$1 Per Month Mobile Plan with Data 1¢/MB, Std. National Calls 1¢/Min, SMS 10¢ @ E.tel


$1 Plan. Only $1 per month.
Minimum $30 payment with $30 credit for monthly fee, Calls, TXT and Data

• Data 1¢ / MB
• Std. national calls 1¢ / min
• SMS 10¢ / sms
• Int'l calls from 10¢/min
• 10¢ flagfall applies to all calls

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    $20 port out fee.

  • A lot of their plans are on promotion… I think all of them except this one - this is the standard price.

  • Aldi mobile new customer $5 a year with $5 credit then $15 a year with $15 credit.

  • so is it $30 per month, which includes $1 plan fee, and $29 for services? the plan terms are confusing, it says "requires $30 payment in advance for each service-period block"?

    • It is $1 per month.
      Buy for $30 in which you get first month plan for $1 and $29 credit for Calls, TXT, Data and subsequent monthly plan fees

    • In other words, not $1 per month.

  • It is $1 per month.
    Buy for $30 in which you get first month plan for $1 and $29 credit for Calls, TXT, Data and subsequent monthly plan fees

  • They have one of the worst customer service in industry! Took 10 days for me to port on to them from Vodafone. Lots of hidden charges too! I.e. extra charges for MMS, or if web link sent by SMS - extra charge!
    Be careful! Stay away!

  • What? They check the contents of your SMS and charge extra if it contains a web link? That's just frikkn crazy

  • I had 2 plans with this guys have moved on due to many problems. Extremely hard to deal with customer service is very polite but never fix the problems.

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    This is dodgy af

  • How is it $1 per month if you have a minimum spend requirement of $30 a month? Dodgy marketing.

  • LOL looks like Circle.Life has a competitor now :)

  • How is a $1 per month plan $30?? Even the Plan Terms don't make sense??

  • I think, but please correct me if I’m wrong. You pay $30 for the first fee which could technically be 30 months worth of monthly fees ($1 per month) provided you don’t use data/call/sms. Might not be bad if you had specific use case.

    • Maybe .. but a monthly plan would have a monthly service block?

      Terms and Conditions for $1 Plan
      1. $1 Plan is a SIM-only postpaid plan which requires $30 payment in advance for each service-period block. Direct Debit
      Required. Payment voucher can be accepted upon special arrangement via E.Tel’s dealers.
      2. Minimum charge is $30. If you paid a lower fee for the first full service-period due to a promotion, the lower fee is the
      minimum charge.

      • The use of the term "service-period" was interesting, yes. I think it means "period for which your credit is sufficient for service" (i.e. until your credit is almost consumed), but it could do with clarification!

  • So many negative feedback here. Shouldn't this company already banned from here?

  • Sketchy

  • The old deal on this plan from 2018 was much better https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/366057 - starter kit for $6 including $30 credit.

    Can we have the same again, please?

    Also, monthly price is up ~2.04% - shouldn't it be coming down instead?

  • $1 monthly fee and $29 payment for $30 credit….

    This would only be a deal if it were an NVIDIA product.

  • Lol.
    Only $1. Lol.
    Please pay $29 additional as PAYG Credit. So a "$1 Plan" that costs $30. Title is grossly misleading.

  • FYI, this is the response from them regarding the plan:


    Thank you for your email. Please see our response below:

    1) Correct, the $30 does not expire
    2) Yes, any remaining credit can be refunded to you. Please note if you activate a new number, there is a port out fee of $20 within the first 6 months.
    3) Correct, if you don't use the service you will only be charged a service fee of $1/month
    4) If the direct debit is unsuccessful, you can continue to use the remaining $10. Once the $10 is used, your service will be suspended.

    Any further questions don't hesitate to let us know.

    Warm regards,