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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (Save $400) @ JB Hi-Fi


seems like a popular deal at this price previously

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

Take the Journey further
Sleek and elegant, portable and safe
High quality batteries guarantee a riding distance up to 45km
Skid-resistant and shock-absorbing pneumatic tires

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  • For all the iS tHiS lEgAl To RiDe people check your states rules in this thread.

    • -16 votes

      If it’s illegal they wouldn’t be selling them…

      • And interestingly enough, you are wrong.

        It is a total SCAM that these are illegal. Beautifully efficient no-emission vehicles that free up the roads from traffic and they are illegal. Government wants you to buy a dirty 4WD.

        • V8 diesel. Do you can pay more rego due to the weight hhaha

        • what do you expect from incompetent govs?

        • -13 votes

          Yes they are illegal on the footpath and roads, but must be used on bike lanes, that was the purpose of Sydney’s new infrastructure with all he bike lanes, obey the speed limits with a helmet and you are fine.

          • @DEvok: You obviously don't know what you're talking about. You talk about Sydney… I live in Sydney and have owned a Ninebot for almost a year now.

            The simple answer is: IT IS ILLEGAL IN PUBLIC PROPERTY

            They are allowed in private property however are apparently considered to be 'vehicles' in public areas. They most definitely aren't accepted on bike lanes as they are still considered as public property. Additionally, the manufacture of my Ninebot specifically states that this scooter SHOULD NOT be used on bike lanes.

            As terrible as this news is to anyone reading this, do not assume that I support these rules. I believe electric scooters should be legal and are an efficient form of travel. Moreover, I also feel that these limitations of the use of this device should be made clearer towards the customers purchasing these devices.

            obey the speed limits with a helmet and you are fine.
            You aren't 'wrong' here. I've had many conversations with people about this, and I've found that if you use your scooter responsibly and don't attract too much attention, you'll quite easily slide between the grey cracks of these laws :)

          • @DEvok: ahhh WTF bro - Totally Illegal in NSW !

            Easy to read version here…

            Hektik to read version here…

        • A hipster beard won't make you a man alone - go and buy a real man's car. V8 all the way. And 25L per 100 around town minimum or you haven't done enough mods to it.

      • Nothing stopping you riding them on private property.

    • Of course it's illegal in NSW ffs

    • Mearth has it wrong about e-scooter riders not being permitted to use footpaths and shared paths. The department of transport WA site says it is allowed.

      • +1 vote

        200w and 10kms though - with lots of restrictions especially on roads.

    • FYI in the legality department too..

      The National Transport Commission recently presented their recommendations for changes to the Australian Road Rules to all State Transport Ministers. The recommendation is for e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-unicycles etc to be permitted to use footpaths at speeds to 10km/h and suburban roads at speeds up to 25km/h. The recommendation was approved by all ministers and will now be added to the Road Rules. This should happen by May 2021.


      May prove worthwhile editing your post given the hopefully impending legality across the country? $699 for the Pro2 is a great deal.

      • I wish the limit was 33kmph on roads….. as the stock battery and controller can easily be programmed for 33kmph)
        Actually, scrap that; I wish the limit 38kmph…. as going downhill on suburban roads, my Ninebot G30LP scooter maxes out at about 38kmph, with the KERS/Regen on and regenerating energy to the battery.

        • I have the M365 Pro and it's fully unlocked and does 34/35kph on a full charge, dropping to about 30/31kph when the battery is low, and will freewheel to 40+ down a hill. I ride it in WA and have never had an issue, but I obviously could with the wrong cop or if I get in any incident/s.

          That's probably the biggest thing to be aware of, if you hit someone or something, you're going to have a bad time liability wise, as by virtue of being there you're pretty much totally in the wrong despite virtually any mitigating circumstances of the incident, at least that's my understanding.

        • How did you unlock your Ninebot to get to 30+? Am interested to know

      • Finally.

      • Sorry but that is incorrect, the NTC did produce a recommendation to the Transport Council with draft legislation amendments to be presented at the next Transport council meeting in May 2021. This will be draft amendments, the Australian Road Rules are updated every 2 years and the next amendment (14) will be in November 2021. Even after this amendment is done the states will need to introduce the changes into state law. So it will be at least 10 months for the amendment to become law and then it will be up to Minister Constance to accept the changes into NSW road rules.

        So nothing will change till at least the end of the year at best, best course of action is to partition Minister Constance to bring in laws sooner considering he and the other ministers approved the recommendations last Nov 2020. ACT went ahead and fast tracked it as they knew it was coming anyways in the ARR amendment.

  • How's this compared to a ninebot max? My son's friends have those and he has been on my case about getting him one.

  • The specs listed on the site say a max speed 25KM/H yet one of the comments says they can only max it out at 10KM/H/. What to believe?

    • Limited to 10km/h until you connect it to the app for the first time and watch the safety video then after that you can do the 25km/h.
      Also I think in Victoria you aren't allowed to exceed 10km/h but the scooter will still do the 25km/h obviously.

      • So we shouldn't watch that video to be able to use it in Vic

        • You absolutely should. Most car max speeds are 200km/h+ when the limit is usually 100km for the majority of Australia. They don't care if it can do 25km/h as long as you're not doing it when they see you or putting anyone in danger. Plus you need the 25km/h to be able to drag race old ladies on mobility scooters when the cops arent looking.

    • This can also be firmware hacked to operate at >30kph. Here is a YT video showing the free version.


      • I'd recommend this lol. I've done this on my Ninebot and I'm going at 34km/h instead of the limited 25km/h haha :)

        • Could you point to the tutorial you used? Haven't been able to get mine over 24km/h.

          • @jlccarv: Not too sure which tutorial I used as that was a while back… But just have a look around and try and find something which is similar to what I'm explaining here.

            Download Xiao-flasher from the play store, change your region to the 30km/h one

            Then head onto this website:

            Go through and tick all the preferences you want. Find any popular video guide which uses this method and go through the process. Keep in mind, it might be a good idea to cross-check with multiple videos if you have any questions

            In this website you can pick what max speed you want and the increase in acceleration (Check out some guides here to find what's right for you).

            Then you'll have to head back to the Xiao-Flasher app and flash the zip after downloading it. You might have to change your Bluetooth version of your scooter to one shown in the video guide you find. Then you should be able to simply flash the zip file to your scooter 👍

  • These require registration in some states, right.

  • Ive seen people ride these to the local Centrelink.

  • How are these on hills?

  • Any tips for further savings at jbhifi? Already using a marketplace gift card for the huge saving of $20.

  • A few people in my area own these scooters now, mainly adults using while kids are at park. Just a big kids toy

  • +4 votes

    Get a push bike, it comes with free exercise.

    Plus, you'll either lose weight or afford yourself the right to eat all the bargain garbage (food) people post on here. Win, win.

    • If you can be bothered showering and carrying a spare change of clothes (sweaty boi).

      • And a big plastic bag for a big wet towel, cloths, shampoo and etc… plus uniform for work. That's why I gave up going to gym on the way to work.

  • These normally go for over a grand?? Christ

  • I bought one of these at this price just before Xmas and it’s a lot of fun. I’m hopeful it’ll be legalised in NSW sometime this year. At the moment I’m limiting myself to scooting around Darling Harbour. I did go across the harbour bridge at the weekend and that was a hoot. Compared to my ebike it’s definitely just a toy but it’s great entertainment.

  • I saw a half dozen Ninebots parked at my workplace today. Clearly a few people are doing commutes on them. Parked my 29er mtn bike besides a Ninebot Max, and the Ninebot didn't look tiny by comparison - pretty serious bit of kit.