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Simpsons Homer Quilt Cover Set Multicoloured Queen $45 @ Spotlight (VIP Member Price)


Add some animated fun to your child's bedroom (or almost 40 year olds) with the Simpsons Homer Quilt Cover Set. Featuring Homer's iconic yellow head with quotation bubbles, this design will add a unique flair to any decor! Made from super soft microfibre (I do hate this fabric but so be it) that is gentle on your little one's skin and easy to care for, this quilt cover will transition through the seasons and years!

$45.00 for the queen set with 2 pillow cases if you are a very special Spotlight VIP
Shipping cost me $12.99 to NSW

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  • +23

    Of course this isn’t actually Homer but rather “Mr Sparkle”

    • +20

      forgivens please

    • +1

      Knife goes in, guts come out…

  • +27

    It is nice to see the joint venture between Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern has diversified into making Mr Sparkle quilt covers.

    • +2

      I believe it was even produced locally at Little Lisa's Recycling Plant.

  • +19

    I sleep in a racing car, Do you?

    • +15

      I sleep in a big bed with my wife.

      • -3

        So do I. ;)

        • +6

          You sleep with them as well? Must be a very big bed.

      • +1

        ..oh. Yeah.

  • +13

    I'm disrespectful to dirt!

  • +5

    Thanks! Wife's going to love this

    • +3

      She did not love this

  • +4


  • That's actually Mr Sparkle

  • +2

    You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel

  • +2

    ewww polyester

  • -1


  • What a chick magnet that is going to be!

  • +9

    I'm 28 but I want this

    • +1

      I’m 35 and I want this.

      • +10

        I'm 38 and I bought it.

        • +1

          I’m 40 and don’t want a divorce at present

          • +5

            @spillmill: Damn, divorcing you over Mr Sparkle. Family Court will certainly rule that she gets the house and all of your shared assets and full custody while you sleep under a bridge being disrespectful to dirt.

          • +1

            @spillmill: I'm 41, would you whippersnippers keep in down with the commenting and such!
            Goes back to shaking fist at the clouds

  • +1

    Will go great with my mug!
    Upsized cash back via shopback at 7%
    Or if you just signed up, welcome10 gets you $10 off $50 spend.

    • Damn! I just made a delivery order from EB the other day.
      If only there was some way I could go back in time and add the mug to the order…

    • They are charging $14.95 for shipping just for a mug Jesus!

      • I bought it in store from zing. It's massive mug.
        I just saw this one… sold out :( I would have preferred this one.

        • That one looks good! I wonder if they will do a restock?

  • +3

    Buy this or die! Can you do any less?

  • no stock anywhere i can find, so Click and Collect or in-store pickup doesn't seem to be an option… Means an extra $13 for delivery :(

  • works great as a contraceptive

  • OMG, I want this! Ever since I watched that Simpsons in Japan episode, I can’t forget Mr. Sparkle! (Also the tv show that made them get seizures!)

  • Spotlight Cockburn WA has stock.

  • Cotton?

    • +1

      No, it's microfibre. So polyester, only worse for the environment.

  • Would love this in King size

    • Doesn’t bother me as I have quilts in various sizes. It’s the polyester that is holding me back.

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