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[NSW] 3KG Wagyu Special MS9+ $159.99 + Delivery @ The Meat Emporium


3kg of beautiful MS9+ Wagyu Special for only $159.99. Great deal for Wagyu with such high marble score.

High quality, full blood, free range from local butcher.

(Shipping to NSW only)


Our new delivery charges have been simplified for ease of use. We charge a flat rate of $10 for deliveries within a 18 kilometer by road 'local zone' radius, and $20 for deliveries outside this local zone, but less than 100km away from the store.

Delivery is only available to postcodes within 100km of Elanora Heights, NSW 2101.

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  • WA Delivery?

  • What cut?

  • Rump
    Had it last time. A bit chewy but omg def ms9

    • How big and how long did you cook it for? Marble score of 9 should not be chewy if fat has rendered correctly.

    • How can it be chewy but yet still ms9? Ms9 supposed to be very soft

      • I remember reading somewhere that the grading isn't specific to the piece of meat itself but overall cow.

        So MS9 rump vs MS9 Scotch Fillet would be quite different in terms of texture of softness. Since Rump itself is a cut which is always leaner which depending on how it is cooked, it can be tougher than other cuts of meat.

      • Grading is about the marbling score which does effect softness, however the cut of meat has inherent characteristics. The rump is the top of the cow's legs - its buttocks essentially.. one of the harder working muscles on the animal, hence it has more connective tissue, less fat and chewier texture. An MS9 rump might be softer than a non-wagyu rump, but still chewier than an eye fillet, which is next to the cows spine and does very little work (given cows don't have to hold themselves upright) , contains little to no connective tissue and gets very marbled.

    • Rump is always chewy no matter how much fat it has. Rump cap could be a better option IMHO.

      • Rump requires it to be perfectly cooked for it to not be chewy. As @sieben says, Rump cap is always the better option like for like.

        • Rump requires it to be perfectly cooked for it to not be chewy

          What is this secret?!? I must know!!

        • perfectly cooked as in RARE!!!!?

          • @Homr: i did cook it rare, and the owner who runs the shop was quite specific with cooking instructions.

            when i described this ms9 rump as chewy, it's definitely not the same as normal rump chewy. but it's definitely not like sirloin either

      • ms9+ rump isn't chewy. normal rump is very chewy and should be slow cooked.

  • I order off these guys and Vic's all the time. Can vouch for them.

  • I got this last time. One of the best steaks I had last year.

    • Hi Hellbent.. was it a large 3kg piece of rump? - or already cut into steaks? thanks

      • It was cut into 3 steaks. 1kilo each or was it 4?
        We had it before going on a 3 day bender lol. Can't remember if it was 3 or 4.

  • Note:
    https://www.themeatemporium.com.au/ (Northern Beaches)
    is different to
    https://meatemporium.com.au/ (Alexandria)
    (I don't know who is better or worse)

  • yield score? would this be equivalent of an A5?

    • no. a5 is a different league

      • whats the difference?

        • Lol, Once you have been to Japan and had A5 for real. You will realize that none of the wagyu from overseas which are supposed to be highest marble score matches it. Wagyu is just a type of cow, but they literally take it to the next level. The world has imitated their methods but has never perfected it.

          There is a saying for wagyu: The meat is fat with a little beef.

          A5 literally melts in your mouth, even a baby with no teeth can bite through it (although I wouldn't recommend it due to the high fat content).

          Also due to the high fat content of A5, usually the proper way to eating it there is to slice it up and BBQ grilled then seasoned with salt and pepper. You will feel extremely bloated if you attempted to eat A5 in a steak style serving (200-300g).

        • ms9+. A5 is godly but the cost is deadly and possibly never on sale. At least 2-3x marbling, better flavour, fat melts by holding it.

  • How much is this normally? Delivery is $15 to 2176 which is not what is listed on OP ?? Am I doing something wrong.

    • Title says +Delivery now.

      That said, the FAQ says it should be either $10 or $20.. somehow you got in the middle

      Our new delivery charges have been simplified for ease of use. We charge a flat rate of $10 for deliveries within a 18 kilometer by road 'local zone' radius, and $20 for deliveries outside this local zone, but less than 100km away from the store.

      You'd be nowhere near the 18km road radius!

  • is this one large rump or sliced into steaks?

  • Anywhere recommended for vic? :(

  • Obviously not confident enough to state rump before click through to website. BTW I occasionally see rump at my locally Woolworths (with in store butcher), that's wagyu and really well marbled. Hit and miss maybe one Saturday in five (maybe they have excess supply of the good stuff who knows). About $30/KG. I save my hard earned that where I can see exactly what I'm buying.

    • Not sure why someone is hiding behind a neg. If you say something to add to the discussion then that's great. I would have thought if advertising Wagyu on Oz bargain, the type of cut that is being sold was kind of important. A simple search shows many others confident enough to state Wagyu Rump or otherwise: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/wagyu%20type%3Aozbd... Here's an entry from 6 months ago stating its rump: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551604 It's not hard to provide the right info upfront.

      • Perhaps rump is immediately dismissed as a low grade cut and so would negate the impact of the advertised deal?

    • I'm tempted to neg you but I won't. First of all, when you buy single steaks, they're marked up between 200%-500%. Secondly, even though most wagyu in Australia isn't full blood wagyu, there is a huge difference between farmers, this is rangers valley maybe black opal rump which is premium wagyu. Third, You don't need to save your hard earned money because the grader has literally seen it and said its ms9+ which means you won't get a marbling score less or equal to ms9. Seeing doesn't mean much unless you understand cuts of meats.

      You should buy a premium cut and the woolies cut and figure out which one you like better. I bought the 3kg and then I bought various other rumps, wagyu angus, grain fed, grass fed to come back to the conclusion that ms9+ is the standard of steak I want to enjoy in the future.

      • Firstly I buy meat from various places, but supermarkets isn't the main place. I just happened to notice the insane amount of intramuscular fat at the local store when walking past (this was in the display case, not prepacked), so $30/KG it was well worth it. Note, this wasn't the case in subsequent trips, as above maybe 1 in 5 weeks shopping
        I have feeling during lockdown orders that normally would have gone to restaurants etc would have been diverted to supermarkets. I've also bought much much expensive cuts so I do know the difference.

        Edit: And if anyone is keen on rump (I prefer rump cap) it's $40/KG for MS9 (or $62/KG for Rump Cap) https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/381338826236348/?r...

    • I've seen the Wagyu they put out at a few Coles/Woolies stores (both prepackaged and instore butcher) and they aren't even close.

  • I've bought from here a number of times its great, I've been instore a few times (its a bit of a drive from here) and was always given a good discount when ordering large cuts

  • thats 53.33 a kilo, tempted but I'm worried about getting it delivered when I'm not at home.

  • ufff … only NSW. Any Vic ones to recommend?

  • they are located NSW Northern Beach area — possible considered as Southern part of Northern Beaches
    just to let you all know if you are not familiar!
    I have bought few times from them (pick-up) good service and meat
    have not been to the shop since covid started
    a bit drive from my home

    Personally don't like 9+
    it's too fattening for my taste
    Always settle max 6+/7+ and take the better cut of meat part