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[Back Order] LG 65NANO95TNA 65" Nano 9 Series 8K TV​ w/ AI Thinq $2990 Delivered @ Appliance Central


Probably the cheapest in Australia. Out of stock, but available to order!

Price at HN and TGG is $3495

65" 8K LED TV
• Real 8K NanoCell
• Alpha 9 Gen3 AI Processor 8K
• HDR 10 Pro
• Full-Array Dimming
• ThinQ AI
• The Apple TV app
• Low Input Lag
• Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, FILMMAKER MODE
• HDMI 2.1
• Ultra Large Screen
• Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, HGiG, Sports Alert?
• Minimal Nano Bezel
• Create a Real Stadium Feel

For more Details:


Can fine some reviews on YouuTube:


A review for LG 8k NANO99:

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  • +16

    This isn't OLED is it? Why the hell do peeps need 8k lol.

    • +12

      need 8k otherwise you won't understand the storyline

    • +19

      So we can eventually progress to 16k

      • +4

        Why wait , Just strap 4 of these bad boys together ,

    • +13

      People said the same about FHD. Have you watched free to air TV lately that isn't a HD channel? The lack of pixels makes me want to Vomit!

      • +4

        First world problem.

      • HD channels are 720p afaik not FHD even.

      • FHD looks ugly to me these days.

    • +6

      Bring back plasma, it was the most highly recognized and op screens due to date.

    • Because 8 is bigger than 4. Obviously.

      • +1

        its not how big it is, it's how you view it

  • +12

    Where to find 8k videos for watching? Even 4k sources are hardly to find

    • -9

      This model has AI/Deep Learning based 8K up-scaling function.
      Most new phones can record in 8K. And 8k content in YouTube is increasing.

      • +12

        I've found 3 makes that record in 8K so fair stretch to say 'most'.

        • +2

          By "most", they meant their 3 friends that have those 3 phones.

      • +8

        I can't watch the Youtube 4k on my NBN 50 network.

        I guess you will need a NBN 200 to watch 8k.

        • -9

          stream in Full HD and the TV can do a good job in up-scaling it to 8K

        • +1

          It's not just internet speeds, it's the codec. There is H.266 coming: https://www.whathifi.com/au/news/h266-video-codec-is-good-ne...

          • @zan5hin: Let’s wait for plex servers that can do encode this properly

        • +2

          Then you must have an ultra shit ISP or a bad connection. I am on 50 Mbs NBN and have no problem with youtube 4k.

          • @Namesareapain: It's not about the speed. NBN 50 is enough for 4K but some TVs can't play 4k 60fps smoothly, no matter how fast the connection is. I'm sure he can play 4k 30fps without an issue.

            • +1

              @Mi2: Yes, but the comment implied that the reason that 4k couldn't be streamed was the NBN 50 connection, not the TV. NBN 50 should be fine for 4k as you said.

    • next to the 3D ones.

    • +2

      '4k sources are hardly to find' - plentiful on Netflix/Prime, it is becoming the new norm!

      • +2

        It's pushing 4k pixels but the compression is rediculous, leading to poor colours, artifacting and banding on screen during scenes. Higher bitrate 1080p looks better than 4k on these platforms.

        • +1

          Depends on the title. I started watching Marvel Phase one last night on Disney+ in DV. Ironman looked amazing 4k DV, Ironman 2 had a stupidly high gap between black and very dark and Thor was a washed out mess that didn't use black. I compared Ragnarok 4k HDR BlueRay to D+ for a sanity check. The D+ version now looks better than BR..

            • +1

              @capslock janitor: Dolby Vision.
              HDR10 is 10 bit colour. HDR10+ has static 'metadata' (or just data) to increase the colour range higher than 10bit. DV has dynamic 'metatdata' (again, really just data) to give upto 12 bits of colour range, but not all 12bits at the same time.

              There are no 12 bit panels on the market. TV's with narrower colours are expected 2022/23, which should be able to display 12 bit colour even if the panels are only 10 bit + FRC.


              I expect DV to start to look bad when these higher bit, more accurate panels hit market unless it receives a major update. So if you're not onboard with DV, it's a good time to wait it out.

              • +1

                @This Guy: HDR10 has static metadata and HDR10+ has dynamic metadata introduced by Samsung and its alliance to rival Dolby Vision. While there is a royalty fee for using DV, HDR10+ is free and opensource.

  • +20

    Too bad the bulk of Australian homes connected to the NBN are FTTN and therefore can't get the speeds required to even stream any 8K content

    • +24

      This TV is for developed countries then?

    • -8

      For 4k you will need NBN 100.

    • +6

      Where are the 8k contents? Netflix barely has enough 4K ones

      • +5

        most of them are probably upscaled anyway.

  • +2

    I don't know if I want to sit 1.2 m from the screen.


    • +2

      You can sit where you want, for now.

      • I don't understand the reference

        • In order to get any actual use of the 8k pixels of a 65" TV, you need to sit 1.2m or closer, otherwise your eyes can't tell the difference. So it's a perfect TV for kids cartoons. Look at the graph at the bottom of the page.

    • -5

      Can be less than 1.2m for 8K. The pixels are literally Invisible!

    • +2

      Covid-19 social distancing rule. You need to sit 1.5m away XD

  • This or wait for miniLED/microLED models to come out this year?

    Anyone know how this beast performs for watching sport and VRR performance for 120fps gaming?

    • MiniLED/microLED will be very expensive this year!

      the specs for this model from LG website states:

      USB Video Playback Formats: ASF/WMV/AVI (Xvid, H.264/AVC)/ MP4/M4v/MOV (H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, HEVC)/ MKV (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, VP8, HEVC) SHVC/TS/TRP/TP/MTS/MPG/3GP/3G2 MPEG/DAT/VOB/ HEVC (Up to 4096x2160p @120p / [email protected] 60p) / VP9 & AV1 (Up to 7680x4320 @ 60p / (Up to 4096x2160 60p)

    • +1

      MiniLED and MicroLED are two different things, the MiniLED coming out this year are likely going to cost a little cheaper then Oled TV. I would rather have a 4k Oled.

      • +2

        Another way to describe it is MiniLED is like FALD on steroids. Instead of hundreds of backlighting LEDs, you'll have tens of thousands.

        MicroLED (smaller than mini) is the answer to the question: 'what if you put an LED behind every pixel?'. It's basically OLED but better. So instead of tens of thousands, you'll have 24.7 million LEDs (for 4K). Only they aren't backlights: they are the pixels themselves.

        microLED is still some years off from being mainstream.

    • Watch HDTVTEST video about that

  • I'm guessing this will be able to do [email protected] with VRR?

    • +2

      From the LG website:

      VRR, ALLM, eARC
      Smoother gameplay for the win
      A higher frame rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) all meeting HDMI 2.1 specifications. These latest features allow fast-moving content in higher resolution and smooth, synchronised graphics. It's a more lifelike gaming experience.

    • +1

      Yes, this will also have 4 hdmi 2.1s , 2 at 48gbs and 2 at 40gbs vs the 4K 86nano or the 91Nano which have 2. The 8k is pretty much pointless you only buy this tv for hdmi 2.1 and gaming, overall for movies and picture quality Sony and Samsung QLED have the Nano series beat…

      In saying that LG have a huge range of OLED in from budget A1 with no hdmi 2.1 to B1, C1 etc… so I’d say the Nano series will have very good discounts midway to end of the year

      • Actually looks like the 75inch has 4 hdmi which I thought would be the same for 65 but the 65 seems to list only 3 hdmi so not sure of its configuration in that case ….

    • Disregard my posts based on specs and other posts.. Cdkane below has the TV and mentioned no VRR… :)

  • +2

    I have this TV (75inch) and for that price it is awesome. Dark room viewing is disappointing with the LED backlighting also it does not have VRR on this model, is a typo on the LG site. Saying that it is a solid tv and with 8k YouTube content you can see the difference. In terms of 4K 120hz it is compatible and both the PS5 and xbsx confirm it however as I understand at least overseas this is a 50hz/60hz panel so can’t refresh at 120hz. Personally I can’t tell the difference when running 120hz games even though I can confirm that it is getting a 120hz signal. Have not been able to determine the panel for sure

    • How much did you pay for 75 inch?

      • +1

        $3.6k at the good guys on Boxing Day. Display model though.

    • Thought VRR was via a firmware upgrade… That's silly if it doesn't have it!

      • +1

        Nope doesn’t have it, at least not yet, but does have ALLM. When looking at this model on other LG sites overseas it omits the VRR spec. Thing is it’s hard to determine if all specs are the same here as overseas. The 75 inch model for example never came out in the US and they had a 97 model as well.

        • God this gen and hdmi2.1 and those features are just a mess… Thanks for confirming 😊

    • "Dark room viewing is disappointing with the LED backlighting "

      What's the problem, LED light bleed? My Samsung has bad light bleed in each corner.

      • +2

        Can see blooming around the local dimming zones, saying that you can change the led light setting to “high” which mostly gets rid of the blooming but then colours etc where it dims looks washed out. In all honestly if you are watching the content and not the tv performance you don’t really notice it where it takes you out of what you are watching. During the day though the tv performance is excellent.

        • Sounds exactly the same as my Samsung - luckily the LG OLED in the media room doesn't have this issue …

          • @howdydood: Yeah I have a b7 oled in the bedroom (55inch) however in my main living room it was too small and daytime viewing was a little challenging.

            For me oled caused too much burn in anxiety, worrying about brightness levels, reds, static images etc. my model did get some pretty bad burn in even when I was careful but lg replaced the panel for free.

            Don’t think I would get another OLED and will wait out for the other technologies to catch up.

        • Is this an IPS panel? may be IPS glow can aggravate the blooming.

          • @Sathish9: Yeah it’s an ips panel on the nanocell tvs.

  • +11

    I think getting into 8k at this stage is a bad idea, even purely from a futureproofness point of view.

    In a few years when content actually exists for these things, the processing, HDMI version, app compatibility, codecs etc may have changed a bit to support 8k more fully, and this TV might not be compatible with the latest of those at that point.

    My speculation but it's generally been an issue with early adoption. Probably better to spend the money on a 4k OLED, and get an 8k one after 5 years when that's actually useful.

    • This seems to be a good review for LG 8KTV regarding future proofing:


    • +1

      I have never seen a successful future proof product. Ever.
      You buy a PC with future proofing for ram for example.. and by the time it’s relevant to do an upgrade you need a new motherboard to support the new ram and HDDs and what not. Sure you can do a small change to ram a year or two after you buy it but lol. A TV would be even worse.

      You will never buy a product ESPECIALLY in today’s day and age which is made to support you years from now compared with buying the companies new product.

      Specific TV example, you say?

      I bought a PS64D Samsung. Tremendous plasma 64 inch TV which I really enjoyed that came with an interchangeable computer pack on the back of the TV for what appears to be a certain future upgrade opportunity.

      You bought with the intention of them offering you more tech for thing in the future. I mean that is as planned, bordering guaranteed, future upgrades as you’re gonna get.

      The kicker, they decided not to proceed and have never released anything for it, the pricks!

  • +1

    This TV was 4k, now 3k and plays 8k… ok!

  • +1

    This is a great bang for buck TV. However, if you have the budget and appreciates good things in life, get an OLED TV. It is definitely worth it.

  • +4

    Beware, all LG Nani LCD TVs are IPS panels. Unless you need a tv with better performance in wide angles, stay the hell away from them as they are average to crap in all other aspects compared to VA panels that most use.
    Even if you need wide angles and LCD, I would look at the VA options with a wide angle film coating applied.

    If you don’t need LCD, then OLED at this price all day, covers your wide angles better plus all the other benefits.

    • -1

      Thought IPS had good angles, esp like monitors

      • -1

        Yeah, that’s exactly what I have written.

      • +1

        They do and hence why LG's promo page mentions wide angles as a feature several times.

        Snuke is saying unless you need wide viewing angles then you are better off with a VA panel…if you get into the details of any screen comparison you'll discover they all have trade offs and you'll need to work out what works best for your set up and needs.

        If you're interested here's RTINGS comparison of VA to IPS

        • if you get into the details of any screen comparison you'll discover they all have trade offs and you'll need to work out what works best for your set up and needs.

          Exactly and personally, I find IPS panels, well LGs specifically as I can't recall any others available that I have seen, to be just horrible to look at. Their piss poor contrast, uniformity, and blooming is an eye sore. There are VAs with wide angle filters form both Sony and Samsung that help to get around the viewing angle, no idea if it's the same degree as IPS, never looked into it as viewing angle is not a concern to me, and I will probably go OLED anyway, in which case reflections become my biggest personal concern.

          I do wonder if LG specifically choose IPS just because they know that in most major retailers, they are positioned with the brands models together, so their LCD will be positioned next to their OLEDs, and as such they just look even worse so help push the sales of OLEDs.

            • @Sathish9: Andrew Robinson I am familiar with, he's an audio person and should stick to that, he says IPS doesn't matter, horse shit.
              'Blacks and contrast compare to OLED', what is he smoking???
              If he is prepared to say that garbage in regards to this TV, I have to disregard every review he does, although i only watched him in the past for furniture.

              Wow, Pocketnow review is so poorly done, so wrong in many parts I had to downvote it. He is a general tech reviewer by the looks of it (never seen the channel before) and says some just stupid things. Mentions Blacks of IPS, cool, no levels are actually checked, and it's hard to tell what's done and altered via his camera and upload, but the picture I a looking at is overblown and saturated, so basing blacks of what I see is a bad base. However, just after mentioning IPS, then says that "even viewing angles are fantastic" well yeah, as you just said, it'a an IPS panel, it bloody well should be, that is the entire point of having an IPS TV.

              Just to reinforce how general a reviewer he is, and not a tv display expert, he says what he focuses on most is the "user experience" meaning the User Interface.

              Just because there are You-tubers doing reviews, doesn't mean they are the right people to take advise from. LG threw a lot of tvs to a lot of YT reviews that have no business doing it, because it was relatively cheap advertising compared to traditional broadcast ads. Exhibit C- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q1lszpiRKY

              If you want a great review with real factual test data, then see this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REJplBJVp9E
              He goes into IPS vs VA in detail at 11:26 including that the wide angle film on the Samsung gives better results for angled viewing than the IPS panel.

              Here again as a full review on just Nanocell, final recommendation against it at 9:56 - https://youtu.be/lf09EfXgSxY?t=590

          • @snuke: What do you mean? The IPS displays are good. Especially these newer ones like the Nano 95 and 99. Colour is really high, quality of image is really high, brightness is really good, viewing angles are amazing, the only thing that you might get is bleed or lack of grey scale uniformity which is less of a thing on these 95 and 99 panels. Also for gaming they are amazing. The input lag of VA panels isn't that great, the Sony x95H for instance had 16 ms, that's slow!

            • @Dynaverse:

              What do you mean?

              Exactly what I have said, IPS (including these Nanos) are ugly to look in comparison to VA and OLED in a comparable price point, this is clearly shown with factual details with measurements in comparison to reference grade in the reviews I linked to.

              Colour is really high,

              What do you mean by that, "high", accuracy, sure, once calibrated, out of the box they are pretty poor. Colour Gamut and gradient is average to poor. IPS colour volume is always poor as they have such bad contrast.

              quality of image is really high

              No, it's average.

              brightness is really good

              Nope, IPS is well below average.

              viewing angles are amazing

              Yes, that is the one thing they are good at, but VAs with wide angle filters can achieve and surpass this.

              The input lag of VA panels isn't that great, the Sony x95H for instance had 16 ms, that's slow!

              I haven't seen that figure for the X95H, it's usually slightly higher, and you haven't specified at what resolution or framerate. If you consider 16ms slow, then how do you feel about the 9 Series Nano being 14.7ms 4k @ 60 Hz + 10 bit HDR?

              Look, if you have this TV and like it, that's great, but don't try to ignore what are measurable and comparable facts.

              • @snuke: I guess it's a matter of perspective. I saw the 75" LG instore, it was really good, I was very happy with what it offered and how it offered it.

                • @Dynaverse:

                  I guess it's a matter of perspective.

                  Sure, if you are comparing to your current TV, or another in store, but otherwise, no, these are all measurable metrics, so hard facts that can't be questioned.

  • To be honest in my experience 4K discs look phenomenal however the streaming services although better than 1080p, aren’t that much bettter as an overall experience.

  • LG Marketing team just going all in on the claims :)

    "NanoCell technology helps create a gaming world that surpasses reality."

  • Awesome, people are getting sucked into 8K, so I can soon afford an OLED. Thanks for falling on your wallets, helps the rest of us.

  • 120Hz at 4k gaming has like over 20 ms. What do you guys game at? 2k 120Hz 5.5 ms?

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