$10/m (First 10 Months), Then $15/m for 7GB Mobile Plan (Unlimited Calls and SMS, 20min to 70 Countries) @ E.tel (Optus 4G+)


I saw this from a Facebook ad. This seems to be a continuation of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/571497. I would comment there but the post is expired and comments closed.

The page says "Sign up by 31/12/2020 and activate the SIM by 31/01/2021" but the "buy now" button still seems to work, so I'm not sure if it has expired.

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  • Seems cheap - what's the catch? Paying $39/month for similar plan from Optus (although I think it has 10gb data)

    • Amaysim is even cheaper: $145 per year (which is equivalent to $12 per month), 120GB traffic ($1.20 per GB), same Optus network.

      • No international calls

        • Agree, but in my experience and my circles nobody is using international calls because everybody uses Skype/Telegram/Viber as it is free and sound quality is way more superior to normal international phone calls.

      • I've found the best time to shop for mobile plans is around the end of the year Black Friday and Boxing Day sales, as all the cheap companies have big discounts. They did a weekend sale on that plan for $100!

      • I see it auto renews every year thereafter for $200 per year. What do you end up doing once it gets closer to the 1 year mark to get a good deal?
        Edit: Decided to give Catch Connect a go - $120 for 365 days 120gb data.

    • Small mobile-network reseller companies like E.Tel tend to be have way better offers than the network providers themselves (Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone). See section "What's the catch?" here.

  • Do you get wifi calling? That's something I need. (I currently have it with my unnecessarily expensive optus plan)

  • Thanks. Just signed up. Was about to go to Coles to get their Coles mobile deal but this is better.

    Specifically needed international calls inclusion.

  • They also have $1/month plan.

  • E. Tel phone home

  • This company has many hidden chargers and poor service when it comes to customer service.

    • Hidden charges are either (1) charges that the customer didn't pay attention to in the documentation, or (2) charges imposed outside the terms of the contract, in which case it should go almost straight to the Ombudsman if the provider insists the charges are legit.

      As for customer service, I hope they're not worse than Boost, which has been an utter nightmare for weeks now for me (I've never before dealt with an example of what seems like the "lowest-cost overseas customer service centre" of the industry).

  • Hmm Either this or aldi mobile plan, not sure who to trust more.