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½ Price Lipton Iced Tea Varieties 1.5l - $1.97 (Was $3.95) @ Woolworths


Can't get enough of this peach tea. Cheaper than the $12 for a 6 pack that Amazon had it for last time. Enjoy!

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  • I actually prefer the Coles branded peach iced tea. The lemon sucks though, don't bother trying it.

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    • Sugar - 4.2g per 100ml.

      As with everything, enjoy in moderation.

      • The sugar free version is half price as well if anyone is worried about the sugar content.

      • Ah so a mere 15 teaspoons of sugar per bottle

        Interestingly even the "normal" versions now contain Stevia likely due to how high the sugar content was before (closer to 6g per 100ml previously).

        I don't think I've ever met someone who will actually get 6 servings out of those bottles either (250ml suggested serving - my coffee mug is roughly 440ml).