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[Prime] Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $312.80 Delivered @ Amazon AU


15% discount at checkout

Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook, Chrome OS, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 10.1" CT-X636F, Ice Blue + Iron Grey, ZA6F0017AU, AU Version

Also at Officeworks for $368 https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/lenovo-ide...

Update Jan 15: 15% off is now for Prime members only.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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          Is speed an issue now? Or battery life?
          The Lenovo is a bit bigger, but lower resolution.

          For youtube and web, I much prefer using the full Desktop Chrome than the Android version. Mainly because it lets you use 3rd-party plugins like Adblock.

          If you buy it and have too many problems (unlikely), you can always sell it. Not risking much at this price.

  • I am considering buying one? any chance officeworks will reduce their price? I am not very good convincing them in price match.

    • You can try with the 15% but majority will refuse since it is an exclusive discount code

  • I have bought this thinking that i can work on Adobe photoshop, illustrator or some drawing, sketching ….will this be good.
    I purchased this for $368 yesterday and today it is $312..Should I be refunded the difference as there was no 15% discount.

    • Did you buy a pen? Hows the sketching?

      • Can't speak for the Duet, but on my Flex 5 it really depends on the application. One that suprised me was that the Onenote Android app had a HEAP of lag while the Web/PWA version runs fine.

        I've managed to narrow down to PWA/web Onenote and Android App Squid for notes and Android App Autosketch for drawing.

        You sadly need to "experiment"

    • I honestly can't imagine the Photoshop/Illustrator experience on a budget Chromebook being stellar… and there seems to be very limited reviews of the USI pen support.

      Let us know how it goes though as if it works out well then it's a bargain.

  • Any discounted source for the USI pen?


    • +1

      Not that I've found, yet. Lenovo Education Store back up to full price. Not stocked at many PC stores (and cheapest is $57 according to staticice). I'll wait for a discount on Lenovo again, or wait for an alternative usi pen.

  • Hi. It is not appearing as $312.80 for me, can only see $368. Is the additional 15% off only for prime? Any chance someone could post a screenshot of the discounted price so I can make a 28degrees price guarantee claim as I purchased this at Xmas time

    • Did you go all the way to the checkout page?

      • I chickened out out at credit card selection page as I wasn't sure if it would charge me once I had made the selection. Is there a confirmation page beyond the credit card selection that will allow me to cancel?

    • Username checks out… Hehe sorry can't resist… People said at checkout checkout checkout….

  • Finally pulled the trigger, thanks OP.

    • +1

      Sorry to see you go

    • Lifeline 13 11 14

  • It's showing a Prime offer now: Try Prime FREE and save an additional 15% on this item. Details

    • wow yeah probably yesterday was an error that inclu non prime

      wow so i got a bargain here

  • +1

    Wow. Ordered yesterday morning. Already delivered and running, and didn't pay for any extra shipping.

    • Yeah mate same here , ordered yesterday in Qld and got it delivered first thing in the morning . Amazon you are amazing ..love their customer Service and delivery time frame

    • are you sure you didnt select next day delivery ? its actually more expensive than standard free (just $5 more probably, no biggie)
      i think yesterday in my case, the default is next day so first i didnt realised there was a cheaper option (also same day delivery with extra $20ish if you need)

      • Nope. Paid nothing for shipping. Expected delivery was Monday, but it arrived today.

        • mine not even shipped

  • got it today, using it now. It feels quite sluggish but not too bad.
    Feel like a better tab with no keyboard might be better for me
    The value in this is really the keyboard and stand included

    • when opening apps? or scrolling webpages ?
      more sluggish than your mobile phone, maybe? (and what is your mobile model please)

      • Oh WAY more sluggish than my phone - Mate 20 Pro
        It's a massive downgrade from a good phone.

        But perfectly adequate for what you need.
        We are just used to very silky smooth movement.

        I had a couple things open and youtube was really chugging

      • my samsaung s8+ which is a quite old phone now. is much faster than this. I don't really consider this a great deal in 2021, it's about what it's worth. I am consideringh keeping it although the noticable slowness is difficult to deal with. I don't care what the price is, if it's not a good user experience it's not good

        • I agree with you mate
          It's about what it's worth, although I'm new to Chrome book so maybe there's a lot more value there.
          It's cool you can have prime video or Disney running in a little floating window while using Chrome

          I think because I'm seeing it as a basic tablet it seems just so so
          But actually for productivity on the go it is probably pretty great.
          And this nitpicking is really unfair for such a device.

          Again with slowness, it doesn't really slow you down or stop you doing things, it's just that we are used to buttery smooth swiping etc.

          But again, it costs half the price of my 2 year old phone, so what can be expected?

          Just a shame they used a 2-3 year old SoC (which wasn't great on release)
          Would have been better to pay 50 bucks more and have a snappier processor

          For cheapskates who want a very solid tablet that can be used as a mini laptop it's a really good device.

          • @badonde: yes, that's the main annoyance. The lag is with every day use with every day apps. Even TikTok which I found unusual. Screen is beautiful though

        • But serif I found lots review saying okay with 10 chrome tabs and 2 Android apps at the same time? And can play that shooting game don't know what

          • +2

            @ChiMot: Changed my tune now - I love this device.
            I don't notice any slowness (you get used to it not being like a flagship phone) and it's so handy honestly, i'm using it more than my main PC

  • Ordered yesterday and arrived today. Though I can’t install Zoom from the play store. It says not supported on this device. Thought I saw others commented on using Zoom and it worked fine.

    Any ideas on getting Zoom?
    (First time chromebook user)

    • how about using zoom from chrome browser instead of using specific app ?

    • You can run linux apps on it. Should be able to get it that way, but it's a bit more effort.
      Or, yeah. Just go through the browser, that's what chromebooks were built for.

      • Got it working through Chrome extensions

    I originally bought it at $399 2 months ago but returned it back to Officeworks un-opened as I didn't think it was cheap enough.
    This is a true bargain

    The reviewers at Ausdriod couldn't recommend it at $599 but at this price they said it was a must buy - https://ausdroid.net/2020/11/24/the-lenovo-chromebook-duet-i...

    Only issue I have is really low volume even at the max setting (Almost pointless in a noisy environment) and the lack of HD Netflix due to no Widevine L1 support.
    I've tested via Netflix Chrome browser and that works but if you're on a plane or travelling with no data reception you can't download and watch the movies in HD

    Haven't tried Disney Plus, Stan or Amazon yet but I would think they'd be the same. More testing later.

    PS. Anyone find any good cases or bags for it?

    • Do any Chromebooks support Widevine L1 via ARC++?

    • I just use the keyboard case/kickstand thing and carry it like that. At this price point I'm not too fussed anymore about trying to keep it looking pristine. That being said, I think if you were to damage/lose either of the included accessories, last I checked, there wasn't much available from third parties (presumably due to lack of incentive to develop stuff which would compete with accessories included in the box).

  • I take that it'd be no good for a plex server?

    • I'm going to say no unless you mean to view Plex videos and not a server.

      You can absolutely put Linux on it it's a pretty open device but it's designed to be a power power portable device.

      I use a 8gb raspberry pi 4 for plex

  • -2

    Chickened out and cancelled my order (not shipped yet)

    • How come?

      • Afraid will be collecting dust in a week.
        I have laptop and 6.8" phone.

        Recently just sold galaxy tab s5e after owning for 2 months and not using it much.

        • Fair enough!

          • @dreamstation: Also feel I don't type that much, so having keyboard isn't useful for me, non students

  • +3

    I was searching for a tablet but didn't want to pay $800 for an iPad. I even considered going on a plan with Optus to get the Samsung Galaxy A7 or iPad air 3. But then, I saw this ad. Did a bit of research - nothing but positive reviews.

    So I bought this on Friday for $312.80 and it arrived yesterday afternoon! I must say that I'm pretty impressed! The screen is crisp and clear. Tablet build quality is excellent and feels sturdy. It comes with the keyboard and case for the back. I've been loving it so far! Need to customise it more and explore all the features. But this Chromebook is fantastic, especially at this price. My main uses are for watching sports, movies, shows, Chromecast, internet browsing and using Google Sheets. This product meets all the above expectations and it does a great job!

  • +1

    USI pen / stylus for this now $37 in education store.


    • How is it? I had the Pixel Pen but never found a use for it.

  • Can anyone who has purchased confirm if this Chromebook comes with 100gb free Google Drive Storage?

    • Yeah it does show as a perk - not activated but it checks your hardware to activate

    • I can try, how do I check?

      Edit: https://www.google.com/intl/en_au/chromebook/perks/

      Okay I tried and said my account is not eligible (maybe because I already have Google One)

  • Welcome views on the Duet vs this one (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/hp-14a-na0019tu-14-hd-chr...) - the 14inch screen appeals to me coming from a full sized windows laptop. Main usage is internet research, a little bit of Word, PPT and Excel. Main attributes I'm looking for a quick startup (vs windows) and speed of opening of apps. Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      I got mine today and it loads from a cold boot faster than you can count to 8.
      I personally use Google docs a lot, but the Web version and Android version of Office work on this Chromebook.

      I don't write a lot of massive document on this device but find it great to write down some thoughts.

      I don't know if Windows has gotten better in the years since I last used it as a daily driver but I've been using Chrome OS as a daily driver professionally for 5 years now and it's always been blazing fast.

      Imho the best part is if it breaks/gets lost/etc, setting up a new Chromebook is super fast and all your stuff is there.

      • Thanks - I’ll give it a go - not much to lose. Would you recommend the duet or the hp 14 inch model based on your experience?

        • +1

          Depends if you need a larger screen. The duet is perfect for my use case. But if you don't desire a small device go for the 14"

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • On first boot it felt quite sluggish but after setting it up and downloading the updates, it has improved dramatically.

    For $312 with a case and keyboard, it's a Bargain.

    • Agree. Initially it was a bit sluggish, but seems to have settled in and haven't experienced any sluggishness. Battery life is also crazy good!

      Perfect device for me to do general web stuff, video watching and logging into VNCs.

    • On first boot it felt quite sluggish

      Would that be all the updates happening in the background?

      For $312 with a case and keyboard, it's a Bargain.

      And only $400 by the time I got the USB-C hub (ethernet, hdmi, usb-A), USI stylus, and fast-charger.
      With Apple or Surface Pro, you pay more just for the keyboard and pen.

  • couldn't resist buying 2 of these for the boys at this price, also got rid of the money they had on hand and kept trying to buy junk with (can we buy from our own money ) …. it's a Yaa ;)

  • Good as a replacement laptop? Currently have Acer aspire e15. It's a celeron and feels slowww. Just for internet browsing some work on Microsoft office etc. If not any other recommendations?

    • +1

      It's a 10 inch screen but quiet fast for docs and browsing.

  • Can you use a dock to connect monitors and extend? I've got a Targus USB 3.0 Travel Dock which works well on Win10 to connect two monitors to my home PC or work laptop by just plug and play. Just wondering if they work with Chromebooks?

    • +1

      I use a USB-C dock for a monitor and keyboard and mouse

  • +2

    JB Hifi price beat the amazon price.
    $312 even, saved 0.80 What a bargain

    • how ?

      • Just asked instore

    • I tried getting JB Hifi to price match but they staff said they don't price match amazon :(
      Bought from amazon instead, you can also get 7% cashback from SB.

      • I'm not sure if it's eligible for cashback.

        Tablets are but laptops are not, which is what it seems to be categorized under.

        • You're right. I got $0 cashback lol. Interesting that it's categorised as laptops. Bing Lee guys called it tablet ¯_(ツ)_/¯