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Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit - 4 in 1 Starter Pack $53.40 Delivered @ digiDirect


Basic home automation setup with a few different sensors included.

I believe this is the lowest price it's ever been locally. In-store pickup is available too.

"The Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set is a set of sensors giving you full control over your home. The set includes: smart hub, Mi Window and Door Sensor, Mi Wireless Switch and Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor."

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  • Looks like it’s an old hub DGNWG05LM
    Also has 16mil LED. This must be the old model

    • Which one is the newest model?

    • The image depicts the newer gateway, but yes, the description indicates the gateway has LEDs which suggests the older model.

      • +2

        have this from the last 20% ebay sale and it's the one in the picture. i think some sites show the old kit photos for this new pack still too

      • got it today, how can i know if it an old or new model?

        • Does the hub/gateway connect directly to the wall or via USB?

  • Will this play nicely with Google Home?

    • +1

      Yes. My whole system is xiaomi, albeit from a couple years ago. Works very nicely with google home.

      The app has English settings and can be relatively easy set up, but there's still lots of random Chinese stuff (for example, when setting up the hub the audio speaks Chinese. It's not really important for setup purposes to understand it, but it would be helpful to know what is being said…)

      I've recently started toying with home assistant (NOT Google assistant) integration, in part because of privacy / I'd like to get away from sending all my data to xiaomi's servers overseas, but I am having some issues getting sensors to connect to it (the hub is recognised without issue though). That could just be my lack of experience in home assistant setup, so make of that what you will.

      All in all, For the price it simply can't be beat, imo.

      • +1

        I'd like to get away from sending all my data to xiaomi's servers overseas

        You might wanna run wireshark with only Only the Xiaomi plugged in.

        Just because you turn off the user side of the sharing, doesn't mean it's not acting as a uPnP server, or still sending out 'private' data.

        Best trick you can do, is get a 2nd router (or, if your modem supports it, setup a 'guest' Wi-Fi on a secure range).

        That way, your IoT devices can be as malicious as they want; all they can see is each other, and the WAN

      • Can you control zigbee devices from the xiaomi gateway via Google Home? Connect thermometers via Google home?

        I can't with mine. Only yeelight products work for me.

      • Yes. My whole system is xiaomi, albeit from a couple years ago

        I have bunch of Xiaomi sensors and IOT devices but never got it to work with Google Home, can you please share your setup?

        • Just link the mi home app to Google home. I've been running it for years too

        • From memory just went into the Google home app and added new devices. Should be able to just ask Google to 'find new devices' or something similar.

          What exactly are you trying to pair anyway? It was just lights for me…

          • @jetblack: I see, i thought you've specifically integrated the sensors and the hub on this deal, i have the lights already integrated with Google Home but not the sensors.

            Edit: Just had a look again, the sensors are in Google Home and I can actually ask the status if the windows/doors are open or closed, but it's giving me the reverse status. I'll try to relink again.

    • I think xiaomi was banned in US. I expect it won't be working with google for a long time.


  • Looks like a current product for Xiaomi, can't see anything superseding it?

    • Yes the product images indicate the latest kit but the description indicates the gateway has led lights which is the older model.

  • +3

    From a personal opinion, ditch the hub and just use Conbee, ZIGBEE2MQTT or (I’ve heard only about) SmartThings.

    The sensors are good no doubt, but the hub can be annoying to get keys or even to use the app as it’s all cloud based.
    Using a DIY hub will let you mix and match different sensors or lights in the same mesh network rather than creating contention
    You can also use HomeKit bridge

  • Dang $6.55 cheaper than the AusPost deal

  • Just wondering. I live in a studio, and already have Google home mini and Alexa echo. Is this going to add anything else good?

    • You can order Apple HomePod mini now too.

    • -1

      Apples and oranges. This isn't a voice assistant, it's a starter pack for sensors such as door open, temperature, water leak etc. It will connect to your Google or Amazon product though and can report status to those devices.

      • I read your comment and thought it had a water leak sensor and ordered earlier today :'( …

  • Ahhh heck, I have been looking at picking up one of these starter kits for a while for the temperature/humidity sensors. Pulled the trigger on this deal based on the pictures and didn't read the actual details…

    Hopefully the model that comes might be the one in the pictures, but I doubt it. Will have to see what their return policy is like.

    • have you received it? is it the right one? im not so sure what the different between the new and old version?

      • Nope, haven't received it yet :'( Seems to be stuck in processing still on DigiDirects side

        • do you know what is the different between new and old version?

  • Thanks got one for the water sensor.

    • I don't think this comes with a water sensor.

      • Omg … literally the reason I ordered … I should read more.

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