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Holman 12mm Hose Trigger Gun Combo Set $10 @ Bunnings


This is still available for $10. Enjoy :)

  • Self closing trigger - leaves water pressure /ready to use at the gun
  • Flow control on both guns
  • Quick release 12mm fitting
  • On/Off: squeeze trigger to water release trigger to cut the water supply
  • Maximum operating pressure 800 kPa
  • The Combo Gun set has a self-closing trigger that leaves water pressure ready to use at the gun. Pistol provides Power Jet to wide arc spray and multi-function gun with a range of water patterns. Quick-release 12mm fitting, on/off squeeze trigger to water release trigger to cut the water supply. Maximum operating pressure of 800kPA. You can be sure that all your hand watering needs will be covered at multiple locations.

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  • +3

    the multifunction one is great. the other one is meh.

    • +1

      Agreed. I've gotten many hours over the last year out of my Holman multifunction. The other one went in the bin.

      I always keep mine out of the sun to try to prolong their life.

      • Binned mine as well. Those things should be withdrawn Not fit for purpose

      • less 6 month old holman hose keep inside split open yestoday on me.

    • +1 exact same review

  • +7

    The multi function one i had didnt even last a year. The trigger started leaking then eventually came off. Was going to return it but i couldnt find the receipt.

    • +7

      They actually issue store credit even without the receipt (have to show ID)

      • Really didnt know that. Will try thanks

  • +2

    That brand belongs in a Hole-man

  • +1

    Was tempted to grab one yesterday when I saw them but remembered the last thread on here about them getting roasted. Still not sure how that copped so many upvotes for an average quality product that is this price all the time?

    • Can you recommend a good, reasonably priced brand, please? I have no idea about brands. Last one I got was from Aldi special buys. Lasted about a year but leaks a little.

      • +1

        Best ones I've had were Hoselink but you'll pay 3 times the price compared to this. That said, it'll probably last more than 3 times as long

        • Agree. All the decent ones are around the $30 mark. But like you say WELL worth it. I've gone through four of 5 of these el cheapos.

          • @stefanc1982: I have hoselink, but the holman multifunction one is really good,,did not use the pistol.

      • Gardena

        • Gardena aren't what they used to be

      • I have a claber trigger gun which is multitudes better than this rubbish.

  • +1

    Yeah I’m done with cheap hose adapters and outlets. Some Holman stuff is good though. Gardena is the best. Avoid Pope - you pay a premium for a product that isn’t premium anymore.

  • Avoiding Holman, everything I've had from them lasts 6 months and falls apart. Cheap crap, very happy to have upgraded to HoseLink.

  • I have this set (bought in 2019) and mine is still going strong. The multifunction one is awesome, it actually sits outside, so it is exposed to the elements, and had no issues. I havent really used the other one, but I recommend this set (not sure on the rest of the range, I only have this from them).

  • Bought this a while back but it's not what sits on the hoses now. Not really a good trigger to limit the initial high pressure burst and the flow control knob on the top rarely gets used.

    I'm a thumb lever control convert now after trying an Aldi one. Very easy to ease-in the original high pressure, easy to fine-tune the spray and then "set and forget" if it's rinsing a lot of things, the only time you'd bother to spend the time using the flow control knob on the Holman.

  • +1

    These are my daily squeeze.

  • +10

    Every holman product I've purchased has been a POS.

    • +7

      I have owned these as spare nozzles. Poor quality triggers. End up stripping at nut. Quickly becomes landfill. Save money, spent on something better.

      • I've been happy with the two I have. What better brand would you suggest I replace them with when they (inevitably, from the sounds of things) die?

        • Gardena made in Germany. The best in my opinion, and not that badly priced considering how many of the low quality Chinese made one you have already gone through.

    • +6

      Agreed. Will never buy Holman again.

  • I picked up this pair last time it was posted. Doing great so far.

  • Don't leave these in the sun in the garden, leave them in shaded area after using and you'll get much better life out of these.

    Bought the more expensive ones before like $30-40 and they still break just as easily as they always put in plastic handles - engineered to fail I guess.

    These are decent value for what they are.

  • These are great if you don't leave them out in the sun. Tested from the last deal. Each setting consistently works but it's a small hassle to either remove or move the hose into the shade

  • Have a few decent Holman spray guns which have been great for years but these ones I found are really crap.

    What you pay for is what you get.. it’s good as a disposable item though non biodegradable.

    • I have one Holman spray gun purchased years ago - it is awesome. But is very heave - a lot more metal - compared to these cheap ones.
      I regret not buying few more back there.

  • +2

    In my experience the $4 kmart guns work pretty well.

  • +1

    Rubbish. Never again.

  • I'd like to comment on the stock counts / quality of these but as previous messages have warned I am not allowed lol

    • No idea why you're getting negged for that so take a +.

      • neg by management?! 😂

  • +2

    Shithouse, took it back - used another one and that broke too! Waste of money and if you're chasing similar quality the Kmart variant is cheaper.

  • Even new , it leaking via the hose which connect to it . How to fix it ?

    • +3

      Return it.

  • Why is this a deal when it's a regular price?

  • +1

    Don't bother guys, they're horrible.

  • My hose always keeps coming off when I increase the flow. Will getting a better hose fix the problem or is it the tap?

  • Gardena is the best followed by nylex.

    I use Gardena and it's good quality. I also have 2 nylex spray guns and they're left outside and work perfectly after 3 years. Plastic has faded in the sun but working perfectly.

    If I actually brought them inside after use they would look like new.

  • +4

    It's always been $10. How is this a bargain? Bunnings employees in the site now are we?

  • +1

    How is this a bargain when it's the regular price?

  • Holman anything is pure junk. Bad experiences.

  • Holman is decent when compared to the cheap Chinese made plastic variants. But if you want quality you need Gardena. The German quality is really miles ahead of Holman.

  • Posted this last time and mine are still going strong, for $10 it has covered both front and back for the last few months. If it lasts another few that is a bonus.

  • These are rubbish quality. Had these for about 6 months and the multi-function one keeps slipping off hose and leaks and the other one dried out and split. Will be returning.

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