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Loacker Classic Wafer 175g (Chocolate) $0.95 @ Woolworths


This is on special but this time only for chocolate. Hazelnut is still at $1.

Thanks for the heads up: you know who you are! :)

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  • Why you wanna make me fat :(

  • what are your thoughts on these? i've given them a go a couple times and didnt enjoy them at all….if anything the Asian store Wafers or Arnotts (and Woolies branded) wafers are better

    • I prefer these to the ones you mentioned, but I used to hate these ones because they felt dry and tasteless when I first ate them - I'm not sure how I grew to like them, I reckon the coffee flavoured ones I found I enjoyed kinda made them grow on me

    • I hated the Woolies branded ones, the Aldi branded after trying these. They just melt in the mouth which is awesome.

  • I like these quite a bit, but the cheap ones at my local all had very short expiry dates, in Feb/March this year. Not as nice anymore as fresher stock.