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Collect 20,000 Everyday Rewards Points on Selected Woolworths Pet Insurance Policy


I cannot confirm but it feels like it is targeted to Everyday Rewards members only. I am sure whilst trying to get the quote, you can check it out. Barely took me 2 mins to do so :) - Good luck!

On selected Woolworths Pet Insurance policies with promo code BONUS20K when you get a quote online. Plus enjoy unlimited free access to credible Australian Vets online with VetAssist+.

As a valued Everyday Rewards member, we want to give you a little extra when you purchase a Woolworths Pet Insurance policy online:

Pocket 20,000 Everyday Rewards points on new Standard or Comprehensive policies*

Get 10% off your grocery shop, once every month°

FREE VetAssist unlimited online access - valued at $199 p.a+

Save 10% off your first year, exclusive to Everyday Rewards members~

Claim up to $24,000 a year with Comprehensive Pet Insurance cover - now that’s twice the previous benefit limit!#

Get a quote and start saving
Find out why we’re Australia’s best value Pet Insurance. If you find a lower comparable quote, we’ll beat it!^

Simply enter your Everyday Rewards Card number and promo code BONUS20K when you buy online.

The offer is available until 7 February, 2021*.

There’s a lot to love about Woolworths Pet Insurance

Expert help online from Aussie vets, 7 days
a week+

Price Promise
If you find a lower comparable quote, we’ll beat it^

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Get 10% off your grocery shop, once every month°

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    What's the cheapest someone can get it down to?


      That depends on a lots of factors I believe.

      Pet itself, how old they are , any history of illness or disease etc.

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        In this circumstances Woolworths don't require any information about your pet when signing up for a policy. Hence why I ask the question to determine what's the cheapest premium people have managed to get.


          Sorry bud , cant answer this one for you, all I know is that I was paying $55.00 (fortnightly) with my current provider and Woolies gave me a quote of $39.00 for Comprehensive and $35.00 for Standard.

          I have a 6 year old, Alaskan Malamute and I was asked age and breed of the dog when obtaining the quote from Woolies. Thats why I thought age, breed, size and how much prone to any illness or disease those pets are factor in the quote - could be wrong.


      What's the cheapest someone can get it down to?

      Basic $491.60
      Standard $736.08
      Comprehensive $844.04

      For a 2yo bitch…


      Lots of discussion of this in past Deals.


        I know but just thought someone might have cheaper after the price hike.


          after the price hike.

          what price hike?


          Still has suggestions of cheapest prices then for different breeds, age, location, cat or dog etc. Discussion of fortnightly or monthly best to receive points.
          e.g. $10.22/ftn

          Just feed that info in for likely current best prices on new Standard or Comprehensive policies if premium changed.

          Also 3months free being offered when cancelling. Those comments are worth reading!

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      $7.80 per fortnight
      6month old dsh


        Awesome thanks.


    Any pre existing conditions covered by your current insurance won't be covered by the new provider. Just a heads up as may be not worth it to switch.


      Who is switching ?
      I thought everyone knows pet insurance is the biggest mugs game around .
      Only interest should be is getting Woolies for some points :)


      yes, that is correct - buyers be warned.

      There is no waiting period for specified accidental injuries. 30 days for illness, 6 months for cruciate ligament conditions.

      Pre-existing Condition(s) (certain conditions are eligible for a Pre-existing Condition review)11

      1. Some conditions are eligible for review after an 18-month period – this can be done on application or simply by submitting your claim. Refer to your PDS or our Pre-existing condition page for more information.

    I looked into pet insurance. Basically unless you get it from the moment you get the puppy and have regular check ups, stick with the same vet, and dog has no pre-existing conditions then you are throwing money away…
    Also anything that is determined as "duty of care" isn't covered, like dental. Basically you are determined to be a neglectful owner that allowed it..
    The list goes on, pet insurance in my eyes is a bit of a scam. It was cheaper to put aside my insurance cost per month, and use that on any vet bills.
    Although for some who have a breed that is prone to certain ailments it may be worth it, just make sure these things are covered.


      The list goes on, pet insurance in my eyes is a bit of a scam.

      That's basically what the review by 'Choice' said too…


    Appears targeted 'This offer is personal to you'.


      Previous deal was not marked as Targeted despite same wording.
      Comments were that those not sent the email applied.

      With the Woolies car insurance, just received $100 eGift card without receiving the "personal" offer. Just required Rewards account & enter code when applying.


        I spoke with Woolworths about this recently. They indicated to me that the offer is targeted. They have been know, though, to get things wrong.


    On my app it only shows the bonus 10% without points. But when clicking on your provided link shows 20k bonus.


    Is 20k points = $100?


      not sure tbh.

      On the contrary, however, coles Flybuys is around 9900 and it says it equates to $46.00 . I'd like to say it be around this mark …..


    Anyone got their points credited? Took out pet insurance on 1st Feb and got the points credited on the 18th. So much fast than it was before.