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Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB117J $699 Delivered @ Starbuy


Not my preferred colour in the new Alpinist ranges but a decent price for this, particularly those looking for a bracelet and a genuine everyday GADA watch.

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  • Beat me to it. Nice work :)

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    Yeah the colour kind of ruins what makes the Alpinist special.

  • What's your favorite color for Alpinist? Any suggestion for colour match?

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      green seems to be the modern signature colour but I like the blue and black faced ones.

      dammnit $700 is a good deal

      eg. https://www.hsjewellers.com.au/products/seiko-prospex-alpini…

      this will never be a $400 or $500 watch so prices will always go up from this point

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        yeah, got my SARB017 in 2017 for about $450 AUD and now well over $1000 on ebay

      • Weirdly i was looking at this today but i saw the green Alpinist in blue with 2 dials. Exactly the same markings but i can't seem to find the model.

        I know there is a limited edition one in blue but it doesn't have the exact same markings (with the X)

    • green dial is my favourite (was the 'original' colour on SARB017)… the yellow hour markers go really well with a 2 tone braclet!

    • I have the old Sarb017 so green for me, works well with everything imo.
      The ivory is a close second.
      I’d go for the Sarb033 if you want black in this size and form, though the 033 is a lot more exy obbiously.

  • I'm enjoying my Ivory SPB123J from the same deal October 10th.last year.I swapped out the Green leather band for a Seiko Metal bracelet though.

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      Hey mate, where did you get your metal bracelet from? I'm finding it quite difficult to source a metal bracelet for my SARB017 without going the strapcode route. Not a fan of the strapcode bracelets because the end links stick out way too much.

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        Seiya Japan for Seiko bracelets.

        Best bracelet for the Alpinist would be the Ginault 94530G. Its a very good Rolex Submariner bracelet clone, which uses the Glidelock microadjustment system. Strapcode bracelets are garbage, would not recommend.

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        Check out the Uncle Seiko range. The beads of rice version is very nice.
        I don’t mind the Strapcode jubilee version, works well with the 017.

        • Haven't used an Uncle Seiko bracelet but have heard good things. The price is very fair as well.

          My biggest fault with Strapcode are their seemingly poor quality clasps. I've had problems with their ratcheting clasps and their typical deployant clasps where both have uneven push pins and, in the case of my normal deployant clasps, has a loose flip lock.

          I got fed up, bit the bullet and just bought a Ginault 94530G. The Glidelock system doesn't slide as smoothly as an authentic Rolex Sub bracelet but it is still easily functional and most importantly everything is appropriately tight and locks into place.

  • I'd say the sumo is more of a GADA than the alpinist. Presages and Alpinist tend to be dressier.

    • The Sumo is a hefty thing in all dimensions. At least they finally added sapphire to the thing, which in my opinion any GADA watch worth its salt should have.
      Still, the sheer size of its lug-to-lug dimensions are prohibitive for a lot of people as a daily driver, even if it does wear pretty well for that giant size.

  • What is the 2nd crown on this for? Not going to be a HE escape valve and time and date would be settable from the main crown. Is it just for decoration?

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      To rotate the compass function as an inner bezel. Hope this makes sense.

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        Thanks. I forgot - I had an old Seiko dive watch with the same rotatable rehault with compass markings.

  • Ahh I’m after the cream/white dial, but damn good price nonetheless

  • cheeseburger 1 hour 46 min agonew
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    Hey mate, where did you get your metal bracelet from? I'm finding it quite difficult to source a metal bracelet for my SARB017 without going the strapcode route. Not a fan of the strapcode bracelets because the end links stick out way too much.
    Hi mate….sorry for the tardy reply.I got the Seiko band locally on Ebay from "thewatchmaker".
    The one you want is a SNKK 20mm.with curved ends (303713453083) $59.95 shipped.
    I then went to a Jeweller and had the band fitted properly.

  • Anyone have any thoughts on the green Presage Zen garden. I really like both this and the watch posted in the deal, is there any major differences between models or just personal preference?

    • If you're comparing the green Zen Garden (presumably the SSA397 in this case) to the Alpinist series then yes it's mostly preference when it comes down to the looks. The 6R35 movement in the Alpinist is considered higher end but it's really only slightly so. It also has a longer power reserve (~70 vs ~40 hours). The 4R57 in the SSA397 has some extra complications like the power reserve indicator and a date hand. IMO the Alpinist has more of a legacy or historical significance so far as Seiko goes anyway. The original was released in 1959 but was a very different watch to the current model. You may or may not care about those details if you just want to wear the thing.

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      IMO, the presage ones can only be used as dressy piece. Whereas the alpinist can be used to do a lot more. With better water resistance. Compass and cyclops gives it a bit explorerish look. 6r is also considered higher end, but except the 70h (compared to 40 hrs on presage 4r), there is another major difference for me. My presage runs 8 sec a day faster. My alipinist does 1 sec a day faster, thats chronometer territory. But I cud just be lucky.

      • Kinda luck of the draw on that one, I have an NH35 which runs +3/4s/d and higher end movements which are not as tight and needed a little regulating.

  • It’s not the new Alpinist range. The new one is SPB155J and its siblings SPB157J and SPB159J. Starbuy doesn’t sell them.

    • 100% correct. Poor choice of words on my part. I should have said something along the lines of "newer Alpinists" or "new Alpinist ranges" instead of 'range'.
      In my brain there is THE Alpinist, and then THESE Alpinists.

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      I don't think a smart watch or hybrid holds any status at all. In the watch circle of friends that I'm in which includes doctors and business people smart watches are not highly regarded.
      Your holy Trinity of watches (Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe( Rolex and the German brand A Lange and Sohne are the brand's with status that you want to aim to get. There are more expensive niche brands like Richard Mille etc but their brand value doesn't hold as well.

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      Over the last few years, I have had multiple Fitbits, Garmins and Samsung smart watches but I never got the same joy as that from my other mechanical watches. I always ended up selling my smart watch to go back to my mechanical watches.

      Though I enjoyed the ease of getting my calendar reminders (helps when I have back to back meetings), or the ability to track steps and sleep. I love the beauty of a mechanical watch so my experience/ desire might be different from others. Also charging the smart watch every few days is just another task that I can live without.

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