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Gearup Oil Change Pan 8L $4 @ Repco


8L oil drain pan to hold your forbidden chocolate milk. Pretty decent price if you're looking for an oil drain pan.

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  • Awful design on this pan. Unless you want to empty it at a trickle any fluids will spill outside the spout region.

    • Do you know of anything with a more suitable design? I'm currently looking for oil pan. Thanks

      • cut open an empty oil bottle on one side and make a drain pan out of it that way. Will last longer than these cheap oil pans that crack so easily

        • I used a pan of this style for over 15 years and it held up fine. Replaced it with a scepter with the screw lid that cost $5 and it’s a lot nicer to use, although the mesh causes a little splash back.

      • There's ones with a better spout/funnel design. Another good one is those fuel can looking ones.

      • Used to use a cheap cat litter tray from kmart or wherever. It was better at getting the weird first spurt, and final dribbles due to overall dimensions. Still needed to use a funnel anyway.

    • I have the SCA version which from the looks of it has a much wider spout.

      There's been times I've wished it had a narrower spout as the spout is wider than any oil bottle opening. I use a funnel and haven't had an issue for a few years.

      Be it SCA or this version, you have to use a funnel either way.

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    These also make great bedpans…

  • Spout is a terrible design.. I have a trapzoidal shape to the pouring side of my pan (it's about 20 years old), the spout can fit inside a oil container top… but you can only dribble it in.
    Spout is only good for letting the dregs drip into an oil container by sitting up against a wall to reduce cleaning the pan.

    To pour used oil into a container you need to add another funnel… I use a used 2lt soft drink bottle with the bottom cut off - stick it upside down into oil container you can then pour used oil a lot quicker with pan spout overpour being caught inside the soft drink bottle.

  • This is ok, the spout is good for pouring used oil back in to a old container for disposal.
    The previous versions of this dont have the lip around the spout so the oil would run out either sides of the spout too.
    (I have the previous one and it's annoying)

  • Can this be used for cooking oil?