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Apple iPhone XR 64GB Black $699, 128GB Black/White $777 + Delivery/C&C @ The Good Guys


Hi I assume everyone knows what an iPhone XR is … if anyone has any Concierge credit it might be worth trying on it, seems to occasionally work on Apple Clearance items.

64GB Black $699.00:

128GB Black $777.00:

128GB White $777.00:

Details from Good Guys website:
iPhone XR features a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display(1). Six stunning colours. Advanced Face ID lets you securely unlock your iPhone and log in to apps with just a glance. The A12 Bionic chip uses real-time machine learning to transform the way you experience photos, gaming, augmented reality (AR) and more. A 12-megapixel camera system with Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, enhanced bokeh and Depth Control for studio-quality portraits. And a water-resistant design(2). (1) The display has rounded corners. When measured as a rectangle, the iPhone XR screen is 6.06 inches diagonally. Actual viewable area is less. (2) iPhone XR is splash-, water- and dust-resistant, and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes). Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions, and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet iPhone

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • I don't think it's on clearance, quite the opposite.

    Apple is still making them and dropped the price a couple months back. Around October-November I tried buying one of these, but only apple was selling it at the new discounted price (and had it in stock).

    Now they seem to be appearing at a lot more retailers, e.g. JB HI FI who are selling it at the same price

  • $849 for 64GB is the cheapest from apples website. Could be a similar situation as the HomePod last year.

  • F$&k! $2 cheaper than JB. Gotta crack our the price protection now.

    • JB sold out all of their old stock, including the crap colours, then somehow found more stock.

  • Is this the new stock without earpods and charger?

    Edit - from tech specs looks like new stock…

    • What’s the actual difference other than what is in the box?

    • JB one received a couple of weeks ago came with earpods and charger, although they've since added a notice that says "Latest version: No longer ships with EarPods and power adapter". Maybe it'd be luck of the draw though.

      • Yeh i think JB were clearing their old stock. All colours back in stock at JB with the no earpods and adapter message.

  • Looks to be still $849 at Officeworks still. Possible price beat could bring the 64GB to $664.

    Edit: hardly any stock in officeworks though so unlikely.

  • This seems like the cheapest way to get an apple device that performs comparable though slightly below an iPhone 11. Pretty good really.

  • Please correct me if I am wrong.. but an iphone X is still far superior?

    • yeah, think of the XR as lite version of the X

      • Not quite, the XR came out the following year. The XR has a better processor, better camera, larger screen. About the only thing the X has better is an OLED screen as opposed to the ips on the XR

  • Macgregor Store has some in stock, however I am in Brisbane lock down. :(

  • How does the XR compare to the iPhone7 Plus.

    Main usage will be the basics like FB, taking photos/video, calls, messaging etc

    Or should I wait for iPhone 11 prices to drop

    • better to wait for iPhone 11 prices to drop imo, XR are the budget models, has weaker camera, screen and battery

      • I believe screen on 11 and XR is the same.

      • If you consider the XR a budget model, then the iPhone 11 would be next gen's budget model. They've just decided to change the naming scheme the gen after, but they are the equivalent.

        They even use same display

        • I have an 11 and my wife has an XR. We both use our phones fairly heavily, and there is next to no noticeable difference between the two. My wife is due for an upgrade in the next month and is going to skip it, the XR still holds it own completely. If you wait for the 11 to drop to this price, you’ll then be asking whether you should wait until the 12 drops, etc. This is a great price and I’ve bought two for my parents.

          • @Fabio08: I'm not saying you shouldn't buy the XR or the 11. Just pointing out that you can't really differentiate those two by labelling one as a budget model, and saying the other isn't. Since they are direct iterations of one and the other.

            I probably would've gotten my parents an XR as well at this price. But when I was looking for an XR, only apple had it in stock and it was 850. Whilst JB HI FI was selling the 11 for 890. The $40 difference seemed justified for me at the time

            • @Butt Scratcher: Yeah for $40 it’s a no brainer. I do think the step up from an iPhone 7 to an XR will feel just as big as a step to an 11. The XR at this price is quality, even as an 11 owner I can’t endorse it enough.

  • I’m still using iPhone X
    It’s been great

  • Still a great phone if you need one. I brought a second hand one last week and only issue is I may have to replace the battery since it is at 88% health. But still goes strong.

  • Better than the SE second gen.?

    • I am sure someone will come in and start getting technical RE processor speeds, etc however for the average user, they will be almost identical to each other in real life performance except the XR will have a bigger screen and battery.

      • Thanks mate, that’s all I needed.
        Will be for someone who’s definitely not going to notice specs difference so XR would be better because of battery & screen.

  • I’ve got an iPad like most and used to have the original SE but, usually being an android phone person, never been a true Apple believer. However with my fascination with tinkering/troubleshooting well behind, this time I wanted something that would JUST WORK! I bought JB’s 128gig XR deal and am very happy with it.

  • not a gamer phone, pass.

  • I tried to price match with Officeworks, but they are telling me the model numbers are different and refused. Both are iphone XR 128 GB in black. Good guys is MH7L3X/A (specs say dual sim, nano and e-sim) and Officeworks is MRY92X/A (specs say single sim, 2GB RAM, I think current XR has 3GB RAM). Is the Officeworks one the old model that comes with earpods and charger? If so it might be worth going with that one even without a price match.

    • Depends they may just have the old details in the system and if they order it in you end up with one without the charger and headphones …

  • If I manage to get 5% off goodguys gift card to buy these, would it be the best price that can be achieved?
    Should be cheaper than officeworks even if they beat it by 5%.

    Plus someone said OW wont beat it due to diff model number …

    Wondering if anyone bought this cheaper than the price tag plus extra 5% off by paying with discounted gift card