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~84% off GOBE Lens Filters: CPL UV 86mm ND1000 ND Filter $15.50 (OOS) + Shipping ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Gobe Amazon


GOBE Filters is changing the name to URTH so I'm guessing they are clearing out all Gobe named stock.

Quality distinguished by 1Peak, 2Peak, 3Peak.
Prices start from $5.50

I have a number of their filters and quality is great. So at this price it is definitely a bargain.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good find. Thanks OP!

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    God… How much money they are making with the RRP…

    • They're based in Byron Pay, go figure.

    • Never seen them at RRP. Always with huge discounts.

  • Great quality from last time, ty OP. Ordered a 3 and 6 stop too.

  • 1peak better than 3? Or other way around

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      3 is better aka premium

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    Cheers OP. picked up a 2 stop and 7 stop 72mm. Need to search on Gobe and price sort to see the local ones.

    • Thanks OP. Picked up the same.

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    77 mm filters are still quite expensive.

    • Any good finds for 77mm? Looks like none of them is discounted.!

      • Nothing. I gave up after searching for a few minutes this morning

  • What do you use these filters for, like what sort of shots?

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      ND filters are generally used for landscapes or taking shots with water in them in bright daylight.

      You know when water has that silky smooth look that you often see in shots where there is a running stream or waterfall? That's achieved by taking a longer exposure photo. However, longer exposure leads to more light in the photo, which can lead to an over exposed photo. Thats where your ND filter comes in. It reduces the amount of light in the exposure, allowing you to take a longer exposure to achieve that look of silky smooth running water.

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        You are amazing, thank you! I was wondering why my shots on a drone (for example) were coming out so overly exposed. I was trying to play around with the settings in long exposure but just couldnt get it completely right. This would make the difference on camera!

        • You'll need different size for your drone, all of the one on sale are for traditional threaded lens which are much bigger than the drone lens

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            @lgacb08: Correct. I already have some tiny ND filters that fit my drone. I also have a Nikon camera so these would be perfect! I may have bought a whole bunch in a couple of sizes because I couldnt remember the size of my lense ahh..

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              @graceyym: For videos using drone record in C log + ND filter then post process your videos —> Kapow

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                @wjb: C log hmm gotta do some more research! Thanks so much for the help!

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          it may be hard to use the long exposure from the drone, usually you'd need a tripod for exposures around a second. Still may be useful to have naturally looking water during daytime with 1/10-1/60 exposure range.

      • Also being able to use shallow DOF in bright sunlight where your camera doesn't have a super speedy shutter.

    • ND for any time you want exposure time to be longer, for example to get a certain type of look with waterfalls / ocean / light trails etc.

      • This is exactly the sort of shots I want to be taking more off but I'm obviously a beginner. I've taken long exposure on drones but not cameras.

        A little confused as to what Peak & Stop means when refering to these filters..

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          Peak is just a term this manufacturer uses to indicate the quality of the filter. A higher peak = a better quality filter. In practise, you probably won't notice a difference. But for the minimal cost difference, a higher peak would supposedly be better.

          Stop is a measure of light for the exposure. A stop is either halving or doubling the amount of light e.g. making the picture 1 stop darker or 1 stop lighter. If you have a 2 second exposure without a filter, then you put a 1 stop ND filter on, you have effectively halved the amount of light coming into that camera.

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      Depends on what filter. A lot of people use UV filters just as general lens element protection. Then you have ND filters which are especially handy in the video world, with the ability to shoot with aperture wider open in daylight by blocking out stops of light.

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      I shot this one using a Gobe ND 1000 (10 stop) filter.
      It was shot in the late afternoon, I was able to have the shutter open for about 15 second which let the clouds smear a bit, as well as averaging out the movement in the water to make it look still.

      • Wow thats awesome! What does Stop & Peak mean in the filter?

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          Peak is a marketing term for Gobe and it's how they define quality.

          Stop is a photography term which is a measurement of exposure. 1 stop = half the light of the previous stop. ie. a 1 stop ND filter will allow only half the light coming through to the camera so the camera needs double the time to create the same exposure.

        • I don't know what the peak means, but stops means how much light it blocks. Each "stop" is half the amount of light of the previous value. So if you have a properly exposed image at with a shutter speed of 1/1000s, you would apply the filter and then double the shutter speed time 10 times to get the same exposure, or open the aperture ring by 10 "stops" or double the ISO value 10 times, or a combination of those to achieve 10 stops.

  • Man what a bargain. Stocked up on larger sizes. Mostly 86mm and got one 72mm. Can use step ring.
    Although no idea how good 1 peak is

  • We changed our name to better reflect what we’re working to protect

    • Although Gobe is pretty close to Globe. 🙂

  • Great find, thanks.

  • None of the larger filters are on discount.

    • A few of them were maybe sold out. But yes alot of the larger sizes in some not on sale

    • I got so excited, I needed the 77mm, it went from $9 to $78 :(

  • Amazing value! Finally bought a bunch of filter sizes I'd been holding off on

  • No many 77mm options !

  • The ND1000 filters seem to be on typical comparable value for larger items like 77mm… or am I missing where the bargain is?

    • Seems to me that prices increase back up when a size is out of the sale stock. There seems to be a big jump with some attachment sizes.



      67mm and larger - Seem to be normal price
      62mm and lower - ~1/10th of normal price? haven;t looked up historic pricing but looks about right

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    Double check your impulse buy prices, just looked at some and they were higher than RRP ($68RRP, currently $77). Example https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B01F1JJ5ZU

    So perhaps only some items are discounted.

    • +1

      Buy now, check later, cancel if needed

      • This is the way

  • Bleh no 55mms. Good prices otherwise!

  • Thanks - it seems like the 58mm was back to full price but bought a 49mm for a nifty fifty.

    Edit - actually, found a discounted 58mm.

    • What did you grab for your 50mm?

      • 4-stop for $11.

        On the fence for the 10-stop for $26.

        • It’s easy to go crazy. Have picked up a few for the 35mm but wouldn’t mind one to make it easier to get okay portraits in bright light with the nifty fifty. Reckon 3-stops sufficient for that (light dependent of course, but don’t want to go too dark)

        • +1

          Go big or go home.
          If you're trying to get crazy slow shutter speeds get the 10-stop.

          IF you want to freeze water or make clouds blur.
          Take a typical shutter speed of 1/100 (Sunny day).
          Assuming ISO 100 and F10.0 you can't slow it down more without affecting image quality.
          1/1000 x 1/100 = 10 seconds.
          Now imagine how much less a 4-stop filter is, which is what about 64x slower only?

          • @mitchins: What about portraiture on bright day? Looking at an 8-stop. Too much? Three prob won’t do much in that sort of lighting. Thoughts?

            EDIT: Grabbed some to experiment a little with - both for lower light landscape and some more versatile ND that will cut across okay for some portrait work in brighter conditions.

            Thanks OP.

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              @fookos: Depends. I very rarely reach the maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 but it depends on your camera. Some only go up to 1/2000.
              Some cameras also can go down to ISO 50.

              On the A7III I can generally get away without one most days.

              Something like ND3 or ND4 would suffice.

              • +1

                @mitchins: I find 3 stop pointless if you are trying to stop motion (for landscape stuff) but might be ok for portraits. 6 stop and 10 stop are the way to go.

                Also get the biggest filter size you can afford/get and use step up rings. It future proofs the filter and lets you use one filter on all your lenses. But ofcourse if it's cheap and you wont to buy an exact size for a specific filter go for it. I mostly got 86mm but got one 7 stop 67mm for my 35mm lens and a 7 stop 72mm for my 85mm lens just coz they were $11 each

                • @cyrax83: Agreed… Although now I'm moving to a 150mm NISI system since the 12-24mm requires an adapter.

  • weird, 67mm and 72mm CPLs are reduced but not 62mm

    • Likely seems to have exceeded the sale stock quantity

      • yeah i had one in the cart for ~$8 but then it became OOS

    • Use a step up ring?

    • I think B+W Kaisermann CPL is the best.

  • These have good reviews… but I haven't read them in detail or looked it up yet due to time.
    Just keep in mind the heavy ND filters like 10+ will have generally a cast (even in the best brand of filter).
    You want to make sure the cast isn't so bad as to not be recoverable in RAW.

  • do they sell light pollution filters? been meaning to get one for my Sony a6000 but not sure where to start.

  • -3

    i won't put this in front of my lens.

    • +3

      Ok then. Good for you.

  • Would they have any ND filters suitable for Osmo action camera and which ones ? If anyone knows, please help.

  • 46mm and 62mm Variable NDs still seem to be normal price

  • damn missed out on the 67mm filter kits. added to cart then its gone.

  • nothing decently priced for 67mm

    I got their best plus UV filter for less from them directly

  • +2

    The 86mm CPL + UV for ~$25 is pretty good, that should cover you for most lenses and you can use step up rings if needed. Mostly the CPL, UV filters aren't worth using personally.

    • I bought it but cancelled it. UV is useless and CPL is so minimally used.

    • https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B06XVP817Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_f...

      Better value with 2 NDs. I wouldn't say uv is useless since it's protecting lens front element. CPL yeah, dun use it much.

      • -4

        I wouldn't put this cheap glass as a UV on a lens all the time.

        • So even 2peak is not good enough for you? Going by rrp it's not a cheap glass but i get what ur saying.

  • I bought the 86mm CPL for my 77mm lens. Any recs on where to get a step up ring?

    Does stacking multiple rings together cause any issues with vignetting? I am using primarily for studio work/ flash to reduce glare when backlighting.

    • Any cheap ass ring on eBay will do. Stacking shouldn't cause issues of the filter is big enough but may vignette on UWA's

    • I found some local sellers of step up rings in Melb. The 86mm sized filter are harder to find rings for otherwise I would just purchase the Neewer set on Amazon.

      https://www.arahanphoto.com.au/ (not listed on website but can be ordered in).

  • My order arrived next day. Very nicely packaged and arrives in its own tin, with cloth etc. Really nice.

  • Thank OP, I got one of these filters last year, now picked up two more for less than $20. I like the name Gobe better than Urth, don't know why they'd change it. Good sale.

  • Received this morning. Thanks OP!

  • Also received mine - opened them up. So far so good. Although need to test it out

  • No 82mm ones listed….