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10% off Selected Gift Cards (Teen, Him, Her, Restaurant & More) $100 Value @ Woolworths


Spotted at Woolworths Northgate SA earlier today a banner stating 10% off Selected Gift Cards (TEEN, HIM, HER, CINEMA, RESTAURANT, PUB & BAR) $100 Value.

For some reason this promotion was not included in the weekly catalogue and staff struggled to reduce the price by 10% at the checkout.

The manager made a few calls around and advised to pay for the gift cards at full price and 10% was refunded back in a separate transaction.

I purchased 7 X $100 HIM Gift Cards for $700 and was refunded $70 in a separate transaction.

Note: HIM and HER cards can be used at JB Hi-Fi for those who managed to pre-order a Playstation 5 console.

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Deal expired @ 4:30PM AEDT as users are reporting that Woolworths are not honoring the offer.

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  • You’re legend.

  • Xmas all over again

    Let the hunt begin

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    I'm pretty sure the Teen, Him and Her Gift Cards aren't meant to be discounted.

    Catalogue only states:

    Google Play, The Pub & Bar Card, The Cinema Card or The Hotel & Holiday Card Gift Card

    EDIT: OP updated with images.

    • Same here, I have to view the catalog again to make sure whether they are included.

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      TEEN, HIM and HER Gift Cards are included in the discount

      • +1

        Thanks for updating with images.

    • Yep, it mentions selected and no where in OPs photo is their additional advertising to suggest it includes the additional mentioned gift cards.

      Edit: OP updated photo to the full resolution

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    Are these like the tags for a porn vid or something

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    Had an issue with the RESTAURANT giftcard, so I called and messaged the customer service.
    Never heard back from them.

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      stay away from resto gift card… many eateries are refusing to accept it now in NSW…

      • Thanks, sadly I got it when they first came out and can't access the link now.
        Looks like $100 down the gurgler.

        • +1

          try your luck… complaint back to your merchant…

          who knows got a refund.

          ACCC probably can help too…

          • @thomalfa: Thanks, got it off ShopBack, but might have to resort to ACCC.
            The battle will go on.

      • It’s an eftpos card, ffs, just use the god damn thing. They have no idea what card your using anyways. It has support across industry associations in Queensland. https://qha.org.au/hospitality-gift-card-launch-nationwide-t...

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    Wish zip could bring back 10% off Saturdays

  • Any chance to buy those online?

    • Nope, in-store only.

  • Just tried to purchase in-store. Store had no signage up and cards scanned at full price…
    Good luck if you want to be "that guy" who holds up the line and looks stupid but for me its a pass…

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      Hand in your OzBargainer card!

  • So, for those folks who know. How does it work? Would WoolWorths be buying these cards for 20% less than what they’re selling them for, or something along those lines? It doesn’t make sense to me how they make much of a profit on these, when ordinarily if the average consumer buys one from say JB or whatever, there isn’t a discount. How is Woollies making much money here?

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      The gift card company is taking a hit for advertisement

      • Aha. Okay. So basically these are gift cards that can be used at lots of different retailers, not just specific ones? I didn’t realise that.

        Thanks for the reply :)

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      most likely loss leader

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        What is a loss leader? Is that something that the stores sell, which is effectively costing them money just to get people in the door to buy other stuff that they didn’t set out to buy? So essentially, go into buy discount gift cards, and end up buying other stuff?

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          Yes, essentially.

          Another example is the cheap homebrand milk.

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            @Jonzay: Ah okay. Never realised the milk would be a loss leader, but it is cheap, and it’s always at the back of the store, so that makes sense.

            Thanks for the reply :)

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          Bingo, it could be done by Woollies. But most likely The Card Network is absorbing most of the costs

          • @ballofspam: Fair enough. There’s so many intricacies to these things I never really considered.

            Thanks for the reply :)

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      I assume its like how businesses get bulk discounts buying their employees Coles Myers gift cards at the end of the year.

      • Ah ok. Kind of like they get heaps of these gift cards more or less half comp’d by corporate?

        I mean, the other thing I was just thinking of then is what happens if/when the vouchers expire? I mean, it’s kind of weird to think that there’s actual dollars In the form of a card that just no longer exist after a certain point. Does that money just cease to exist?

        And thanks for the reply :)

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      The other thing to consider is that GiftCards only have something like a 55% redemption rate…companies know this and it's free, easy money. For every Ozbargainer stacking up on 10% off cards, there is another grandma buying this at full price for their grandkid to sit in a drawer and never get used.

      • People tend to forget, but don't they have to honour them no matter if they've expired?

      • I never even considered this, not even as like a thing, but that makes so much sense.

        That’s seems like a really great, but I guess kind of shady, way for businesses to make money? Well, I guess only really if they say that the gift cards expire though.

        Thanks for the info :) so much I had no idea about.

  • any luck in VIC?
    cant see it in the catalog those?

    • keen to know if this is in VIC as well

      • +1 want to know if VIC is included.

  • How does redemption work? Do you just scan them at jb etc?

    • Yes. Scans just like an eftpos card.

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    OP, did you leave some cards behind?

  • +1

    There were heaps of cards around

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    Hi All, not to break the party but there might be some restrictions in using him and her gift cards in JBHIFI. Please check it before buying it. Did anyone use it at JBHIFI before? More than one gift card in one transaction?

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      Used 6 x $50 HER cards two days ago at JB.

      • Ok, thanks for the confirmation :)

    • No restriction, I used 20 to buy ip12 and recently Xbox. Even if there is, you can buy JB gc with it to ease the restriction.

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        I believe they stopped the practice of swapping GC for GC.

        • Can still do this. I have done some myself.

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          You cannot swap JB gift card for JB gift card.
          You can swap TCN cards for JB cards if the staff don't crack the shits.

          • @justtoreply: Yeh I think depends on the store/staff. My local refused to do it a few wks ago, but I was in a rush so didn't push it/speak to manager etc

    • Lots of people have used them. They did have a restriction but it was lifted.

      There's a whole forum on the Coles 15% off deal

    • +1

      I used nearly $2000 of $50 Her and Him cards on December 20 to buy the LG CX.
      As long as you scratch the cards to save them time. It's fine

    • I used 18 x $50 him/her cards in JB on the weekend to buy a Note 10+. I made sure it was quiet, had all the pins off the cards and the guy at the counter was cool.

      He said he had a guy spend $4k of mixed cards just before Christmas!!

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    I just went to woolworths hurstville nsw and enquired about this deal, the list starting from the 20th jan was everything in this deal excluding the teen, him, her which i wanted for the jb hifi. So basically was waste of time for me but maybe good for other people. But yeah the post should be changed

    • The banner OP showed includes teen/him/her though.

      • I know but when i asked the store manager about it she showed me the updated list which didnt include teen/him/her. Shit go aye

        • Could be a SA only deal?

          • @xbbl: Yeah probs an SA only deal, she showed me the updated store list for today till the next week just 10 mins ago

  • Out of curiosity, can I use these cards to buy steam gift card at jb hi fi?

    • Yes, I did this during the last Coles sale.

    • 13, Gift Cards are not redeemable for other Gift Cards.

      Of course depends if the person you get are even aware of their own policies

      • +1

        Maybe buy an item wait few days and return it under change of mind, refund all in one single GC?

      • +1

        You missed the key point. That is a page about JB gift cards. JB gift cards are not swappable for other cards. The reverse not true.

        • +1

          My bad, I forgot these act like Eftpos cards and can only redeemed instore, so have separate terms.

  • the efforts required unnecessarily to rectify these cards made me hesitate to buy them again ~_~

  • +3

    Good deal but I'd pass for now. Having these GCs makes me spend unnecessarily. :D

  • No deal in Vic. Just tried in store. Maybe just SA specific

    • Checked one more. Not in VIC

  • +1

    Just checked at woolies winston hills, staff told me that they weren't scanning with discount hence they had to take the banner down. So looks like was legit.

    • Did u still get the discount?

      • +1

        Nope, could not since they didn't have the banner at all.

  • Just went to wws in VIC, there is no discount

  • Damn…I was just in JB earlier today buying something and only got 5% with discounted eGiftcards through my employee benefits program, then the grocery store. Should have gone to Woolies first!

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    Get in quick guys. Was just told this offer has been cancelled which is why it isn’t scanning. If your woolies has a sign up you are in luck as they should honour it (refunding the $70).

    • Confirm this, just went in to woolies M-city in Clayton (VIC) and said they’re cancelling it applying to him and her/JB

    • Thanks just back from Innaloo store WA, after they refunded the 10% they took out the sign. They said the card network cancelled the promotion

  • Looks like they took down the banner, this is at where OP went. Maybe should expired this deal?

  • Found a store in VIC with a banner ON but they told me the manager has gone and they cannot override gift price discount.

    • +1

      What a lame excuse!

      • Lol, yea.. was too tired to argue so came back.

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      Tell them to refund 10% separately, because under law they are required to honour the price.

      Or give you a WW gift card to the same value if easier.

      • In a statement to 7NEWS.com.au a spokesman for Woolworths said: “Woolworths is a signatory to the Scanning Code of Practice.”

        “Under the Code, our customers are entitled to receive an item free of charge if the scanned price of an item is greater than the shelf price displayed.”

        “The only exceptions under the Code are products with a shelf price greater than $50, as well as tobacco and liquor products. These products will be adjusted to reflect the shelf price.”

    • Call the Woolworths support line (1300 767 969) if you’re not able to resolve the issue at the store level. If you explain the situation, there is a good chance the Woolworths support line will be able to resolve the issue.

      As mentioned before, you should at a minimum get a refund of the difference for all the gift cards, and you may be issued a full refund for one gift card due to the Scanning Code of Practice (depending on the denomination of gift cards you purchased). I always thought the Scanning Code of Practice excluded gift cards, but apparently that is not an exclusion under Woolworths’ policy.

    • I just back from Woolworth they can't change the price but they refund 10%

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    Do these apply to the $50 gift card as well? I just went to a Woolworth which had the signage on but no more $100, so I tried to buy the $50 ones and they weren't discounted, I was told only the $100 ones were. I went to another Woolies whivh had tons of $100s but no signage and they wouldn't honour the deal

    • grab the inactive $100 cards and bring back to the store that honour the 10%… solves your issue…

      I saw this has happened when coles ran for 15% off…

  • +3

    TCN is rubbish.

    • Sure! Lol. I don’t mind 10nor 15% of my morning coffee, brunch, lunch or dinners,

      • If you can actually use it. When I got mine from Coles back in December 2020, it worked at the restaurants I frequented, after a couple of weeks, it was blocked.

        The discount is only worth it if TCN weren't that dodgy.

        • Haven’t had a single issue and used $500+ worth since December.

          • @Coops1: Good to her you didn't have any issues. Others haven't been so lucky.

            • @t25: Lol, I don’t eat McDonalds! Internet rage. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. More cards for the rest of us when they are on sale.

  • +3

    My suspicion is that someone stuffed up when printing banners for this week’s gift card promotion and accidentally used images of the gift cards from a previous promotion.

  • Looks likes it an error

  • +1

    SouthMelbourne Woolies said there is no promotion for TEEN/HIM/HER giftcards. Another funny thing is that SouthWarf JBHIFI said that we can only use 1 (TEEN/HIM/HER) giftcard per transaction while other stores were saying there is no such limit…

  • If you see the picture minutely in the banner ad above, the promotion starts today on the 20/1/21 to 26/1/21

  • Just letting people know that the Restaurant gift cards don't actually work everywhere e.g. they currently work at kfc but not maccas. Occasionally hit and miss

    • +3

      not just that… many eateries have refused to accept it… at least that's my experience at NSW…

      but @coops1 above claimed s/he has no issue and used $500+… so good luck…

    • It would be more of a miss than a hit to describe either Maccas or KFC as restaurants:-P

      • But even some actual sit in restaurants are hit and miss. What is annoying is that they worked when they first came out, but was declined a week later. This shows that TCN is moving goal posts.

      • The complaints of not being able to use the cards mainly relate to KFC and McDonalds!
        TCN specifically exclude them - *Not valid at fast food or quick service restaurants.