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[Switch] Hori Split Pad Pro (Black) - $57.42 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Hey guys
My nephew's joycon have been rendered useless by the infamous joycon drift
Took it apart to clean to no avail
Even bought replacement parts on Amazon which ended up being faulty themselves, and not wanting to risk another failure I decided to buy these as a present for him
From a 5 second Google search online, it appears these joysticks are more traditional and anecdotally do not suffer from drift so fingers crossed

Thanks to Ryugen, ctan7 and sep1 - note these do not have rumble, motion, NFC and are bulkier (might require new travel case)

Cheapest price according to camelcamelcamel

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  • +20

    Just bare in mind these do not have rumble, motion, NFC nor are they wireless. Other than that, fantastic to use, great quality and makes extended handheld gaming much easier.

    • +1

      Good things to note.
      But in the end, If I was traveling, I'd like to turn all them features off, so I can save as much battery as possible.
      So this Hori Pad Pro sounds pretty good!

      • +15

        if you were a true bargainer you would have a tonne of power banks in your back pack by now lol

    • No battery so can't be used as a separate controller.

      • +2

        nor are they wireless

        I'd say the original comment covered that.

  • +1

    I have the Daemon X variant. Comfortable, much more so than the joycons alone (without some other attachement). However, does not feature rumble so you lose that function.

    Good uncle!

    • Agreed, I only play in portable mode and havnt gone back to the stock joycons once since getting a set of these a few months back. So much more comfortable and the analogue sticks feel a lot better.

    • +1

      I have this set as well. Got it from Amazon UK for about $65. Love them as I only play in handheld the majority of the time. I’ve also recommended these to all my mates that have a switch.

      I also got the ButterFox case as traditional cases don’t fit: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0899NBQVV

  • +1

    I have these and they're very comfortable to use. One thing to note that these don't have rumble or gyro like the official controllers if that's a dealbreaker for anyone.

    Edit: beaten to it

  • +3

    bought this during the last sale. apart from the rumble, motion, NFC, the other downside is it doesn't fit in to the switch travel case. Despite all these, it has not been detached from my switch since I got it. a million times better than Joycon (in handheld mode).

  • +21

    @OP - I would recommend sending the joycons back to Nintendo for repair. They will normally repair / replace for free as long as you have a copy of the receipt. Mine were almost 2 years old when I sent them in.

    • +1

      I'd agree about sending it back but the fact its been taken apart might pose a problem.

      • +3

        Of course you wouldn't tell them, and hopefully there wouldn't be obvious signs of self repair left inside.

        When mine were sent in I just put the original grey housing back on instead of my red housing.

      • Unless there's anything obvious like stripped screws I think it'll be okay.

        I've successfully done a joycon joystick replacement and shell replacement (shell was poor quality though so buttons were not flush etc).

    • +1

      Or they will do what they did with mine, send them back to me and say they could not find a fault. Only for them to still be faulty. JB will then refund/exchange if this is the case.

    • +2

      Thanks for that, I didn't know they would repair it for free; I think I might do the same for some of mine that are doing that
      Unfortunately for my nephew his Switch was a gift from now-estranged family member so a bit awkward to ask haha

      • I recently sent a query through to Nintendo Australia regarding 2 switches and 4 joycons with horrible drift (couldn't even select items from the menu screen). They quoted me $50 for assessment, despite me mentioning that in the US they will replace them for free.

        Not sure what happened to your amazon replacements, thats disappointing. I ordered 2 pairs for $25 each and replaced all 4 joycons within a little under an hour. All 4 of them work perfectly now and was worth it to not have to negotiate with nintendo or have the switches out of action for the rest of the school holidays. Perhaps follow up with the amazon seller as they really should work.

        • +2


          I bought these, and both of them were faulty
          I'm sure faulty batch (benefit of the doubt because their reviews are glowing) but I even did a soft reset of the console according to their instructions and lost a lot of game data (that's a realisation that Nintendo is really bad with cloud saves ie a lot of games aren't supported by it)
          The seller offered me full refund in form of Amazon credit but overall frustrating experience, so I just bought these instead
          Works well for my nephew because he never plays it docked anyway

          • @ericshurn: They look like the same ones I bought, my Left one now works fine, bit stiffer than the original. Still need to replace the right, that's pretty intermittently drifty.

        • +2

          Did you try mentioning Australian Consumer Law? Most companies quickly become more responsive when you mention your consumer rights.

  • +3

    That's a really good price. I own this and have to say that the lack of functions don't bother me. The only cons I guess is it might be a bit bulky for kids. The main positive is the analog sticks are much more comfortable in my opinion and don't feel as flimsy. Obviously they don't drift either! I keep my joycons for when I leave the house so it fits in the case and this is perfect for handheld at home.

  • +1

    Was thinking of grabbing something like this in preparation for MH Rise. Decent price, thanks OP.

  • +4

    If you already have a case for your switch, don't forget that you'll probably need a new case.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Bought. Have noticed a bit of drift starting to creep in so it’s only a matter of time. No more hand cramps either.

  • Have Nintendo fixed that issue yet? Ie do new Switches / controllers still suffer from this? Or is it just a legacy issue with earlier versions?

    • +1

      Hard to tell, since it takes months, even years for signs to show.

      For reference I bought the model with the revised battery in November 2019 and with near-daily use thanks to animal crossing and super smash, I've yet to experience stick drift.

    • +2

      Heck no unfortunately, especially considering they had that lawsuit filed against them and they "didn't believe it was a serious issue" or something.

      • What was the outcome of the lawsuit? Or is it still ongoing?

        • No idea, I did a quick google search and couldn't find any conclusions, so might still be ongoing.

    • +1

      My understanding is that it’s a design flaw. So, I don’t think it can be easily remedied without a new design. But, I’m not 100% sure.

      • +1

        Definitely still a problem, got one at Christmas and already both are drifting!

        • +1

          Urgh. That sucks. I mean, I’ve had drift too, and has to send away to get it fixed at Nintendo (who fixed it for free), and I mean yeah sure first world problems and all that, but still, Nintendo know it’s a problem but still keep selling defective units, which is what gets up people’s goat.

          Also, it’s really annoying when there’s a class action in another country, such as the US, and companies here who are selling exactly the same product act like the class action over there has no bearing on the stuff they sell here.

          • +2

            @Jawanzar: A known fault is a good basis to argue though…. Nintendo can hardly claim they haven't heard of the issue!

            • @Forfiet: You’re absolutely right. It is. I really hope that they do the right thing by Aussie consumers, and it’s true that it’s definitely worth bringing up with Nintendo if people have a problem.

              I shouldn’t be so negative. I try not to be. But yeah, sometimes it feels like a losing battle with companies.

    • +1

      Not fixed, never will be.

      Usually show up at 9 months for me. Current one… 4 months.

      This is my 6th faulty joycon. Bloody turd.

  • +3

    have one of this, compare to the original joy cons, it is say and night. but also, it makes the switch kind of huge to travel with.

  • Has anyone got experience between this and using a satisfye grip? I have the satisfye and find it great with original joycons for structural integrity and while it's more comfortable it's still not the best.

    Want to see how well these stick to the switch and if it feels flimsy/flexes when playing handheld

    • I highly recommend the Skull and Co. Grip case set.

      Throw on some rubber thumb grips and you're set.

      • +1 I haven't tried the split pads, but they look too narrow at the palms for me specifically, the Skull & Co one has been great for me so far, adds a lot of girth to the palm area 😏 and it comes with a case to fit it all.

        Oh and I use Kontrol freek grips, which help out.

      • I swapped my skull and co for the satisfye. I personally found the satisfye to be better for my needs at the time (playing during transit where I often needed to hold the switch one handed). Sucks you can't dock the satisfye.

        Now I play at home more often and still handheld the one handed holding isn't as important.

        I am thinking perhaps hori for anything at home and satisfye for travel.

    • +2
      • Also curious about the Powerwave one if anybody has used it. Noticed it has rumble and motion unlike the Hori.

      • Could not find any review online. Maybe it's new to the market. Will wait and see when we have some reviews.

        • It is the same as the 'DOBE' branded one linked to in the Youtube reviews, except for the differences mentioned above.

          Here's a link to one on Amazon, and the old version here

  • Ah! just bought these at EB Games yesterday for $77. Time for a refund- Thanks OP.

    • Just curious if this was a sale price? They’re listed as $99.95 on the EB site at the moment.

      • Not sure. I guess it was in light of your comment though.

  • Do they include Turbo button?

    • Yep got a a turbo button.

      Curious though what kind of application would the turbo button have?

      I never used it much as it seemed a bit weird, as it just repeatedly presses the same button, so not sure how to use it properly.

      • +1

        I play a racing game (Asphalt 9) and you can set the turbo to keep repeating races and earning credits :)

      • +1

        I used it once on Breath of the wild where i did the hack to trade unlimited Royal weapons for gems/diamonds.

        • +1

          yeah same lol, literally bought the standard hori controller for the royal guard weapon dupe/sell. Love the avatar.

    • Yep, and also a set of extra trigger buttons underneath that you can map as any other button (on the same joycon) by holding the 'assign' button and what you want it mapped to.

  • If you're like me you won't be thrilled with these until you've beaten a game you never expected to beat on a portable console.

    Just be prepared to be underwhelmed at first because they aren't exactly a "feat of engineering".

    • Can you elaborate ? What’s wrong with the engineering on these ?

      • Nothing at all. They just don't have that feeling of density and weight that you're used to from modern handheld devices and controllers because there's no battery or motors for vibration. It feels like more of a shell than a device

        • +1

          Exact same thing with the Hori D-Pad joycon too… because the lack of internals, it feels very light. Shame, because I prefer my controllers to be heavy.

  • Nintendo Australia will fix joycons out of warranty (including shipping) for $20… I got one done recently. Of course you have to pay to ship your controller to them first which is another $10 or so.

  • +3

    I found an alternative to this: a clip that connects the Switch console body to the Switch Pro Controller.

    Retains all the features of the Pro Controller — great build, comfortable grip, rumble, gyro, NFC. Also, the two separate pivot points gives more flexibility in independent grip angle & viewing angle, so you don't always have to hold it at the same angle of the screen. It also works better for ergonomics that the screen is above rather than in line with where I'm gripping the controller.

    Main downside is the need to carry controller and this extra clip; but seems this Hori pad doesn't fit in most travel cases anyway.

    • -2

      They should make a headband thing instead so you can strap the switch console to your head and I think that would then support all wireless controllers and head tracking too

      • Mate, that doesn't even make sense

        • -2

          But why? Everyone should have a head.

  • I suffered Joy Con Drift. Ordered replacement parts off ebay and did the repair myself.

    It was fiddlier than expected, would rate it at 8/10. need experience with re-seating fiddley ribbon connectors.


  • I have a Switch Lite. Should I be concerned about drift?

    • Supposedly still happens in the lites HOWEVER I'd only worry about the drift when it occurs tbh. It's very hit or miss if it will occur to you. I've seen stories where people abuse the s!!t out of their controllers (or play mario party a lot) and it's fine while others baby their joycons and still get drift.

      • depends how much you play. With a lite, you can't just swap out the joycon. You need a new Lite.

    • I heard that the drift issue is related to dirty hands and gunk/dead skin gettin inside the controllers sticks.

      I’ve had 2 switch since launch and never had any drift issues.

      • no doubt that this is something that happens, but it happens to other controllers too and they don't get drift. It's a design flaw if it can't handle normal wear and tear.

  • +1

    Joy Con drift is bizarre. I got my Switch on launch night, March 3rd 2017. Have since become a bit of a joy con collector and have 7 pairs of different colours (YES, I HAVE PROBLEM). In nearly 4 years of use, I haven’t experienced joy con drift on any of the 7 pairs. I primarily went between 2 pairs in the first 2 years, so it’s not just a matter of having so many pairs that it evens out the wear and tear on all. Guess I’m lucky? Would love to know how widespread it truly is.

    • Have since become a bit of a joy con collector and have 7 pairs of different colours (YES, I HAVE PROBLEM). In nearly 4 years of use, I haven’t experienced joy con drift on any of the 7 pairs.

      If you have 7 pairs and you use them evenly, they're less likely to develop drift than if you used one pair with 7 times the wear. It's simple maths.

      If you drive 7 cars, one for each day of the week, it will take 7 times as long for you to see your first bald tyre.

      I primarily went between 2 pairs in the first 2 years, so it’s not just a matter of having so many pairs that it evens out the wear and tear on all.

      2 pairs in the first 2 years. So basically one pair a year. And the rest get even less playing time since 5 of them are splitting the next 2 years of play time. It takes a bit longer than that for it to show up.

  • does this fit in any cases?

    is the back ergonomic with a grip, or is it flat like a regular joycon? The regular joycons are uncomfortable for me because they don't have the rounded grip you find on Dual shock or the joycon grip you get with the switch.