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Xiaomi Dashcam 1S $84.99 Delivered AU Stock @ Gshopper Australia


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The Xiaomi Mi Dashcam 1S is made by an integrated moulding process using lightweight aluminium. With a large lens design, it is more visually appealing.

3” IPS screen and F1.8 aperture
140deg wide angle and 1920 × 1080P resolution
Built-in Wi-Fi
Loop-cycle recording saves the storage space efficiently
Gravity sensor avoids looping video coverage in case of an emergency
3D noise reduction
Auto power on, no need to operate it manually
Parking monitor brings security for your car
Advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high quality videos
Supports maximum 64GB Micro SD card memory storage (Not included)
The Xiaomi Mi Dashcam 1S is equipped with gravity sensor with adjustable sensitivity. In case of emergency, the image data can be stored separately to avoid looping video coverage. With powerful voice control function, camera and video can be operated quickly by voice. It is easy to use and more fun to drive!

SigmaStar chip for strong performance

3D noise reduction can remove noise in dark state, improve the clarity of night time video and make every second video worthwhile at critical moments.

Parking monitor

Automatically enters the parking monitoring mode after the vehicle is turned off. The accelerometer of the driving recorder continuously monitors the state of the vehicle and automatically records the monitoring video and isolates the storage when the vehicle is abnormally vibrated. With no separate wiring, it is safe and convenient to use.

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  • How does it cope in extreme heat?

    • +8

      Not well, it has an internal battery.

      If heat is an issue (in Australia generally yes) you should look for a dashcam with a capacitor.

      • Can you suggest a few models? I have a DDP one, another Chinese brand, and it's been working fine for the past 3 years. Didn't think of the capacitor thing.

        • +3

          Viofo are quite popular due to price/performance but there are many different ones on the market.

          • @ozturtle: any particular affordable model that can be recommended???

        • +1

          As Ozturtle said viofo has been really good for me. Highly recommend it

        • Yep, go the viofo. Can't go wrong

  • +4

    This dashcam, despite looking modern, uses Sony IMX307 sensor which dates all the way back to 2017 or 2018 if I'm correct. I would suggest look around for newer models, and $84 isn't really that competitive tbh (currently on sale on Chinese shopping site for $50-60).

  • This is my first dashcam, the and it takes 2-3 minutes or even longer to download 1 HD video through its wifi. Not sure other models, but I personally think it takes too long to download a 2 minutes video.

  • anyone has a clue how does this one compare to 70mai ???