Wearing a Mask When Not Mandatory to Set a Good Example to Your Own Community?

Just wondering what you guys think of wearing a mask not because you think you need one in a state where there are no community cases, but just to help normalise mask wearing. Lots of kids in the community could live in households where the adults are skeptics about the science of stopping a pandemic and where a mask is seen as silly or pointless, or an affront to their liberty to show off their pretty lips maybe. So if those kids and adults see other adults wearing a mask like it's nothing at all then it could help noramlise it in their minds. Even though the state still recommends masks and the supermarkets have signs out front recommending masks, most people don't wear them. In some other countries masks are normal, if you're sick, or if there is flu about, or you're just worried about getting sick then you put on a mask and it's totally normal, no one thinks it's any stranger than putting socks and shoes on your feet before leaving the house.

Covid probably would kill my very heavyset parents so I would wear one while out anyway.


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