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Motorola Razr (Noir Black) Flip Phone $799 ($0 C&C or + Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB have the razr for a whopping $1000 off the RRP. If you've been yearning to impress that special someone with your flip phone, now's your chance.

Phone: Motorola razr
Network compatibility: 4G
eSIM only: Yes
Colour: Black
Device screen size (inches): 6.2
Resolution (Pixels): 2142 x 876
Display type: Foldable pOLED
Touchscreen: Yes
Internal memory: 128GB
Battery capacity (mAh): 2510
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core 2.2 GHz
Processor Model Number: 710
RAM (GB): 6
Rear Cameras (MP): 16
Front camera (MP): 5
Built-in flash: Yes
Movie recording: Full HD
GPS: Yes
MP3: Yes
USB (Type-C) Port: 3.0
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac)
Bluetooth v5.0
Manufacturer's warranty 2 Years

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  • Flip or flop?

  • $100 more than a pixel 4a

    • +105 votes

      Ever tried to fold a 4a?

    • What an odd comparison. Pixel 4a is a budget Pixel phone, total different aesthetic. This is a flip phone so if you are trying to understand value should be compared to other flip phones like the Galaxy Z which would of course out class this but have a much high price tag. The main draw for this is nostalgia.

      • +10 votes

        Yes . The proximity of the price points is the only comparable data point.

        And that's damned interesting to me

        • In that case why not buy a $699 solid oak dining table. Its entirely comparable in price and provides much better value to some

          • @Wootwootwoot: Ah silly me, I have been buying expensive phones all these years for smartphone functions when i could have been using my table

            • @brosk1s: Don't you know - smartphone tables are the next big thing in tech. Would you seriously consider a RAZR over the Pixel 4a IF the RAZR is 699?

          • @Wootwootwoot: You’re not wrong mate This is the big brain purchase mindset.

            I can get a flagship phone or 1/10th of a marble counter top in my kitchen.

            Once installed, the bench wont have any resale value separate from losing my house, but will last longer and doesn’t require charging ;-)

            But then again the bench top doesn’t have B28 or USB-C

      • The other draw is the compact form factor in your pocket.

      • The chipset specs on this are pretty budget as well

  • You're really paying for the flip functionality here, phone specs are average at best. For example, lack of 5G, 2510maH battery (most phones around this price are above 4000), Snapdragon 710 processor, no WiFi 6, and only a 6MP camera…

    • 16MP, op is tricking us… maybe copy and paste issue

    • no WiFi 6

      How would one benefit from having wifi 6 in australia?

      • WiFi 6 would be most helpful if you have a lot of devices in your household as it introduces new functionality tailored for this purpose. The speed capabilities wouldn't have much of an effect in Australia due to our generally lower internet speeds, but it could be helpful for faster file transfers within the network.

      • Seems an odd question, but maybe I just don't understand why over the past few years this concept has emerged that network speed should only be whatever your internet speed is. I'm glad that concept didn't exist when we were all on ADSL1, or dialup.

        Wifi 6 is a step up in terms of handling multiple devices, which is much more important these days than in the past (a quick look at my wifi shows 53 connected devices).

        Obviously you need to have a wifi 6 access point so just the phone alone isn't going to help much!

        • Hope you know and authorise all those devices…

        • network speed should only be whatever your internet speed is

          not necessarily. wifi a/c more than enough given your internet is decent and you don’t have many obstacles between you and the ap. same applies for wifi6 as well. The only advantages you’d have are if you got loads of wifi6 devices on same ap (typically in industrial environment) and inside lan big and frequent file transfers (if you have a need for it). otherwise for internet services you aren’t going to see any difference with our pathetic internet speeds

    • +10 votes

      This design is somehow better than Z flip’s.

      This foldable phone has no crease, go watch some reviews

  • Honestly i so dam love such slick and classic phone. if it were anywhere usable with the horrible battery life and camera, i surely would buy one.

  • How good is warranty from Motorola if something goes wrong with screen within few months.

  • I was the man rolling with this in 2006. Now maybe not so much

  • I miss my original RAZR.

  • The early Motorola engineers had a high proportion of Star Trek TOS fanboys. It's thought that the clamshell (Motorola did it first) design was a nod to the communicator props of the show.
    It has advantages, protects the screen very well without needing a screen protector or a flip case but the relatively small battery, E-sim only, mediocre camera and no SD card slot mean I won't be beaming in to get one.

  • Sooooo 2005

  • Motorola back in business with flagship phones.

  • Even the gold color is on sale with free leather pouch

  • eSIM only: Yes
    That means you can only use it if you had post-paid ?

    • All three major carriers provide esim for prepaid users now

      • Yes but none of the resellers do, so being eSIM-only limits you to directly using Telstra/Optus/Vodafone, you can't use any reseller (eg. Boost/Amaysim/etc/etc).

        • I really wish apple could take the actual move of making esim only iPhone which will force the carriers to provide esims

  • Just noticed that weight is 205 grams…just saying if you don't use Bluetooth for long duration calls like me. No headphone jack either

  • I've gone in store and played around with the phone that was on display and a deal breaker I found with it was that if your nail hits the screen it will leave indents. It doesn't require any significant pressure either. Though i will say that the indent isn't noticeable when the screen is active.

  • android version ?

  • Motorola were king long before Nokia. Hello Moto !!!

    • I had their gen 2 5k flipphone! Worked flawless but the menu structure needed a degree.
      Now I can live without Gilette but Motorola actually made far more efficient cpu's than Intel in the old days. So I admire the company but is this good value?

  • Aside from the screen, this phone has specs similar to a $400 phone. I don't think I'd post more than $500 for something like this. And if it was $500 I'd buy it thinking this should be it's RRP and not a quick snap bargain.

  • I used to love these phones. Then along came the iphone.

  • The Samsung Z flip is still a better proposition (when it is around $900 last year) as it is a proper high end phone. It has a physical sim card slot as well so I can use not just Hellstra, Floptus and Vodafail. It also has esim.

    As previous comments said, this has low-midrange phone specs with a foldable screen. The novelty goes away after a couple weeks using the folding screen. You're stuck with an $800 low-midrange phone.

    But hey if you're a die hard Razr fan, go for it.. It's $1000 off !

  • This guy has done a decent comparison of the 4g and 5g version.

    I can say there are pros and cons although it seems to be underpowered but the concept and revival of the old school flip into the world is interesting but alas there are some concerns especially hot and cold environments.


  • why do people really care 5g when we still live in anthroplithic age

    • It's that the 5G version of this phone is a full update, has better specs, camera, hinge etc

  • +1 vote

    hello moto, finally it drops to under 1k. buying now to refresh some old memories.

    • i dug out my old RAZR V3XX just for nostalgia….

      still works, thinking when the tin foil hat takes over, i'll go back to text and calls only

  • 4G phones are sooooo 2020.

  • Price matched with Officeworks Online for C&C and paid over phone to avoid any rejections. $759.05

    • Too bad officeworks already adjusted the price to match.

      • yep, I was first told they are adjusting the price, then had to speak with their team leader and get it Price beaten. Was lucky i guess.

  • impress that special someone with your flip

    NO, why would i fold it and make it look small when i try to impress :p

  • The Moto Razr was my most cherished phone during my stay in the US in the last decade.

    Would pull the trigger solely on nostalgia alone.

  • What is the cheapest prepaid plan anyone has found for this phone?

    • as it's eSIM only, it has to be directly with Telstra/Optus/Vodafone, you can't use any reseller (eg. Boost/Amaysim/etc/etc).