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Reolink PoE NVR 16CH 5MP 3TB $294.99, 4K $314.99 Delivered @ Reolink via Amazon AU


Mixed Inventory for V1 5MP version & V2 4K version NVR outlet deal with $135 coupon on-page.
Cameras are not included in this deal.

Please note:
V1 and V2 version randomly shipped from Amazon warehouse, but here is a tip to expect which you would possibly get.
V1 5MP version: 18 units in BWU1 (Address: 23 Centenary Ave, Moorebank NSW 2170)
V2 4K version: 32 units in MEL1 (Address: 1-29 National Dr, Dandenong South VIC 3175)

You may expect a version in which inventory is located near your region and decide to purchase or not. And it got a free 30-day return policy, so don't worry about getting an unwanted one.

We offer an extra $20 refund for the V1 5MP version, which makes it $294.99 in total.
Here is how:

  • Order# shows purchased within 1/18-1/24.
  • A photo of the label proves that you got the V1 5MP version.

V1 version features

  • Plug & Play NVR: With a single cable for each camera, you can connect IP cameras to the NVR for both power and data. The wiring process can't be simpler.
  • UNFAILING 24/7 RECORDING: Pre-installed 3TB HDD for reliable 24/7 recording and monitoring. Support up to 12TB storage expansion.
  • Support up to 16 cameras recording at the same time.
  • Work perfectly with all Reolink PoE 4MP & 5MP cameras
  • LOCAL & REMOTE ACCESS: View your security camera system locally by connecting to a monitor or a HD TV, or via free Reolink App on your mobile devices and Client on computer or a web browser remotely.

V2 version differs from V1 in the following parts:

  • Labels as "hardware V2"
  • Remove eSATA port, no external HDD supported
  • Pre-installed 3TB HDD, support up to 8TB (4TB+4TB) internal storage expansion
  • Support 4K cameras, as well as 4MP/5MP cameras
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    I am… somewhat confused…

    much info, many confusion.

    • I see your location is in melboune, so when you purchase you would get the 4K version delivered.
      Clip the coupon on page and you will get $135 off. Here is the link

  • Your links are broken.

  • Could you please post a direct link to the 4k version? I cant see it with the discount you have described.

    • https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B077N8ZRPJ
      The coupon is on-page, right under the price.

    • It's one product listing (v1 and v2 combined into one amazon item), so there is no direct link to the 4k version as you have to order the product and hope you get a v2.

  • so this doesn't come with Cameras?

    • Not a system then. Misleading clickbait.

      • +1

        Edit: I reread the title, yeah it should be listed as NVR in title. good point.

        • Edit - agree with the above.
          Still a good deal for a decent NVR if you already have the cameras and just use micro SD.

  • Yes, just the NVR.

    • Ah ! there is the catch - Could you pls mention that in the post? It doesn't say anywhere and is very misleading. Thanks

      • Sure, I will do the edit.

  • 2 minds about moving my dahua 8ch system over to this …

  • +1

    What is this

    • Network Video Recorder, connecting security cameras for home surveillance.

  • Why get this if you can get the one with cameras bundled for 479?

    • Well, a 16CH 4K system is more than double the price. You may refer to RLK16-800B8

    • Reolink support also told me that the bundled cameras can't be linked to Google assistant (if that's important or useful for you), as they lack a unique ID or something. Honestly didn't make a lot of sense to me, as the cameras are otherwise identical, but given negligible cost difference I just ordered separately.

      Let me choose the exact cameras I wanted as well (eg the new 510A cameras with onboard person/vehicle detection wasn't available in a package kit at the time), so wasn't too stressed about the ordering pfaf.

      • -1

        I don't think any all in one systems can be linked to any google/amazon device with screen.

  • Any deals on the RLN8-410 .. It was $389.99 via eBay a few days ago including 4x rlc-520 cameras. From Reolink as well.

    • No, I am afraid the deal would not be available in a short term.
      It's 15% off on the official website now: https://reolink.com/au/product/rln8-410/
      I would recommend getting the 16CH instead since the price is very close.

  • Thank you for this offer. Got one.
    Any plans for cameras offer?

    • 15% off coupon on page for 4K add-on cameras.

      • Hi Mate, can you confirm if the above cameras will work with the Reolink Ultra HD 4K 8MP 8CH PoE Security Camera System NVR 2TB HDD RLK8-800B4?

        • +1

          Yes, they will.

          • @dealbest: Thanks, Champ. Purchased.

            Does the 4K Ultra HD IP Dome Camera include a POE cable?

            • @xev: It has a 1m cable in the box, which is for the initial test. And you would need to purchase a POE cable for installation.

      • Hi Op,

        I pulled the trigger, and hope I get the 4K version, one question regarding the B800, why has amazon listed it was "16-Channel NVR Incompatible"

        • Hi, that means the 5MP version NVR is not compatible. And the inventory now is a mixture, the description is in case people get the 5MP version NVR and not able to use it in 4K resolution. We would update when the inventory is all 4K version.

  • Any Systems that has the RLC-423 bundled? I’m after system with at least 1 PTZ camera

    • Hi, there is none. But RLC-423 has a 20% off coupon this week.

  • Hi OP,

    Im based in Melbourne, am I reading this right, if I want the 4K version, the is a chance I will get the 5MP instead using this link? https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B077N8ZRPJ

    • Hi. Melbourne is more likely to get a 4K version.

  • Any deals on just the 5MP PoE 8 Channel NVR, don't need cameras?

  • do these work with hikvision poe cams?

    • It would depends on whether hikvision poe cams support RTSP/SMTP protocol.

  • Hey OP, any idea when the RLK8-810B4-A and RLK8-820D4-A kits will be available?

    • They will be available in March

      • K thanks

  • Hi Op,

    Received the v2 today, thank you. Any deals on the RCL-810a?

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