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3 Pack 2m Apple MFi Certified Lightning USB-C $32.99 + Free Shipping @ Kogan


Can't tell if genuine or not. (So as rainbowyen stated - these are not genuine products)

But $33 bucks for a 3 pack is pretty good.
MFi certified too (must not be hard to get certified)

after a bit of research on MFi certification -

It requires the connector and pin to be a very specific size, depth etc.
Apple get royalties for MFi Certified products and seeing how Apple are very protective in their Intellectual property rights, I'm sure they too (including ACC) would be all over this like a fat kid with cake if there was anything amiss.

Once the cables arrive, I will compare it with the genuine cables I have and sus it out and provide further feed back.

Still think its a great price for 3 x 2m cables that's MFi Certified.

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  • from experience, kogan selling “genuine apple cable” is a complete scam

  • I wonder how these cables compare with the 3 pack of “MFI certified” cables I bought from eBay for ~$7.00? I won’t be finding out.

  • They like to sell shitssssssssss

  • It’s definitely not even claiming to be Apple genuine, it’s claiming to be MFI… I have my doubts about even that.

    2pk for much less here @$17.99
    USB C to Lightning Cable, 2 Pack 2m(6ft) Nylon Braided MFi Certified iPhone Charger Compatible with iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max/ 8/Plus, Supports Power Delivery (for use with Type C Chargers) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B083NJKB44/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f...

    • Yeup well aware they are not claiming to be genuine, but there have been instants in the past where items were sold that were genuine.
      All I stated was, Can't tell if genuine or not, in the hope that past ozbargainers have purchased and can confirm.

      Theres no malice or intent to state otherwise, so please. Take it as it states, Can't tell.

      The fact its advertised as MFi Certified, well if anything happens, I'm sure ACCC will be all over it.

      I apologize for posting 3 x 2m cables for $33 with free shipping, thats down from the usual rip off price of $63 plus shipping, thinking some others would appreciate it. Guess not.

      • It’s hard to compare a genuine product with a third party product that’s possibly not even upholding the MFI certification claim.
        Given that this is Kogan…. their reputation is less than stellar.

        The main misgiving is that there are lots of proven MFI certified products on Amazon, with legitimate user reviews to back it up and an excellent satisfaction and refund policy from amazon.

        This is the standard sort of price for third party cable.

        MFI just means it’s certified not that it’s genuine…
        Kogan would no doubt jump on the chance to billboard this as genuine if they believe it was.

        • Well exactly, it is hard to compare without opening it up and looking at internals.

          Given the heat Kogan has had in the past from the ACCC, I would like to believe, they wouldn't be advertising anything that they couldn't confirm themselves.
          Plastering MFI Certified on products that isn't will no doubt bite them if deemed false.

          Agreed, but i've never had an issue with refund/replacement from either Kogan or Amazon. So unfortunately I haven't seen the bad side, though I have read a lot from Whirlpool etc.

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    Kogan spelled backwards is Nagok !!!

  • If you a spending over $2000 on a phone, why would you skimp on cables for a few dollars ???

  • I bought one of these, I can guarantee it’s not genuine

  • I'm sorry, but if you think there is any chance that these are genuine Apple cables you have rocks in your head.

    Do you really think Kogan is selling three 2m genuine cables for $33 when they are $55 EACH from Apple?

    • Which part of the description states I think there's a chance these are genuine?

      No, I do not think Kogan are selling three 2m genuine cables for $33 when they are $55 EACH from Apple, when JB has them for $25 EACH.

      Its just cables that are "MFi Certified" in a 3 pack for relatively cheap price of $33.

      Take a Valium and relax mate. Jesus Christ!

  • What's the difference with the 5pack for $10 I bought from eBay?
    I thought cabels are just cables …. It's just to charge the phone.

  • Soo the cables arrived and taking a look at them these are the difference i noticed

    These vs Original

    Thicker cable
    Lightning Pin design is near the same - Pin layout/dimensions etc - I guess that's how these cables are MFi Certified.

    There's a slight difference with the USB C portion side of things - pins appear same but the original is white inside the plug where is these are black.

    Still charges fine with a Original Apple 20w charger.