you used it for, so not really blowing money.

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      why can't we sit crosslegged on this 1.5k chair?:(

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        the frame of the seat is hard plastic and will dig into your legs

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    Just beware if you intend selling this high yield investment in future you may need to set aside some of the proceeds to fund your capital gains tax liability.

    • username checks

  • +5

    I went through a period of back pain that was interfering with my work, and have owned the following chairs. I tried almost everything on the market to fix my back pain.

    Herman Miller Aeron remastered
    Herman Miller Aeron classic
    Herman Miller Mirra 1
    Herman Miller Mirra 2 with butterfly back
    Herman Miller Embody
    Ergohuman Elite V2 Mesh
    Eroghuman Leather
    Steelcase Leap V2

    If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask.

    • what chair are you using now?

      • +2

        We have a few different chairs in our house at the moment.

        1 Steelcase Leap V2 : to use when I feel like sitting cross legged - as it has a foam base with no hard plastic ring.
        1 Ergohuman : for when my lower back is hurting. The ergohuman in my opinion is the best for lower only back pain as it has like a spring mechanism that pushes into your lower back at all times. The mesh Ergohuman is useless for upper back pain though as your back just sinks into the mesh and is unsupported.

        I am currently sitting on an Embody I bought used - planning on testing for a few weeks.

        • are you buying your chairs used from FB marketplace?

          • +3

            @impoze: Wherever really. Marketplace. Gumtree. Used furniture suppliers. Ebay. Just whoever has them.
            But test it out before you buy it. Watch a youtube video of all the functions, then go to the seller and test all the functions out to make sure it works. A good seller will even guide you through it.

            Unfortunately I have been burned twice.

            Once I took the chair out of my car and parts of the plastic started falling apart. It was an only 70 year old grandma that sold me it too lol so I didn't …. idk…. I wasn't as suspecting lol as she seemed so nice. Obviously she had just clicked in the under seat covers into place before she sold it.

            • @fd9: thanks,

              I get a lot of pain under my thighs due to weak hamstrings/glutes

              I'll have to go out and try a few different chairs but did you have any picks to try out with this in mind?

              • +3

                @impoze: Unfortunately I won't be the best person to ask as I haven't dealt with thigh pain before.
                I primarily had back pain.

                I do have a few things for you to consider though:

                Half of these chairs have an adjustable seat pan depth. I think this will be fairly important for you.

                For the steelcase/ergohuman you can make the seat pan more forward or more backward.
                This allows you to get it just right in terms of - having it support your whole upper leg and stopping at the exact right spot where your legs go off the front of the chair - which will vary for everyone depending on height / limb length.

                You can't do the same for the Aeron. The seat is fixed length and position.

                The Embody and Mirra you can - although instead of the seat sliding forward and backward, - the front of the seat pain can be retracted.
                So you do lose the ability to adjust where the rear of your seat stops/starts but you can at least adjust where the front of it stops/starts.

                The other thing is:

                I think you really should try one foam/leather option vs one mesh option to see which one feels better for your glutes.
                I.e. if you need more or less support to feel comfortable. I am unable to answer which would be better for you sorry.

                • @fd9: thanks, very helpful indeed.

                • @fd9: Recommend trying the Sayl as well, the seat pan is foam and can slide back and forth. I quite like mine and it feels like a cross between the Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Mirra

    • Thanks for the offer, would be really interested to hear how the Mirras compared to the Ergohumans. I used a Mirra in an office I worked in and found them to be ridiculously comfortable - but the Ergohuman is significantly more affordable, so I've been eyeing that lately.

      • +1

        I think they are for 2 different things. I.e. lower vs upper back pain.

        Mirra has a hard back. If you want upper back support, the hard back on the Mirra will provide that.
        The (mesh) Ergohuman has a mesh back, so your back just sinks into it and is not supported.

        The Mirra lumbar support is not that fantastic.
        In comparison, the Ergohuman lumbar support is much better as it has that spring mechanism (hard to find a good picture but you can look at this https://buydirectonline.com.au/image/cache/catalog/1Supplier... ) which is constantly pushing into your lumbar and applying pressure.

        The Ergohuman mesh was the chair I sat on that instantly gave me the biggest "aaaah comfy" feeling as soon as I sat down. Some of the other chairs require a bit of adjustment to get them just right, and often weren't as comfy as the cheaper ergohuman.

        I believe the Herman Miller Mesh (for the new remastered and also the mirra) is higher quality and finer than the Ergohuman mesh though. Sometimes you do feel the build quality isn't as polished on the Ergohuman as almost any Herman Miller.

        Edited: mixed up chair names

        • Thanks so much for this - I'm actually after lowerback support, so that's great to hear! Do you think the Ergohuman Fit line would be comparable in comfort/support to the Elite line?

          • +1

            @poppingtags: I personally haven't used the FIT line so can't answer sorry.
            Just looking at the photos of the FIT vs the Elite. I think the back lumbar is slightly different designed. This may effect the comfort or may not.

            I would just play it safe and buy the tried and tested Ergohuman, and if you don't like it sell it used later as its more well known and more wanted.

            Perhaps the fit line is great but having never used one I can't say more unfortunately :(

            • @fd9: No dramas - thanks so much for your help!

              • +1

                @poppingtags: No problem. I meant tried as tested Ergohuman Elite in the above post sorry.

    • Would you recommend the ergohuman leather over mesh? The price is really attractive and seems like a solid chair.

      • +1

        I owned an ergohuman mesh for ages.
        I now have a leather one.

        Pros and Cons to each:

        - Your back and bottom get less sweaty as they are more breathable. Leather can definitely make your back sweat.
        - No upper back support - you back just sinks into the mesh. This is only an issue if you specifically have upper back pain, otherwise its not an issue.
        - Not suitable for cross legged sitting. You end up getting course mesh marks on your ankles. Depending on how big you are, the plastic rim will most likely touch your ankles too.

        - I believe its genuine leather NOT PU leather so hopefully should last a bit longer than other brands PU leather.
        - More upper back support as the leather is heald via a hard plastic panel behind it. This is only an issue if you have upper back pain otherwise it doesnt matter.
        - Obviously not designed for cross legged sitting, but its much more doable with leather than with the mesh that digs into your ankles.

    • Hey I've been looking at the leap and the aeron. Was wondering your thoughts on the Leap's seat pad? Im actually getting a new chair because my old one has a tear on the outer fabric that has exposed the cushion. I feel like the mesh on the Aeron would outlive the seat pad.

      • +1

        The leaps seat pad is good BUT isn't super thick. Sometimes I feel wish it was just a slight bit thicker with more cushioning. But that's just me.

        In terms of durability, I have a 2013 built leap and the seat pad is as good as new.
        It gets dirty quickly (because I sit cross legged and I think my feet put dirt on it), but can be cleaned easily. Its not so much fabric, its a half fabric half plasticy type of material that is fairly durable and easy to clean. I am not sure what the technical term for this material is sorry.

        Anyway, I wouldnt worry too much about durability of either. I've owned this 2013 leap, and previous had an 07 aeron and both had as new condition (excluding dirt) seats.

        Of course when buying used, if you see damaged mesh walk away, as once a bit of it starts unwinding, the more you sit on it the more it will unwind as you get up and off over time.

        • Thanks, that is very helpful!

    • if you having that much backpain, what about a stand up desk? game changer for me

      • I do have one as well :)
        Sometimes when doing serious work I just want to sit down though.

        • +2

          Gotta get those flick shots!

      • Best thing for my back (sporting accident, 3 fractures, 1 fusion) is reclining… I don't know why people are so against a zero gravity position in Australia. Sure it's impractical given the standard desk, however I've managed to get reasonably reclined in most offices with some minor chair mods, usually by inserting a couple of spacers between the gas lift plate and the front of the seat.
        Standing is terrible for circulation and the only benefit is engaging core muscles to support the spine.

        • got a picture explaining the zero gravity position?

            • @raybies: damn lol dont know how that will fly at the office. your desk will be custom as well ?

              • @SS625: Normal desk, I'm just super reclined, and I get weird looks and idiots telling me it's bad for my back bcos some nutt job 300yrs ago thought sitting up straight was the right thing.
                And in meeting rooms I get the Ray was sitting here comment… then I get the urge to educate.

                I use a modded (better lower back support) HM Mirra @ home or a Zero G La-z-boy recliner.

                • @raybies: how does a normal desk work? you got the monitor on a monitor arm to angle down?

                  • @SS625: At home I have an arm that works really well, and at work my stomach is ~under the desk.

    • my main conern is lower back support. i have the aeron remastered with no head rest but the lower back support isnt as good as i would have hoped for.

      would you recommend getting a Ergohuman Elite V2 Mesh for lower back support or stick with the aeron and buy a mesh head rest for $200-$300?

      • I think the Ergohuman V2 is definitely the go to chair for lumbar support.

        The Aeron relies on your back sinking into the mesh, and the hard lumbar support area protruding out of the mesh and into your lumbar area. I.e. it relies on the rest of your back sinking into the chair, but stopping your lumbar from doing so.

        The ergohuman on the other hand, has a lumbar support that has a spring behind it to constantly and actively push into your lower lumbar region. So you just need to sit back into the chair and the spring will push into your lumbar.


        Note for others reading - there are 3 types of Aerons with 3 different types of lumbar support (posturefit SL, posturefit, and horizonal bar thing).

        • i have the one that looks like the posturefit SL but theres a knob to push it further into your lower back. is the horizonal bar thing better?