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MacBook PRO 13" 2.3GHz 128GB Space Grey (2017 No Touch Bar Model) $998 + $8.18 Delivery @ The School Locker


I know this might be everyone's cup of tea but Apple still selling refurbished one for $1,400ish lol

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The School Locker
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    Thank you for finding.

    Unlike iPad, I think I would give it skipped as it is too dated.

    M1 is definitely worth that extra money

    • Depends if the programs you need are ported and working correctly on the new architecture.
      I know that last I checked, running Windows in Parallels wasn't working.

      • There's a tech preview of Parallels that runs ARM Windows.

      • I would say most of what you need exists in some way or form and the 20-30% left are in progress due to be released on arm within this year/a few months only.
        M1 really makes these older models completely obsolete.

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    this is ancient. the m1 MacBook Air which you can find roughly around $1300 is way better than this old pro

  • Is this brand new? Apple warranty?

    • most likely not. I’ve actually contacted school locker about some of their macbooks because it seemed too cheap and was told they are display models and the manager wouldn’t recommend buying them

      • pay with PayPal, if not brand new then get refund lol

      • SL are mac repair certified and offer a two year internal warranty seperate to the expired apple one on these NOS or demos. They also put in a brand new battery on my 2015 demo, so a good buy if price is right

    • yes and yes :). thinking of getting one to dual boost with Windows 10 for x86 programs + might be lucky to get free upgrade if it is broken within next 2 years when Apple probably don't have stock for it => M1 as replacement, who know lol

  • Gen 7 intel dual core for 1000 lol, def skip for sure

  • skip skip get m1

  • The dual core ones without the Touch Bar are basically just MacBook airs inside

  • In 2017 Obama was still President. That's how long ago this was

  • This thing is older than Betty White

    • There's evidence that obelisks in ancient Egypt were carved with this very same model of MacBook. Archeologists have found massive pits of warn out 2017 MacBook Pros near quarry sites; this was before the discovery of iron and the soft aluminium metal in the chassis didn't last long so it took thousands of 2017 MacBook Pros to carve a single 30ft tall obelisk.

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    El Keyboard Crapiola

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    128gb is pretty much unusable.

  • Shouldn't support a company that uses child labour and slave labour knowingly (apple that is).

  • Skiiiip. M1 will last you much longer and is worth spending a little bit extra

  • Butterfly keyboard!

  • honestly, this one worths arnound 700 now, if more than this value, skip it

  • Butterfly keyboard, very outdated processor and non upgradable 128GB SSD! Would not recommend.

    • Thought you were running your mouth about the non upgradable 128gb SSD, but after some googling i realised how wrong i was, thanks for that, almost brought a really used piece of crappy metal.!

  • Crazy not to purchase an M1 also 128gb is far too small to upgrade the OS to Big Sur, so don’t expect to ever date the os once you have data.