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Rapoo 9300M Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo $39 (Was $69.95) + Delivery/Pickup @ Big W


Ive been looking for a decent bluetooth keyboard for a while now and was quite happy to spot this deal, 2.4ghz AND Bluetooth, connect up to 3 devices and switch between them with keypresses.. im impressed.. my non tech savvy gf loves it for composing emails on her iphone lol. plenty in stock at the store in Riverton

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  • Got one for my missus and she's very happy using it with just bluetooth to laptop so that her usb ports stay free

  • good price for wifi/ac & BT. Might give it a go

  • Cheers was just looking yesterday to replace mine

  • No 5ghz, just 2.4

    • Why is it matter?

      • Good to have the option, in case you have problems with 2.4ghz

        • your right, i only quickly glanced over the box and it actually says BT3.0, BT4.0 and 2.4ghz lol, teaches me right for trying to speed read

      • someone might have devices that get interference, one of the reasons bluetooth was a minimum requirement for me is because i have an oculus rift and it interferes with most 2.4ghz connections and if theres is too much radio pollution i get controller sync problems. your mileage may vary

  • Same price at Umart, but Woolworths Rewards/gift cards may make the BigW option cheaper, effectively.

  • Not backlit. But looks good.

  • Officeworks had a stack of these on clearance in the Perth City store for around $32 just before Xmas. I purchased one for a little more but still didn't think at $32 it was a bargain. The mouse is terrible. It has sharp edges that make it uncomfortable to use. I stopped using it after a very short time. The keyboard is ok but not great. When using Bluetooth for connection to my computer it takes a few key taps to wake up before I can start typing. It appears to go into sleep mode very quickly when not in use. Aside from that, I haven't been able to find a way to tell out of the three potential sync'd devices, which device the mouse it trying to connect with. There is only a single pushbutton on the bottom that cycles through the sync'd devices but it's trial and error process. Maybe there's a clue in the manuals if I'd bothered to read it.

    • if you don't think its a bargain then you're expecting too much from a sub $50 keyboard mouse combo, i feel like i got $70 dollars worth for my $39.
      In hindsight which bluetooth kb+m combo would you have chosen instead?

  • When I think wireless office equipment, Rapoo is the first brand that comes to mind. Think reliable, think Rapoo.

    • i have no idea if you're being sarcastic or not, my last keyboard was a wired Rapoo and it broke lol

  • I'm in the market for a logitech Mk850 for the Bluetooth and dongle connectivity. This looked like it could achieve all that on paper. But the reviews in this thread and the general build quality makes me want to wait for the logitech.

    • that set looks nice but gosh 5 times the price, i dont think ive spent that much on all the keyboards ive ever bought in my life combined lol, i wish i could justify it, this one isnt a full size KB either :(

      • Yea that's why the wait. It's been ~$95 not too long ago. I've used it before and it's quite amazing build quality. Definitely worth the price difference and should easily last 3 times longer than this Rapoo one.

  • Thx OP. Bought it for the 3 device switch function, from Big W Campsie NSW. Ask for the keyboard at counter. Article Number: 119085.

    • I take that back. This kb+mouse set arent user friendly. For whatever reason, it is a bad designed device connection.

      BT connection for the keyboard can pairs up to 3 devices, but for the mouse it can only pairs max 2 devices. WTH? Otherwise, nice build quality keyboard, not so much for the mouse.

      The price sweet spot should be around $20.

  • Is there a USB receiver included? or just purely Bluetooth?

    • Receiver is stored in the mouse.

      Pairing sequence.
      - Keyboard: 3 BT, 1 Rx
      - Mouse: 2 BT, 1 Rx

  • I bought the combo today, keyboard is pretty good, slim and nice design even with numerical keypad, quite comfy to type.

    The only drawback is the mouse, as what the other posters mentioned, the edge is a bit sharp. It is just a normal mouse.

  • Same as the one at Aldi $29.95. Works well. Love the 3*BT and USB.