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Viva Paper Towel 12 Pack $12 ($10.80 with S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


I found this superior compared to Handee or Quilton. Probably in response to the upcoming half price, $1.75 for two in Woolies starting this Wednesday. Woolies is cheaper (by $0.025 each).

Description from Amazon website:

  • Viva Multi Use Cleaning Towel a versatile, absorbent and durable towel ideal for a wide range of cleaning jobs
  • Using unique technology Viva Cleaning Towel has deep wave like channels within the sheet to provide all in one absorbency, thickness and toughness
  • Viva Towel cleans even better when wet, meaning tough sticky marks, dirt and grease wipe away with ease
  • FSC Certified for responsible forest management
  • Length of the Paper Towel; 21cm
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +15

    Viva Paper Towel 12 Pack $12

    That's pretty much the normal sale price at Coles & Woolies every other week… (and no need to buy 12 at a time)

    Woolies & Big W currently have 6 for $6



    • +6

      Amazon are 10% cheaper and comes to my door.

      • Only if you pay for Prime.

        I get mine delivered free from the supermarket anyway, and prefer to buy 6, not 12… Don't need a years supply…
        Can invest the savings in the Pfizer shares and make more than 10%

        • +5

          Don't need a years supply…

          You only use one roll a month? Mustn’t have any small kids at your place…

          How do you get free delivery from the supermarket?

          • -3


            You only use one roll a month?

            We wash are reuse the Viva ones.

            Don't you ???

          • +3


            How do you get free delivery from the supermarket?

            I get my wife to buy them…

            • +10

              @jv: She would be happy to get out of the house.

        • I guess the supermarket is cheaper if my time and petrol is free

          Pfizer shares? Are we suppose to laugh at your jokes or just when you bold them?

          • @4agte:

            I guess the supermarket is cheaper if my time and petrol is free

            As I mentioned, I get them delivered for free… No time wasted, no petrol and don't have to wait for Amazon to deliver…

      • Amazon are 10% cheaper


        Cheaper at Woolies, 2 for $1.75


    • $8 at woolies, prob finished yesterday or different from state to state
      Just got the Amazon ones S&S, lasts for ages.

      • $8 at woolies

        Supermarket specials are Wed-Tue
        Will most likely be on sale next week at Coles or Woolies again…

        • Yeah figured that cheers.
          Noticed there was a 2 pack for $1.75, cheaper again

  • Which is better products?

    1) Viva Paper Towel, White (Pack of 12),12 Rolls (60 Sheets Per Roll)

    2) Quilton 3 Ply White Paper Towel (60 Sheets per Roll), 12 count, Pack of 12 $11

    • +1

      Which is better products?


      It doesn't 'dissolve' when wet…

    • -3

      1) 900g vs 2) 2.35 KG .

      There is a clear winner :)

      • 1) 90g vs 2) 2.35 KG .


    • +2

      Haven't used that Quilton one before but their Tuffy brand is the best IMO. Looks like it's Woolies only though

      • +3


      • Is Quilton Absorba the same as Quilton Tuffy? They are both 4 ply.

        I've tried the 3 ply Quilton from Amazon and they were bad.

        • No idea sorry. It looks decent as far as packaging and claims go, which is usually a bad measure I'll admit!

          I imagine it sits in between the 3 ply and tuffy but who knows really

  • +2

    I thought when you S&S you get to keep that price for your subscription but then I saw today my only Amazon S&S increased price by 30%. Promptly cancelled.

    Is that what we do then? S&S for the cheap price and then just immediately cancel once the order is shipped?

    • +1

      I assumed the same as you.. I’ll have to keep an eye out then.. thanks for the heads up!

      • +1

        just checked…he's right… my second order that is now dispatched is much higher than the price I committed to on the S&S…. cancelled it obviously.

    • +2

      Yes. Cancel once shipped.

      • I've cancelled immediately without issues before

        • +2

          If you cancel immediately you won’t get your first delivery. Cancel after it’s shipped

          • +1

            @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Yeah you do. Done it multiple times with Coke cans.

            You cancel the s&s not the order

            • @scuderiarmani: I used to cancel the s&s without issues but for the past few months it does cancel the initial order for me too

  • +1


    Choice seems to like Viva, but after purchasing at the last sale I might stick to other brands (e.g. Handee Ultra which Choice doesn't like…)

  • Costco got 8x120 for $13 atm. ~20% cheaper :-)

    • +5

      Handee paper is better, and these are double length. Good tip!

      • I much prefer Handee Ultra but Woolies has a slightly better deal currently - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/752113/han...

        Amazon $1.46/100 sheets versus Woolies $1.39/100 sheets and you only need to buy in lots of 3 instead of buying 8.

        If you do prefer Amazon (and/or an 8pk), you can wait till it drops to $12 for 8 ($1.25/100 sheets).

    • But there is only 8 rolls. And I can still remember the Viva branded paper towel ad in Family Guy, I don't remember Handee having any product placements in cartoons…

  • Needed some too

  • Sweet, you can get things delivered more than once a month now.

  • Though you go on a subscription at a discounted price, it seems the 2nd delivery won't be charged at that same price., but will be charged what the product is advertised for at the time + 10% discount for having a subscription.

  • You Mexicans (melbournights) you better stock up of this and dunny paper, I smell another lockdown if the tennis players escape into the wilds of VIC

    • +1

      It's madness… for tennis.

    • We need to build a wall.

      • Yeah Melbournians are sacrificing so you lot get some tennis entertainment. We should be billing all of this to WA since they are taking all of the country's mining wealth

  • Quilton Tuffy gang represent! Nothing beats that.

  • Cheaper at Woolies (2 for $1.75)


    and you only need to buy a 2-pack…

  • Yes, Woolie selling $1.75 for 2 pack regularly

  • Available again

  • Don't forget 6% Shopback! Thanks OP.

  • Wow! So much discussion on such low savings. Time = money. You are wasting precious time on this! Myself, too… lol

  • WHen buying paper towel you need to define use.

    My idiot family uses then on food to cover, so a simple cheap 2 ply is good.

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