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[QLD] Tradfri Zigbee Wireless Motion Sensor $1 (Was $20) @ IKEA Logan (Slacks Creek)


IKEA Tradfri motion sensor currently $1 in 'as-is' section at IKEA Slacks Creek QLD (possibly in other stores - no idea). This is a Zigbee motion sensor designed to work with their globes and possibly gateway. According to some googling, can potentially be used to control bulbs on a Hue system but likely won't show up in the Hue app itself.
Not listed on the IKEA website.
I've picked up two to try them out but haven't done anything with them yet.

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    Probably the old model. Though I recall the old one having a feature that was removed in the new one so good buy

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    Yeah the new one has detection cool down


    • honestly i hate that feature …
      wish i could turn it off ;(

      • What is the reason for not liking it? It seems that cool down is basically a mitigation against false negatives, i.e. don't flag the room as empty until two consecutive messurements of no occupancy…. or something like that…

        • because it pretty much doesn't recognize another person till the cooldown is over.

          e.g. I want the room to turn off after 1 minute of no new motion detected …
          However the sensor doesn't check for 1.5 minutes, so no motion and event would be send in those 1.5 min …

          If i could adjust the timing down to 30 seconds I'd be all good for it … but 90 seconds is just a bit too long for my usecases …

  • Oh wow wish I'd gone there today

  • Wish they had this in NSW. Just migrated to ZHA from Z2mqtt, now using Sonoff Zigbee bridge instead of CC2531, this would be perfect for my setup.

    • How you finding zha coming from z2mqtt ?

      I'm currently using both sonoff with zha and cc2531 with z2m and I like how z2m maps more actions into the mapped devices

      • Also curious. I'm still on z2m. What were the main reasons you migrated and how was the migration process itself?

        • The main reason I migrated was the antenna strength on the Sonoff Zigbree Bridge. Since I do not have any powered zigbee devices that could act as a repeater and my CC2531 cannot reach all my devices. Sonoff bridge is a wifi device and I can place it centrally in my house and it reaches all of my devices.

          The flashing process was pretty easy but I had some trouble pairing the devices in the beginning but it worked fine after a few tries (don't know what happened at first). It's not a straight forward migration, the devices will have different names / entity ID's generated by ZHA compared to the other.

          I much prefer the interface, mapping & webui of Z2mqtt over ZHA but I think it's catching up to it.

          • @vnaysharma: Cheers. Once setup do you find it's easier to add/manage devices than z2m? Curious cos I'm going to setup HA for a non technical person

            • @nub: I think Z2M is easier because with Z2M if you set the config as permit_join: true, it's as easy as just pressing the pairing button and it gets added automatically but with ZHA you need to go into Integrations > Z2M > Configure > Add Device and then only it goes onto pairing mode.
              I would suggest Z2M for a non technical person.

  • Get 10 for free ? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/597270

    Wait, there is ikea at slacks creek ?

  • I got 2 of these simply for the 2 Cr2032 batteries included

  • Correct OP.
    Mine operates an IKEA bulb that does show up in Hue but the sensor itself doesn't.

  • Do these work with SmartThings?

    • Yes!!!
      So you can use Smarthings to do lots of things the Ikea or Hue bridges cannot.
      e.g. use then for a security system, ring a doorbell.

      I'd buy a bunch except I already stocked up when they were $5.

    • Yes I have a few of their switches in smartthings so you can use a switch with another device

  • Could this be used to trigger my hidden camera?

  • Nice find. Got a couple of these a while back when they were $12. Would grab a bunch more if they were this price in WA, need to put them in every room the kids go in, forever leaving all the lights on…

  • I've bought two IKEA devices as a test to use with Home Assistant. One was a light dimmer and the other was a remote. I also have dozens of other Xiaomi and Philips devices hooked in. Over 18 months, both IKEA devices have stopped working and the rest are still going strong. I don't have a lot of confidence in their zigbee products even at $1.

    • How are you integrating them with Home Assistant?
      I have the motion sensor, signal repeater and x2 of the dimmer switches and I've found they're my most reliable zigbee devices.
      I'm using the ZHA integration and the cheap CC2351 USB stick.

  • Someone please let me know if they appear at Rhodes at this price!

  • Would like to know if it’s available at Ikea Richmond. My house lights runs on IKEA and Google Home integration. This would be a good addition.

  • Anyone know if these are in store at Majura Park (Canberra)?

  • If anyone in QLD is heading down to buy some and would like to help out a fellow ozbargainer and post them down to Melbourne I need 5. PM me.

  • I have just phoned Ikea and asked if they have any stock in Marsden Park and/or Rhodes. The lady said they are only selling at $20 throughout NSW.

    I'd love to grab several of these as well if any QLD'er would like to post any to Sydney. Cheers.

  • I'll be heading down this afternoon after work to check if there are any left - I'm happy to buy and post them out to any interstate ozbargainers. PM me if interested.

  • $20 at North Lakes

  • Sorry I didn't see the requests for help - but there were still dozens left when I was there just before lunch (maybe 1/2 to 2/3rds of what is in the photo).

  • None left, took the last two that were already open out of their package.

  • Was going to go this arvo ah well

  • Just back from Ikea, all gone, long trip out for me. They swore they still had stock.

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    Looked around Perth, no luck with discounted stock

  • Anyone know how to use this to notify me on my phone, that someone is at the front door??

    • I haven't looked at setting these up yet, but If This Then That (IFTT) is a service that is generically useful in these sorts of scenarios.