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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 50W 20000mAh $47.99, 18W 30000mAh $35.19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss Amazon AU


After a long break Romoss are finally back with more power bank deals and this time we have the newly released 20000mAh power bank featuring a USB-C port with 45W USB-PD. This makes it suitable for charging your laptop, Nintendo Switch and more! It also has a standard USB port with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology

Also on sale is a 30000mAh and 20000mAh power bank with 18W USB-PD and QC 3.0 fast charging and a 10000mAh power bank with standard charging. Please refer to individual listings to see all features.

AU stock and free shipping with Prime (or orders over $39).

Romoss PPD20 Features:

  • Capacity : 20000mAh
  • Output Type-C : 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2A 45W (Max)
  • Output USB-A : 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 18W (Max)
  • Input Type-C : 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2A 45W (Max)
  • Total Power Output: 50W (Max)
  • Note: When USB-C and USB-A charge 2 devices at the same time the maximum power is up to 50W

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  • Do same capacity power banks from different manufacturers fluctuate in weight very much? I do a lot of multi day hiking and weight is a pretty important factor.

    • If they are showing their true capacity the weight should be very close. Tbh if your worried about weight, a 10k or 20k would be ideal for you. The lightest of all powerbanks when I looked them up a while ago was… This one


      So that's around 230grams.

      If you were static for a bunch of hours in the sun, I'd suggest a solar one, but let's be honest - it will take a 10k power bank more than 2 days to fully charge up with solar panels just on the bank itself. Still worth it if you barely use a phone because it's a backup though.

      • Thanks mate, I'm definitely leaning towards the 65W Xiaomi one now. Too bad I missed the $20 pre-sale a while ago

    • Looking at an Amazon review, looks like this comes in at 495g

    • I would look for one without extra features, such as display and wireless charging, since the extra components add weight. The xiaomi ones in aluminium are really nice and light weight. A 10k battery recharges a phone several times.

  • Thanks bought one. Looks nice.

  • 30k one best for camping to run led lights etc..

  • Does Romoss line of powerbanks have a model that can work as UPS for 5V devices like Raspberry Pi?
    I.e. the power pass-through function when connected to a charger, and instant switch to the internal battery when the charger is disconnected?

    • Good question! Both of my Xiaomi banks actually switch off their output briefly whilst going from microusb input to internal battery. Infuriating.
      Mine also shuts off the outputs if the amp draw is below about 300ma… Which is super annoying when I'm using it for LED lights when camping.

      • From my own experience so far, only those beefy Kogan powerbanks could operate as UPS without that annoying switching black-out delay. However, given how they can cause fires and the recall story, I wouldn't risk using something like that as a 24x7 Pi UPS.

        I also heard that ZMI Ambi has the UPS function, but they don't seem to be available for purchase in Australia.

      • A lot of them do this. I can charge my airpod case to about 70% as after that the power draw tapers off too much.

      • Press power button twice for low draw function?

        Pretty sure thats a feature on some, may work?

        • Low draw has never worked for me as UPS, I've tried that with ZMI and Xiomi powerbanks.

        • does that work on Xiaomi banks or is like a thing that works across lots of power banks? I'll give it a go!

          • @Felixrising: I have a 10k (aluminium shell) and 20k (white plastic dimple) Xiaomi powerbanks probably 3 to 4 years old. And they have this function

            "To enter low power mode press the power check button twice, once done you will find the LED blinking in sequence which mean the PB is in low power charging mode perfect for fitness devices. This low power mode will be active for 2 hours after that the power bank will switch off.Jul 21, 2017"

  • Does the PPD20/Ares auto power on when charging a device or do you need to press the power button?

  • Romoss vs Anker vs RavPower vs Xiaomi?
    And which of the above powerbanks would be good for a DJI Mini 2?

    • These are fairly heavy, you would be better off with something as advised in to the biker in the first few posts. No extras just power.

    • My 20k Xiaomi Mi Pro 3 does a solid job of charging my DJI Spark. Does up to 45w USB-C PD and up to 18w on USB-A for the DJI.

  • When does the sale ends OP?

  • I just hate the crappy and misleading use of mAh as a unit of capacity. It's either watt hours (WHr) or its mAh @ a defined voltage. Just milliamp hours is a meaningless metric.

    • +6 votes

      Alright we have one 111Wh, two 74Wh and one 37Wh power banks on sale :)

    • I've always wondered this as well.

      In this case when they say mAh what is the defined voltage? Is it 5V?

      • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        I'd have thought the mAh figure is actually at the battery nominal voltage, assuming that's Lithium Polymer cells, nominal voltage would be arount 3.6v.

  • Romoss Sense 8+ 18W 30000mAh Power Bank Was $33 in Aug last year.

    Please do a better deal if possible.

    • +1 vote

      It's not possible at this stage as the prices to ship power banks to AU skyrocketed. That's the main reason why it's been so long since a Romoss deal… it's taken a long time to actually get them into AU at an affordable rate.

  • Why not use the Gooloo 2000A?

    • +2 votes

      15W USB Type-C charging is nothing compared to 45W. It is afterall a jump starter with a few extra features.

  • Anyone know if the PDD20 supports PPS for Samsung phones to get super fast charging?

  • Holy cow! Charges a laptop.

  • Is this a good brand?

  • Will the 50W charge a Dell XPS 13?

    • Should be, both the XPS and this power bank support USB Type C PD (Power Delivery).

      Actually depends on which generation of XPS you have, older ones wouldn't have Type C PD.

  • New model. Not bad at all.

    Nothing will ever beat the $20 kogan QB23 deal though.

    • Did they actually pull through on those?

      • yes.. they honored it. I didn't think they would, but everyone who ordered got one.

        I missed out, but I purchased one for $88.88 a year earlier and got a price protection claim approved, so I still ended up paying $20 for mine. The price never dropped the entire year until the $20 deal.

  • Bought 1 from a previous deal about 6 months ago, have worked it hard and still get 5 full charges off it for my Note 9.
    very good piece of kit.

  • Guy's I'm looking for a 20k power bank with always on so I can Daisy chain them does any of these do that

  • This or Xiaomi Zmi Pro 65w for laptop charging? I know this is cheaper but 50w vs 65w, any thoughts?

  • I tried one of these (50W). They are huge, with too much unnecessary bulk. I prefer the Ravpower one.

  • Not that it will be relevant super soon for most of us, but the 30,000mAh model probably goes over the limit for some airlines.

    • Usually you just have to give them the heads up if its over 27000mAh and they (most of the time) ok with it.

    • +1 vote

      Yeah pretty much what BargainKen said. For Qantas/Jetstar they have an email you can send to and they'll give you an exemption for a year. For Virgin pre-COVID you had to declare at check in.

      Basically if it's under 100Wh you don't need to declare it, if it's 100Wh-150Wh you need to declare it and over 150Wh they won't accept it.

      30,000mAh in this instance is 111Wh.

  • If i didnt have the Kogan 104w I'd be grabbing one of these…

  • so bulky :|

  • Cheers, will give them a go. My old Mi 2S power bank is struggling with charge.

  • Nice, 50w pd will be quite useful. Got one.

  • Ordered one last night, got it just now.

    Heavy but looks quality.

  • Guys just be careful with Romoss products, I bought one Romoss of older model from amazon as posted here in OzB, and its charge level suddenly drops from 60% to 20% in less than 30 minutes while charging a smart phone or any other device. So the lcd displayed charge capacity can be very deceiving and you will be left with no spare battery esp if you are out and about, thinking you have plenty of power left to use. I know I won't buy any Romoss in future.


      Did you contact Amazon for a return/refund for having a faulty product?

      • Hello, nah I just couldn't be bothered returning it. I'm just charging it as soon as it reaches 60%. Do you think this is a bad batch and is an isolated case? I personally think it is Romoss quality in general.
        Either way, people here ought to know they could be buying a poor quality product. Thanks.

        • +1 vote

          In all the deals I've shared for Romoss there has been very minimal complaints given these deals often generate thousands of sales. To me it definitely sounds like it's faulty.

  • How's long does it take to fully charge the sense 4 mini?

    Can it fast charger a pixel phone?

  • I must add that the white last gen 20000mAh power banks had 3 failures out of 3 with the USB C port.
    Pretty poor build if you ask me. 3rd one was a replacement for the 1st, same result.

    18W Power Bank, ROMOSS 20000mAh… https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07H3RRZXT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_s...