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TP-Link Slim Wi-Fi Plugs KP105 $18, KP115 $22 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


New Slim version of the plug at a great price!

Commercial membership required.. I get mine through SunSuper, but check ozbargain for other ways you can get access to the commercial site.
Free click & collect, or $5 delivery to sydney..

KP105 replaces HS100
KP115 replaces HS110 - includes Energy Monitoring


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  • do these have power monitoring?

    • KP115 does, not KP110

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      The 115 does - and interfaces well with home assistant (even though it's not on the supported list).

      The form factor is nice - much more slim than the old HS100/HS110

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    I honestly can't think of a thing to turn on and off with one of these! Someone please tell me why i need one. :)

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      I use my HS100 plugs for Christmas tree lights and also for controlling my fish tank lights. I could also use one for my pool filter, but am still using an analogue one for that job.

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        Well Christmas is over, i don't have a fish tank and don't have a pool so i'm out of luck. lol. I want one but need a reason to buy. :)

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          To stimulate being at home when you're away on holidays?

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            @mrau: whatever floats your boat ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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              @puka: Well only one thing floats boats. Buoyancy.

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            @mrau: Things I use for stimulation while I'm at home usually have an on/off/ speed switch easily within reach 😉

      • What fish do you keep?

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          ScoMo fish, until 2022

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      i use them at home to switch on/off different appliances around the house during specific timing. E.g the home office, where i will have them scheduled to power off by 9pm every night, and speaks to google home to turn them up in the morning. Well i guess laziness has it perks sometimes… =P

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        Yeah I do the same. They are so convenient. I have about 7 of them running on different schedules through Google Assistant. Really handy if I am in the home office and I forget to turn off the TV - I just tell Google to "turn off the Samsung" and the TV and soundbar shut off.

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      I have my WiFI router plugged into it, to switch off the router around 3AM to 5AM to cycle the router for better speeds when I wake up.

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        i thought that couldn't work by itself. so obviously it can turn itself off but does the actual power plug turn itself back on as theres no internet connection? or is it just like a command to reset the power briefly?

        • I was unsure of that too. But for some reason it does work as I have stayed awake till 3AM at times and it switched itself off. Then when I woke up, it was on. I have programmed it via the app.

          I guess it doesn’t need Internet connection to power back on as it wouldn’t have internet connection when it’s off in any scenario.

          • @Pricebeat: The better quality ones save timer settings locally.

            Note that this doesn't work if you try to do it using Routines in Google Home, only if you set them in the TPLink app.

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            @Pricebeat: Definitely has internet when it's off, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use the app, HA, Google Assistant etc to turn it back on.

        • The on/off schedule is stored locally on the plug so if the power goes off and back on again of the Internet is down it will still do its thing. You have to set a schedule using the TP-Link app.

      • Or get a router with dd-wrt and have a reboot time set.

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      I have about 10 of these so far.. always finding a need for more.. haha..

      I use it for both the energy monitoring as well as the switch element

      Here are some of the ways I use them

      -Computer Setup
      -TV/Entertainment center
      -Kitchen Small Appliance

      Basically I have them all hooked up to alexa, so when I leave home its programmed just to shut everything I want to down. It also has given me awareness of how much everything is costing me. I have a teenager in the house, so he is often leaving stuff on. This also gives me the added confidence of being able to shut things down while I am away.

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      I have these to allow my energy company Origin Energy to turn things off during periods of expected high demand.

      They pay me money to give them that ability.

      I have one on things that can be turned off for one hour without affecting their intended purpose such as the fridge/freezer that will stay cold/frozen for that hour.

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        In theory you could make a non frost free fridge into a frost free fridge this way.. and be paid for it. Winner.

        But yeah.. freezer burn will be more drastic for you if you are cycling your freezer.

      • Turning lamps on/off while away from home rather than using a timer.
      • Knowing that you've turned appliances off when you've left home.
      • Monitoring power usage of devices, particularly older ones that might use more standby power than you thought.
      • Turning a light off once you've got into bed that you can't reach from bed.
      • Turning coffee machine on in the morning to heat up by the time you get to the kitchen.
      • Christmas tree lights/other lights you want to go on/off on a schedule.
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      I use it to turn on lights and music at sunset when I am away from home, for security reason

    • A good use case is to plug your garage door opener into it so you can turn it on and off via your phone - the remote door opener code systems are not exactly secure.

      • Would you mind explaining how this works? Wouldn't this just be a power switch for the opener? How do you actually get it to trigger the door to open / close?

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          It just acts as a power switch - you still open the door with the opener. It's not as easy to hack a modern rolling code door system but it is possible.

        • +1

          You can use a raspberry pi and simulate the remote control. I'm about to do it with my garage door. There's Guides online.

          But basically it's a raspberry pi plugged into either a remote or you can build your own remote, if your looking for a challenge. Then add the pi home assistant.

          The problem is, it won't detect if something is in the way, if a bike or car is half in and half out of the garage it will just close on it.

          • @frazel: Yep that makes sense to me, but where does the WiFi plug fit into that equation?

            • +1

              @madpig83: I think he is doing it so no one can open the garage door during certain hours.

              I'm not sure if he is doing this to save a bit of power by the garage door not being in standby mode, or for security so people can't get in even if they have a remote

            • @madpig83: Sorry - didn't see the Q - the wifi plug just goes between the door opener plug and the socket - so you plug the wifi plug into the socket (wifi enabling the on-off for the socket) and plug the door opener mechanism into the wifi plug.

              I have done that so you cannot open the door even with a remote code during periods when I have it turned off - which is most of the time - and certainly overnight when most people try to break into garages.
              It just makes me a little uneasy having just a remote to open your house ;) I have also disconnected the chain that allows you to open the door manually with a coathanger from outside. That's been happening a few times in our suburb recently.

              • @tileys: Good thinking - I might consider something like this for mine (currently have a Sonoff SV on it to trigger it remotely myself, but nothing to lock it down harder).

                At least if you get in to my garage, it's only the garage you've accessed, not the whole house.

    • I used a similar TP-Link smart plug for my Christmas tree.

      I also have a smart switch connected to my sandwich press which is integrated with home assistant. It's not used to control the sandwich press but to make sure that it is not left on. I have an automation rule within home assistant that will trigger if the sandwich press has been on for > 10 minutes. If so, it'll turn it off and notify me.

    • used it to automate on/off schedule for my 15$ kmart heater during winter

    • Switch off the garage door switch

      Started using it after some dogs started using some device to open garage doors which were kept on in the neighbourhood

      • Mustn’t be rolling codes?

    • I use them to:
      (a) turn on the heater in the bathroom in the morning in winter so it is warm when I get up
      (b) stop the kids from watching TV in the middle of the day by cutting power
      (c) turn my patio lights on when I open the patio door (which is linked to a sensor)
      (d) turn on a lamp I use regularly in my main living area at sunset (and off again at 8:30 pm)

    • Only thing I use mine for is my espresso machine/grinder. I use it to set a schedule for it to turn on in the morning just before I get up. It takes about 5 minutes or so to heat up, might not sound like much but being able to turn it on from my phone/smart device while I'm on work meetings and have another slightly after has saved me a few times, I don't function well when not adequately caffeinated.

      Other than that I have never had a use for them so buying a second has never been on the cards. Although a slimmer one might persuade me to purchase as the HS110 we currently have is huge.

    • I use them to reduce vampire standby power of all my AV stuff. The routine programed into my learning remote turns the switch on first, then the stuff plugged in to it. Sure, most stuff on standby nowadays claims < 0.5W, and the plug itself is about 2W, so the end result is about four fifths of stuff all, but I did it anyway for the sake of doing it.

      Another use case might be for an electric blanket that you set a time for it to power off in case you fall asleep before switching it off.

      I have a pedestal stand by the bedside for some extra cooling on hot nights, and if it didn't have the timer on it that it does I could use one of these to power it off after a couple of hours.

    • You can buy two and turn one of them off and on I guess

    • Turning on your battery charger(s) for a couple of hours a week.

      Controlling night-lights or garden lights to come on at 'sunset' every night regardless of what time sunset is.

  • for those that own these plugs - do you recommend them? or are there other ones i should consider?

    • +3

      I have tried a bunch of these plugs over time.. given this is a new one I havent tried this model but I have tried older TPLink ones..

      That being said, here are things to consider when choosing a wifi plug.

      -do they block multiple sockets.. many of these will block the 2 sockets, however these slim versions are suppose to only block one
      -compatibility with home automation/integration tools.. does it work with Alexa/Sir/Sense,etc
      -Energy monitoring - do you want to track your energy usage
      -Amps that they can handle.. I have bought cheaper versions, that couldnt handle my PC and TV setups..
      -App interface - if you are not using a home automation tool like Alexa/Google, the app will become more important. Smaller wont often update their app.
      -Ease of installation, there are other options like sonoff that are more advanced but will likely require an electrician to install

      TPLink has so far ticked most of these for me.. with the slim version now available, thats one more tick on my list.

      The only complaint I have is the energy monitoring app/details. its a simple version, but it would be great if there was a bit more functionality around the data that is coming out of this plug. eg add cost per KW/H long term tracking, etc..

      Hope this helps!

      • @addict take a look at this, runs on windows or linux and has a heap of extra power monitoring data. They are meant to be bringing in cost per kwh in the future


        Not sure if it has to be on a system running 24/7 to keep logging

        • haha.. I do use this.. its great.

          I did post this in ozbargain recently as I think its a great tool! I have it on a linux media server running 24/7 which I can always check.

          Given I have a bunch of these plugs I just have to figure out how to get the data out of this so I can combine and save historical charts. You cant do this yet..

          The challenge also is that this tool was built for the HS110.. I am going to try and get my hand on one of the KP115 to see if they work as well with the app. fingers crossed..

          • @addict: Yeah compatibility is the reason I didn't grab any today. If you could let me know how it works out with the new plugs that would be awesome. Cheers

  • Can I plug a two-point adaptor to it? So I can plug in two appliances to one of these and have them both turn on or off together?

    Would I have to worry about power load? I am thinking coffee machine and grinder.

    • +1

      Its rated at 10amps so as long is it doesnt exceed that you shouldnt have a problem.. I have the older version HS110 and I have most of my entertainment center in one, and my whole PC setup in another. I have tried other cheaper models that would die with this drain, but the TPlinks ones tend to do well.

    • +1

      You don't need to worry, its 10A so 2400W

    • Yes, I have my TV, HiFi and DVD player all plugged into a powerboard, which is plugged into the smart plug. That way I can switch off all entertainment when the kids have had too much screen time.

    • I do exactly this with the older model and it works fine.

  • Do these make a high pitch noise too?

    • I'd also like to know this!

    • This is luck of the draw. Any power transformer can make a coil whine noise.

      I have 4 of the older versions and 1 makes a tiny coil while noise, only audible close up.

      • -1

        How come none of my other transformers in the house make a noise but all the to link ones do

        • I can't answer that for you, all I'm saying is it can affect anything that transforms power.

          Here is the basic premise of coil whine for those that are interested.

          And note it is only audible on 1 of the 4 that I own, so if all of yours do that unlucky you. If it bothers you you should get them replaced via warranty.

    • +1

      Depends how old you are. Get old enough you lose that part of your hearing

  • Are there reliable workarounds to get stuff like this to work with Apple Homekit? IFTTT maybe?

    • I have the older version models of these, running homebridge to make them visible in Homekit

    • I run Homebridge on an RPi for HomeKit support.

      It's not HomeKit but if you just want Siri voice support, download Watt from the App Store.

  • thanks, Panthro

  • +1

    Why don't companies like Clipsal or the other wall plate manufacturers integrate this technology into the wall switches instead of having to use these bulky plugs?

    Or can someone point me to a 'smart' wall plate?

    • There are a lot of options for this, but most will require an electrician to install. Which will end up costing much more and reduce the number of people that will buy it.. If you are updating your total house or you are electrical savvy then these options are for you.

      Google WIFI wall switches or smart power point, or investigate options like SONOFF. They are sold on amazon.com.au

    • +4

      Deta from Bunnings has lots of options.

      Grid Connect app is good and everything works well with Google (haven't tried Alexa). However, since they are Tuya based and I use Home Assistant, I re-flashed mine to Tasmota for local only control via MQTT.
      I am using these which required hard wire re-flashing due to new patched firmware that doesn't work with Tuya Convert:
      * Smart Double Gang Touch Light Switch
      * Smart Triple Gang Touch Light Switch

      • Hey man, @WalterBih, Any suggestions for an easy option for a simple countdown timer for the bathroom extractor fan? I want mine to switch off auto after 15 minutes etc. I am not keen on fiddling with my phone everytime I use bathroom tho. Thanks!!

        • +1

          My missus said the same thing to me. To hard to use the phone to turn on the bathroom fan so I got.one of these plugs and an Amazon alexa and now its voice controlled.
          Still use the grid connect app to have set times the fan to switch on and off.
          The kids now.play music at shower time and set 2 minute timers so they don't have to go back and brush their teeth when I say they did it to quickly.

          • @DarwinBoy: Thanks. What's the crap flow then? Use bathroom and ask it to set a timer via a amazon device? ie phone or maybe a desktop device? Is your alexa inside the bathroom?

            • +1

              @Naigrabzo: Yep. I double sided taped an echo dot to wall. Works good.
              I use the app to set timers on and off morning and evening.
              But if we just use the bathroom and want the fan on we voice activate it on and off.
              If I ask alexa to turn the fan off in 15 minutes she gets a bit dumb.

        • +2


          This replaces the fan switch in your 2 gang plate.

        • +1

          My late response:
          IMHO the best and most flexible way is to use Tasmota custom firmware with Deta 2 Gang switch.
          It is fiddly though and you need Home Assistant and/or MQTT server. I run mine on Raspberry Pi.
          If you want something simple, then just pick one of the other suggestions.

          This is exactly what I've been planning to do but haven't got around buying another Deta switch yet.
          * Deta 2 gang flashed with Tasmota
          * Switch 1 = control bathroom light
          * Switch 2 = control bathroom fan

          Then with Switch 2, two options:
          (1) Setup rule to turn off after 10 minutes in Home Assistant - easy way
          (2) Setup rule directly on switch using Tasmota scripting - harder way, but more flexible:
          * Rule 1 = Single tap = ON/OFF
          * Rule 2 = Double tap/Long hold = Turn off after 10 minutes

      • +1

        I'm very keen on getting some of these to work, but no decent ones seem to be available for HomeKit natively.

        Tuya-Convert seems a little flakey to me, but interested in other experiences. I do have a sensor floodlight converted and running through HomeKit. Still requires internet to get it to work through the Tuya portal as I understand.

    • Clipsal have their own ecosystem.

      Have a look at some of the Grid Connect options at Bunnings

  • +2

    2 pack of TOPERSUN smart plugs from Amazon are down to $29.74 with free Prime shipping. I use them and they're very reliable - work well with Google Assistant.

    • +3

      The ad is hilarious - Turn on your bread maker at 8am to save time
      a) Toasters won't stay down with no power
      b) You still have to load the bread in (if it'd let you keep the lever down)
      c) you better be awake and up by 8:01am or you have cold toast.

      Of all the automations to advertise, this one was not thought out well.

    • Coming up as $34.99 for me. Has it just gone back up?

  • It's showing up as $21 on mine for KP115

    • Pretty good.. you may have a better commercial deal with GoodGuys, either that or a state level difference? I just checked mine again and still shows up as $22 for me.

      • Didn't know they offer different discount levels. I picked up a couple of these today to try them out.

  • Are these available at this price or close anywhere else? I am not a union member or other to get access to GG Commercial.

    • not that I have seen yet.. that being said, try chatting up your local JBHifi Sales guy.. if you are lucky they may match it.

  • Connect your electric blanket

  • I have many of the HS110s. Pretty happy with them with the sole exception of them blocking adjacent sockets. I have to use double adapters to get around it, would like to switch to these but I don't have GG Commercial. :(

  • is anyone having issues with the website?
    I'm getting "The store has encountered a problem processing the last request. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator." error

    Edit: Using firefox worked

  • Finally got a GG Commercial account setup. Unable to pickup from store though? Its an extra $5.

    One or more products are not available for pick up at the location entered. Please click here to contact The Good Guys Commercial Division or select delivery.