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Holman Hose Gun Trigger Combo $10 (Separately $14.98 Each) @ Bunnings


Ozbargain's favourite hose-reel brand attachments at a good price. Found this at my local Bunnings in one of the promo stacks near the discounted powertools, was quite surprised at the quality for $10!

Quick google found them for $29.99 on eBay and both attachments sold separately for $15. Tried them out when I got home for the lawn and they were a nice upgrade on the included ones I had with my non-holman hose reel.

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  • is Bunnings open in vic for non tradies?

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      Click and Collect with expected collection to be ready within 2 days.

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        And over 1 hour wait in the click n collect queues.

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          Yeah some stores are worst, went twice and bailed out on both occasions after queuing for more than 20 minutes and still got another 30-40 minutes if I want to stay.

          • @kodoq: Don't ask mate. It was terrible to wait for 70 minutes in the queue and still not even asked for the order number, which then would take another 20 minutes.
            I bailed as well. Came next morning around 830 am, and the queue was much shorter.

            Bunnings should be hiring much more casuals for covid times, so to serve customers better and indirectly support youth employment as well.

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              @OneIdiot: Have never had a good experience with Bunnings and click and collecting (of the 3 items I have!) and I'm in NSW. Can't imagine what Vic is like right now.

              I once special-ordered a shed, one of the team-members forked it onto the top of one of the shelves and they had to call me back when they found it (a week later)

              • @Fooah: I've done it 3 times and have been fine. I just deliberately chose non peak times

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          and another 30 minutes for the clueless staff to bring out your item, and another 30 minutes for them to locate your car which will be the first on the queue.

        • Wow. I must've been lucky. I've done like 2 or 3 click and collects and the max waiting time was about 20-30mins. Only took a couple of mins for the staff to get my order.

        • 30 mins twice at Nunawading. 10 mins once at Ringwood. Can really be store dependent. All off peak times.

          • @sween64: Definitely store dependant. I've done click-and-collect at a few different Vic branches and there is a clear difference with their system and staff. Mentone & Springvale for example are very organised and staff are quick. Keysborough is very unorganised and staff are slow. I only order from Keysborough if other branches don't have stock of what I need.

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          My 1st local had bad google reviews for recent C&C's so I didn't pick this store.

          My 2nd local had great C&C reviews so I chose this and Took only 10-15mins.
          Interaction was smooth since They set up a Drive-thru type queue.

          • @capslock janitor: From my experience the drive-thru queue works best. In addition to one attendant managing the queue and taking order numbers, so the customer doesn't need to call. I don't know why all Bunnings don't implement this.

    • Just wear neon short shorts and some timberland boots.

    • Yep. Mine never closed (regional)

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    I bought these today (purely by coincidence!)
    They are very good for the price, much better than any of the cheapies

    • Much better than my existing, build quality and usability

    • Shower mode is good for watering the plants. Flow rate is adjustable with the orange knob.

    • I’ve replaced out all Aqua and Pope sprayer and connectors with Gardena’s. The cheap brands are simply unreliable and outright a pain when it doesn’t have it be.

      I’m starting to appreciate Holman when I found out some of their products comes with warranty (like the $15 hose a while ago, that has 6 years warranty).

    • I dunno. I've got both the Holman and Bunnings Brand ("aqua systems?"). $20 v $2.

      Both are stuffed at around about the 2 year mark as per everything these days.

      I can buy 10 of the cheap ones for the Holman price and they have exactly the same hose functions. I find the Holman ones are actually heavier to use.

      Both routinely pop off from water pressure at roughly the same rate.

      But hey, at $10 special why not

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    Not the best reviews on bunnings. What do others think?

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      FWIW, I’ve had a Holman brass trigger nozzle before and it didn’t last long. Ended up getting a more expensive Pope.

      YMMV, but in my case it was a fact of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

      • The brass ones that aldi sell occasionally are really solid. I've had 2 of them for 12 months and they're both still going strong

        • My aldi brass broken in 4 months

          • @CThomas: Yeah my Aldi brass trigger one broke too (used every day with lots of tiggering). Can't remember how long but it was definitely less than a year. Funnily enough their plastic one (without the multihead but has a lever for water release) has lasted longer and doesn't look like dying any time soon.

        • Mine going 2 years, used once / twice per month. No issue with it.

      • As others have mentioned, Holman leak within 6-12 months at best. I've had experience with the of the black/silver/gold metal ones. Switched to pope Deluxe Hand Spray ast year and had a good run. Nice flow on 12mm hose as designed for 18mm.

    • Had a play this afternoon for half an hour, definitely beat my existing nozzles that came with my reels. For $10 I'm happy with them.

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        Ozbargain's favourite hose-reel brand attach

        Citation needed.

    • I had them, lasted about a year before the trigger pin got stuck due to rust. The other one's spring just snapped due to rust so same problem, trigger will just stay stuck open. No replaceable parts.

    • I think they've been $10 before. That's what I paid a while back when I saw them hanging in the aisle.

      Don't like them though.

      I've only used the pattern spray but it had the same fundamental issue as on cheaper ones - the trigger is basically on or off, and when turning it on the first time there's the initial high release of pressure.
      I later picked up an Aldi one on clearance, with the thumb operated overhead-slider instead of trigger and that actually does what I want - can actually set a minimum initial flow that releases the initial pressure, and in general far better flow control. Downside of it is some of the patterns are crap/don't work the same.

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      I've used Holman before. Something around the $20-25 range. Doesn't last. Started developing leaks after 4mth. It doesn't even get used much, I think it's just by sitting in the Oz sun.

      Got one replaced by bunnings warranty. By luck.

      It broke in the same way in 5mth.

      May as well buy an $8 cheapo. Replace every 6mth anyway. Funnily my aldi $8 (from before the holman) is now what I use and still works after 3yrs.

    • The plastic trigger snapped after 12 months. I was using it weekly.

      Replaced it with a metal one

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    These are trash! The multi sprayer is only good when using the Centre setting (Strong shower type stream). Poor quality materials.

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      The multi sprayer is no good owned it just a year it's broken already.

      I only buy pope. Those are made in Taiwan much better

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    mine stopped working properly after a couple of months

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    Hose link is the go

    • Hose link is generally great but their sprayer has a major flaw with the lubricating requirements. Mine's always on, it's a PITA.

    • I've been thru 3 hose link guns - so whilst I wouldn't recommend them, I also lay blame with the Aust sun/climate.

  • These are super shit. Bought like 5 so far this year, keeps breaking.

    • Might explain the $10 price-tag

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      But you are happy to keep buying them. There must be something good about them.

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        its cheap

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          Yeah, I think just like you

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    This is the standard bunnings price and not a special. Its been $10 for at least 12 months and yes the quality is very average.

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    Holman sprays are poorly made. My one is rusted already and the sprayer spring has gone. Had it only a year

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    If you looking for a good watering head for the garden the single purpose soft shower heads are the best imho, do one job and do it well, less parts to go wrong. The multipurpose ones do many things but rarely are great at it.

  • Yes really low quality like the other comments, PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS. IT'S NOT WORTH IT. If you find a nylex gun buy that instead.

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      Pope is also great. Have not seen them on sale

    • Already went through 2 nylex guns, it's hard too find good sprayer guns, nothing seems to last

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    how does one search for specials on bunning's website?
    looking for bargain seems to be waaaaayyyy harder than browsing in the physical stores

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      Seems intentional, just like how they have a search function that's stuck in the 90s.

      Almost like they want you to take the long route to whatever you're trying to buy.

      • It's a deliberate attempt to make you go to the store once you go to the store, you are likely to buy something…..

        I would love to see more deals from Bunnings here though

    • Honestly Bunnings are downright annoying when it comes to 'specials' or 'clearances' as they generally take those items off their website and the listings disappear. I think this is to stop those who don't bargain hunt just googling "ozito blower" and seeing the clearance item at $30 over the newer model that is $80 for example.

      In saying that, those of us who post or share on here get the pick of the crop with things like that as if there were listings of clearance items the general masses would see them.

      • ^^^ The general masses are our true enemy. They need to be outsmarted, or they’ll ruin it for all the rest of us.

  • the reviews aren't vary flattering …

  • i had one of the holman trigger hose before, looks bigger and sturdier than this and the part connecting the hose just broke off after a few months.

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    Spend the extra and get Gardena - 5 years warranty on attachments

  • Look for the Holman sprayers labelled Industrial. Super stout, mines being going strong 4plus years.

  • Bought this set not long as I needed the spray gun and the set was cheaper than the individual gun.

    Water pressure is abysmal with these; I didn’t realise the gun could actually impact it but apparently it does.

    Don’t waste your money.

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      for $10, I'll live dangerously

      • Yeah! That's the spirit.

  • Lasted about a year, now both are stuffed. Won't buy again

  • Is bunnings open in metro Victoria yet?

    • Always been open. It's still click an collect though. Might change on Nov1 (maybe a little sooner)

  • I also have a holmans brass hose fitting. They leak water. No idea why, $30 and worse than $4 plastic ones.

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      lol they somehow managed to engineering a brass solution that leaks. Thats on another level…

  • I am a gardener and Holman brand is junk, I wouldn't use it even if it was given to me for free

    • I had their retractable hose reel, the spring rusted and snapped within about a year. Would not touch this brand again.

  • Plastic crap and shitty Australian weather means that this will probably last 1-2 years in the sun and rain before cracking and failing. I bought a full metal one instead with metal fittings and it hasnt failed me yet.

    • well said mate, metal is the way to go in Australia

    • shitty Australian weather

      You English by any chance?

      • Nope, havent been there but I 'd rather a consistently cold/hot weather than a 20-30C delta in a day.

        • Haha fair enough, I love the variation in our weather. Too much 40+ not much fun though.

    • Yes - plastic in our sun doesn’t last long, but we are also near the beach, so aluminium tends to disintegrate and anything iron rusts and disintegrates.

      316 stainless is the go, but I don’t think I could afford a 316 sprayer.

      The other issue I find is that the jet function on most of these is poor. The tube needs to be longer. (Insert teenage joke here)

  • I will never buy Holman again

    Every hose connector I have eventually stops working properly and pops off mid use.

    Swapped them all to Nylex and have never had an issue since.

  • +5

    I have this combo and unfortunately for me, this multi purpose attachment outperforms a $50 attachment I purchased from a deal roughly a year ago.

    As someone else has mentioned, it is surprising to see how much an attachment has on water pressure. The "Shower" function on this is so gentle compared to my previous attachment, however, the "center" attachment is seemingly a much higher pressure option to the shower function.

    The flow/pressure control lever is a bit janky, especially depending on the mode you have chosen, but it does have some control. It is however significantly easier to modulate the flow based on trigger pressure. Again, the control of this cheap attachment has significantly better trigger response to my previous expensive attachment.

    10/10 for the price, I use it 3 times daily.

    • This was on the edge of my seat for this review.

  • +2


  • So what's the go to brand for quality garden gear then if Holman is average ? Is there something better than Hoselink ?

    • very happy with dramm. Seems better than all the others we have. Got four of them now.

  • Rare for trigger hoses not to break down or leak not long into their short life. Unfortunately Hills no longer sell this model as the gentle lever action releases the pressure incrementally making it much easier to control simply using your thumb. Less falling apart as the mechanism mimics an irrigation water flow valve. You can find others similar.

  • I'll upgraded from the cheapest versions at Bunnings (the blue versions?), and it's feeling really good for $10.

    • If it’s made of plastic it won’t last in the sun for more than a couple of years

  • bought 2 pairs, thanks for the tip.

  • Get the Gardena one, hasn't leaked in 5 years. I've had 3 Holman ones drip.

  • Just picked mine up, thanks for the tip!

  • Went to the shop and have a feel of this, the trigger feel cheap (as expected), i end up spend extra $5 for this

    Not 'great' but feel a bit better

  • +1

    I just got my email confirmation and it looks like they've replaced it with a nylex. Anyone has any experience with this before I pick it up?

  • Not good quality. It didn’t lasted 3 months. Terribly leaking

  • One of the multifunction options, the soaker is terrible. I ended up soaking my shoes while pointing it away from me.

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