LG 55" 4K Smart OLED TV OLED55CXPTA $2925 @ Appliance Central


For those getting their ps5s next week this will be the tv to buy.
I wonder if we can price match at the good guys.

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  • LG OLED's are pretty scarce at the moment, so you'll do well if you can find some

  • HDMI 2.1?

  • Still running my C8 with PS5 lol

  • Any chance of the 65 inch model going on sale?

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    55 inch? Is it a TV for ants

    • :( tell me about it…this time last year, these models were going for just under $2k AUD (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518675)…i know COVID has killed supply chains and all that doesn't apply, but it still hurts to see these "sales" at around $3k :(

      i'm still hoping that stores will do a clearance dump of the GX/CX/BX models before Easter, so that they can prep for the new models (G1/C1/B1/A1) coming in June…

      • Prices continue to be terrible on all tv’s atm, make things worse the go to store for tv’s when stacked with eBay codes appliance central eBay looks to have stopped selling on eBay deleting most of there items 3 months ago with no return since, videopro doesn’t do anymore eBay % coupons for while now also, shit time to be buying a tv with not much looking to change in the near term

    • You're lucky I even looked over this thread… guess what price it is everywhere else in the first world?

      Even in the US, which is historically woeful for sale and clearance prices on LG OLED TVs, has had plenty of sales that would equate to $1850-$2000. This year has basically set fire to the notion that we have a competent and shrewd logistics and purchasing chain for electronic goods in this country.

      If Amazon AU ever bother with organising some shipping containers with TVs, look out, because 2020 was been an absolute shit show in the local market. 50% delta, and you reckon I'm the problem…

      If they are hoarding any stock at all prices will drop in a month to begin clearing it, but based on this kind of pricing, you'd have to think they just don't have any.

      • true that, had a family member in USA who asked for tv advise. I told him oled were the best but really expensive and a few hours latter he messages me back he went to Walmart and got 55" LG OLED for $1300 USD.

        I checked the price of 77" CX OLED currently is around $3000 USD which ends up being 3900 AUD and the 65" CX is $2000 USD which is around $2600 AUD. Now we taxes, import cost and we are a much smaller market but I wish the Oled tv prices for 65" be around $3000 AUD.

  • $3k for a 55? Lol

    • It's expensive but it's also the best TV you can buy. Once you go OLED you won't go back.

      That said, this time last year, the 2019 models were going for $1800 so this is bloody expensive still. My old man paid $2600 for this TV back in October.

      • Last years model, the C9, has a buggy software update that broke HDMI ARC function. It's been widely reported, but no fix from LG yet. So recommend seriously consider what kind of manufacturer support you demand when paying this premium, even at $1800.

        • I don't have that issue. Is it really common.?
          I might just be lucky. I got the lg from the good guys deal. That was the best decision I had ever done.
          Even my wife who wanted the 85 inch lg lcd of now has become a fan of OLED and doesn't regret my purchase…thank God

          • @maverickjohn: Depends if you've updated to the latest software, it's been out about 3 months I believe. When more than one input is plugged into the TV, which is meant to support 4 HDMI inputs, then ARC breaks and audio defaults to TV speakers only and cannot be changed. This can even happen if more than one input is plugged into the AVR.

            • @chyawala: I purchased the c9 oled first for $1800 and it was a little small so I managed to sell that and get a B9 65 inch for $2700 at costco clearance just before the CX was released and honestly if any one can pick up the BX get it as someone who has owned both versions from last year the b models and the c models are not worth it for the price difference. Also I’m running LG SN8YG sound bar through EARC not had any issues whatsoever it runs like a dream. Once you go oled you never go back

              • @Joeyjojojo: Are you using multiple HDMI inputs as I mentioned above? That's when the trouble starts, and it's widespread on forums.

                • @chyawala: I have my ps5, 4K Foxtel box, switch and my sound bar all using the hdmi 2.1 ports and I’ve never had any issues with the with EARC breaking and switching to tv sound. I would say the issues maybe on the soundbar or receiver itself because I did have a cheaper Sony sound bar and it did cut out sometimes but that was not just on the oled it happend with my old Samsung tv aswell. Since Ive spent a little more on a half decent sound bar it’s been fine. Also I’m using EARC not just ARC so that could be possibly why I’m not having any issues.

            • @chyawala: I also have a switch a karaoke and a ps5 on top of the Sony htct800 sound bar and no issues

  • Previously it was

    LG CX 55 Inch OLED $2545.75 + Delivery or C&C at The Good Guys eBay


  • $3K for a 55" tv? No ta.

  • This is just too expensive. Seems like covid really messed these around. I paid $1834 for my 55" C9 in late 2019.

  • I got this for a bit cheaper last year. If you have something that can play 4k 120hz and is compatible with Dolby Vision, it is definitely worth it.

    If you're a risk taker, you can wait until the price drops when new models come out later this year, but you may not be able to find any stock then.

  • What's the go here? I paid $3500 for a 65" Panasonic OLED three years ago.

  • I paid $4500 for a made in Japan 42cm Panasonic Plasma back in 2005 with 1st Pana with HDMI.

  • Pricey! I got the 65 CX for $3400, some have even managed $3200…