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Oculus Quest 2 64GB US$299 (~A$434.63) + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Sold out here, but cheaper from the US usually $479.

In stock from the 26th of Jan. then usual US posting time.

Get your beat saber on and feel free to post game and accessories recommendations in the comments.

Have fun.

There will be some slight fluctuations with the currency conversion, I’ve added the price is $299 USD so I don’t have to change the price, they add gst then currency convert.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • +3

      I disagree as regards not being able to play AAA games. I've played Half-Life Alyx on my Quest 2 over a dedicated wifi access point and it was extremely smooth and playable.

      Admittedly there aren't many other games I'd consider 'AAA' in VR but others like Superhot, PistolWhip and Beat Saber are a lot of fun in VR and I wouldn't consider these 'mobile like' games.

      • Boneworks too.
        Asgard’s wraith is/was free with Quest 2

      • +1

        But people say the picture is highly compressed, so, basically, you won't have that experience as in Index or reverb G2. Also, some people report lags.

        • Regardless, the occulus link works perfectly.
          You're probably reading reports from people using usb 2 cables back when it was in early beta a year ago. You've been mislead and are giving people incorrect information.

          • @RI4V4N: Well, here it is said that oculus sync reduces resolution and framerate, it is far from "perfectly":

            Acceptable - maybe, perfectly - no

            • @niiko: It's not even called that. You don't even know the name of it.

              That video is also old, it's no longer capped at quest 1 fps and resolution.

              • @RI4V4N: anyway, does naming affect quality? can you confirm that it works on max resolution and 90hz? They are key parameters for the best VR experience.

                • @niiko: It was working at quest 1 max resolution and max frames. It was updated between the video you posted to work at the max quest 2 resolution and 90hz. It's not that hard to understand.

                  • @RI4V4N: The video is 3 months old, so, you want to say it is fixed already?
                    Also, have you tried WiFi connection? How is it?

                    • +1

                      @niiko: The quest 2 while having 90hz support, didnt actually have any games running at 90hz till after launch.

                      I use the link (a 3rd party usb 3.2 link cable, connected to a usb 3 connection on my mobo). It's a lot better than my friends htc vive. And being able to play some games with no cables directly on the quest is good too.

                      The wifi is a 3rd party thing and really requires you to have the router/pc/headset all in the same room, and ideally a wifi 6 router. You're more likely to get lag/pixelation doing this, but i think if you have good gear it can work just as well. But it doesnt work good for me at all with my router in a diff room (and probably a bad router).

                      I would really recommend a quest 2 if you dont want to spend a ton of money - the inside out tracking is great too, no additional lighthouses or setup. Noting if you do wanna connect it to your pc, you need to have a 970, 1060 or above for the link (and ideally a usb 3.0 port). (and of course if you dont care about having a facebook account as a requirement).

                      If you have the money and a spare room though, go for the index I guess though.

                      Also apologies for sounding like a bit of a dick before.

                      • +1

                        @RI4V4N: Index is too expensive and is not available in AU. Also, it has OLED screen which is not good for VR (visible pixel net).

                        Considering between Quest 2 and G2. As per my understanding, Quest 2 has 2 advantages:
                        1. You can play some simple games without PC and at the same time, you can connect it to PC and play AAA games. In G2 it is only PC.
                        2. Controllers are better than the ones in G2

                        Yeah, and of course it is cheaper. But G2 has the best screen on the market which is important for the best VR experience.

                • @niiko: Not sure why you expect the "best" VR experience out of a $450 headset when the best ones cost $1k+. Of course it's not as good as those headsets, it's literally less than half the price.

            • @niiko: the video you linked was released before the 90Hz refresh rate patch rolled out in the Quest 2 firmware.

        • +1

          Link works flawlessly.

        • I have been playing Alyx for the past few weeks using virtual desktop via wifi. It runs flawlessly both via wifi or USB-C (Oculus Link).

        • @niiko Yeah it's not as good as an Index or Reverb, but you can buy 4 of these before you even get close to the cost of the Index. This is not even considering the fact that people might not have the room (small apartment) or PC power to drive an Index.

          So for the purpose of an easy entry level VR system, that is a step above putting your phone in a cardboard holder - this is it.

    • The occulus link works perfect. You've heard wrong.

    • +1

      Incorrect, you can easily hook it up to your PC via a cable (eg: https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=High+Speed+USB+3.1+Type+C+Cabl...) and just download the Oculus link program and launch steam VR and play it via that way.

      The main purpose of this VR is the ability to take it anywhere and play VR games on the go. It's amazing for parties and showing it to friends and family and a lot of cardio intensive games. I have thrill of the fight (boxing game) downloaded and it's a great workout for the arms and I love taking it down to the lounge where I have heaps of space.

    • As if the "AAA" is are a good indicator of what is fun.

    • Lol, the immersive nature of VR makes up for the expectation of super duper graphics. FPS games take on another dimension when you've frantically trying to physically reload your weapon before you get taken out. I was skeptical until I tried out the quest and was hooked.

    • +1

      VR games are something different. They don't need to be AAA because immersion is the key. Games are simple but that's not an issue. VR is not a replacement for AAA games, but a different and fun experience.

    • +3

      It's fine. Most of the Quest only games are very small.

      • Coming from experience, no, it is not enough. It isn't "very small", and most of the "must haves" are bigger than simple experiences. It's a hassle to delete/download.

        • +6

          Coming from experience, that isn't true. Nearly everything is 1gig-2.5gig.

          There are like 2 games over 5gig.

          And it is super easy to redownload using the built in store/library.

          I feel your just trying to justify spending 100 bucks on space you don't need. Maybe you will spend 5k on all the quest games/apps just to fill it up, what do i know.

          • @RI4V4N: Agreed.

          • @RI4V4N: Vader Immortal, just the 3 games, they already take 10GB. The Dojo trainings are really games that you can easily go back to.

      • I downloaded 680Gb of games. 64gb is not enough unless u want to install and uninstall games.

        • +5

          Downloaded 680gb of what games? PC VR or Oculus? Oculus games are typically leaning more towards the size of mobile games, and if you're talking about PC games then why does the Oculus storage matter?

        • If you do this do you have to Buy the same game again?

  • Waiting for jailbreak until I get one of these :)

    • You missed the part where violating the terms of service can brick your headset and block your account

      • +2

        They can't brick your headset and block your account if you don't connect to their servers once jailbroken.

      • +3

        Will only get one when there's a way to use it without FB. Hopefully another brand entirely has a standalone by then..

      • Can someone link a source to how they can brick your headset? I've read it a few times before but don't really believe that they can actually brick your headset. I feel like articles mean it in a sense where they ban you from the platform (yeah YOU not your account) meaning you technically can't use the device…but it's not bricked. Like even if you bought a brand new one, you're still banned from the platform so that'd be like saying the unopened headset is also bricked.

        Aside form the fact it's against the ToS, just make a new account and you're good to go again? Sure it might get banned..but then make a new one.

    • +1

      It's been jailbroken. Read up, SideQuest.

      • +1

        I think they mean entirely free from the FB ecosystem. Sidequest just sideloads games and apps unless I'm missing something?

        • Side quest is NOT jailbreak.

          Side quest is a developer mode for ADB.
          It’s still subject to to whatever happens normally, you can just install APKs.

          • @Z80: That's what I said. Guy above me called it a jailbreak…

      • I think it has actually been jailbroken, as in detached from Facebook, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was just done by a team and not yet publicly released. I'll have a search and see what I can find and report back.

  • +10

    For this price. Or even at normal retail price i think it's a great buy. It's such a innovative and futuristic device in my opinion. I love playing casual games on this thing. I have a bad back so can't do the overly active games. But i can sit down and play table tennis on this thing and it's absolutely amazing. Today i sat in a movie theatre with about 30 other people and watched rick an morty for about an hour and a half. Yes we are in the absolute first steps of VR but i really enjoy what this thing can do right now and can't wait to see what happens in the future.

  • +1

    Great piece of kit got the 64GB. Been playing heaps of Elite Dangerous and MSFS2020!

    • +1

      Damn completely forgot about msfs coming to vr. Is it good?



    • nothing came from that.. still no definite jailbreak or using the device without connecting to FB first.

      • 6 mins 10 seconds in

        "go to your app and your headset should be connected. No Facebook needed."

        • +1

          shock horror..a youtube video was WRONG!

  • +3

    I still prefer version 1.

    The improvements here don't make up for the one large screen. The two screens (one per eye) on the original work so much better, for me I couldn't get a sweet spot for my eyes with 2. Plus, it didn't seem as '3D'.

    • +1

      I agree… I do love the fact you cant see the pixels on the new one but the blacks are awful, FOV worse and the god rays so much worse than the original. I will admit the god rays are not a problems in games, but in YouTube app with the high contrast of the video to the background they drive me insane. Actually watch more YouTube on it than anything else so that really annoys me. Putting in the glasses adapter helped a lot, but reduce FOV even more…

      Roll on Quest 3 or Quest 2 Pro please!

      • In regards to the god rays there were some batches where they had defect lenses. I don't have any god rays on my Quest 2 but have seen YouTube videos of people with gif ray issues. I believe they returned them for a replacement under warranty.

        • Ive seen the sample of the 'bad' lens and they have various issues with text blur etc too. I suspect with some after market padding, which is a little bigger, the issue would go away as its reduce a lot with the glasses spacer. There is an app you can load via sidequest to lower the brightness a bit too, which I guess would help a lot.

          It's certainly a common enough issue, but could well be person dependent as well as device.


        • I have tried 3x Quest 2s. Different manufacturing dates. All had awful godrays. 2x more than on Quest 1.

          When I tried Quest 1 the IPD slider did not change the amout of godrays. So I assumed that it is not an Ipd issue with Quest 2. I got VR cover, Aliexpress padding, Elite head strap, + glassess spacer. Nothing made a diffrence.

          I gave up. For me the technology is not there yet. Clarity is not good enough for my eyes. Looking forward to Quest 3 and 4 or PSVR 2.

          • @kator: Just to clarify, I am using it as a standalone headset. I dont have VR capable PC.
            Increasing the resolution in sidequest makes a huge difference in clarity.

            In my opinion those who complain like me are the standalone users.

            Pretty sure the clarity is much better with a PC. I unfortunately cannot justify the cost of $1500-2500 PC for playing VR 2 hours a week.

            • @kator: Have a PC with a 2070 Super in it and not noticed any improvement to god rays when using it. Playing Arizona Sunshine the first time was a huge let down on the Quest 2 as it was so washed with greys out compared with the original. Wifi is faster and I have upgraded the router to use the extra speed, but it was good enough before for me.

              Fun wise still great, just kind of wish Id kept the original.

              • @Pobman: Godrays + blurriness. Godrays are not really noticable in games, but blurriness yes. PC would help with the blurriness at least.

      • Get Oculus to replace it directly through an RMA support ticket:


    • +1

      The weakness is the IPD settings and the black levels, sure, otherwise a brilliant device. 64gb is all thats necessary.

      • PSVR's IPD solution is even better.

  • +1

    I have the 1 and tried the 2. The definition is better in 2 and there is less flickering. But the black in Q1 are way better. Q2 is not good enough to upgrade from 1. Except in my case the limitation of 64gb. This is a great offer to by the Q2 if you don't have the Q1

  • Can JB Price Match this?

    • +3

      I’m pretty sure amazon is the exclusive distributor. It’s a monopolist thing.

      • +1

        Didn't know about that, thanks!

  • Question for people who already have one, do you think my wife will be offended if I wear one when we're doing it?

    • +4

      Buy two and you'll both be set.

      • +1

        You can go down the cheap route and put a blindfold on your partner 😋

  • How does this register finger movements if these are not glove like?

    • It can do finger and hand tracking via the 4 cameras on the front of the device. I think it still may be in development but it works reasonably well right now. I still prefer to use the controllers though but it's pretty magical seeing your hands move in VR. :)

    • +1

      It is amazing for what it does,there must be tiny cameras in the visor which "see" your hand movements.
      Even experimental modes where you don't need your controllers, just your hands.

    • Yeh it's pretty incredible. Only problem is when you do fast movement (like throwing something).

      Best VR game so far by a country mile however is Boneworks. That shows the real potential for Physics-based VR. Unfortunately PC (via link/VD) only.

      It's hilarious how much I can't be bothered playing shooting games any more (or at least sniping) because its so tiring to hold up a gun, still, for any length of time.

  • Can you create a fake facebook account just for this? I deactivated my real facebook years ago, I'm keen on VR but not wanting to enable my account again.

    • +2

      Oculus ban any account they deem 'fake' and you'll instantly lose all of the games on that account.

      So I guess it depends how legit you can make your account look.

      • +7

        I can't believe you need a convincingly real social media account just to play games now….

        • +2

          They mean real as in real first and last name anr location believe.

          Don't need to have any friends attached or posts made.

      • Wow! I find that crazy. What if you're not a FB user to begin with, and have no interest in using FB. Interesting times!

        • I had to make a FB as I haven't had one in years. Granted they probably still had my old info on file. I have no activity or photos just real name and number.

      • +2

        Does that mean Donald Trump can't play his Quest 2 anymore?

        He should speak to his consumer watchdog about that. It ain't fair that a device you purchased can get disabled because your social account was banned.

    • +1

      A bunch of peoples real FB accounts got banned when they made them for the Quest 1/2 due to being flagged as fake accounts. It is against their ToS to make a second account or a fake one so you shouldn't do it and if they somehow catch you, your account will get banned. With that being said tho, I know plenty of people running fake accounts for their quest and haven't been banned yet. Just don't buy official games on the quest 2 using a fake account because if it does get banned they'll be gone for good.

      So either use a fake account and sideload pirated content on it or use it exclusively with PCVR.
      Use your legit FB account. And use the platform legitimately. If you do get banned for being a "fake" account you'll have the necessary ID to prove you're not fake and then it's very unlikely you'd get banned again for having a fake account.

  • Can I claim price protection on Amazon US via AU things on my 28 degrees card?

    • +1

      Only one way to find out…

    • i have claimed it even from amazon US site.

  • Bought for my son thanks he has been waiting for a deal - any deals for cases around?

    • +1

      the official elite case by oculus is around $60 or so when I saw it last night.

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