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Nando's Medium PERi-PERi Sauce 1L $7.99, 2x6 Pack Pick-N-Mix Muffins $6.99 @ Costco (Membership Req'd)


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Seems like a good price on the Peri-Peri.

Can personally vouch for the muffins - as you'd expect from Costco, they're Texas-sized so good value at less than 60c/muffin.

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  • Has anyone tried the shorty sausages? I usually like the korean pork jerky and char siu jerky that they sell, wondering if these are worth trying..

  • will go try the chair tmr!

  • The sharpies are a good price $9.99 for 24 either mixed colours or all black

  • Just advising people that this Nando's sauce, nor any Nando's sauce that they sell at supermarkets are NOT the same sauce they have in bottle/use in the store. Tastes very different.
    I don't know why, but If someone knows, please tell!

    • I've learnt this the hard way. I've bought it multiple times and they all taste different, also they go bad very, very quickly.

    • Maybe it was older stock? It has no artificial preservatives which is why it degrades quickly. Happens to most South African stuff. Best "freshness" was from stock at Aldi, but also variable. The restaurants might get better supplies or even a different recipe. I'm sure Nandos would also replace them if not happy.

    • The restaurant's receive a base peri peri sauce. The same concentrate is mixed and reduced by individual stores based on ratios. This is why Hot is never the same heat rating. I've had Hot that had more of a kick than Extra Hot at the same store.
      Since different people make it, consistency is difficult.
      The bottled sauce is bull made and sometimes misses the right kick. Medium in a bottle is equivalent to a store bought Hot

  • Muffins are more like 30c each since they're double the size of normal

    • Last time they did this deal we stocked up, cut them in half and froze them. That way I could take 1/2 with me to work each day and it was ready to eat by morning tea time. Extra yummy if heated for 10s in the microwave.

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    Does anyone know why the muffin special is not in Perth?

    Are they selling too many or just getting sick and tired of telling everyone at the checkout that it is two for the price (then having to get another from the trollies they park at the front of checkouts or send someone to run back to the bakery)?

    • Wish Costco would sell 1 pack for $5 and call it a day.

      • Yeah, I think it would be in their best interests just like when people get told they can't buy just 1 loaf of bread.

  • Are the muffins good quality?

  • The slape & sons snags for $9.99 are pretty good value too