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LG BX, CX & GX 4K OLED Smart TV - OLED55CXPTA $2789 + Delivery @ Myer


Myer is having a Stocktake sale

OLED55BX $2,999.00 $2,489.00 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-ultra-hd-oled-thinq-ai-tv-55-13...
OLED65BX $3,999.00 $3,289.00 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-ultra-hd-oled-thinq-ai-tv-65-16...
OLED55CX $3,299.00 $2,789.00 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-ultra-hd-oled-thinq-ai-tv-55-13...
OLED65CX $4,499.00 $3,789.00 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-ultra-hd-oled-thinq-ai-tv-65-16...
OLED55GX $3,599.00 $2,989.00 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-ultra-hd-oled-thinq-ai-tv-55-13...
OLED65GX $4,999.00 $4,189.00 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/lg-ultra-hd-oled-thinq-ai-tv-65-16...

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  • +10 votes

    If this were a 65, I'd be bankrupting myself in 3 mins flat for it. Damn these 55s are expensive (still good)

    • agree with you there! :)

    • One day… one day…

      Mini LED TV's should be out this year, and I believe they are cheaper than OLED but the picture quality nearly identical, with better brightness.

      • You're thinking of MicroLED which isn't the same thing as MiniLED.

        • No, I was thinking of Mini LED.

          Micro LED is still some way off from being available in consumer-grade products, and likely will be more expensive than OLED.

          • @guidedlight: Mini led is not equal in picture to micro led or OLED unfortunately.

            • @onlinepred: Let’s see:
              * Mini LED achieves 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. OLED cannot
              * Mini LED achieves better grey uniformity
              * Mini LED is considerably brighter

              Mini LED is designed to considerably reduce the blooming problem on traditional LED TV’s that employ local dimming. OLED eliminates blooming altogether.

            • @onlinepred: Its hard to imagine it will compete against OLED on picture quality but how do you know that how mini and OLED compare? From what I've read technology is so new that it's too early to tell how it will fare against OLED. You seem so certain.

          • @guidedlight: Yeah, mini LED has nothing on OLED unfortunately. It's simply a slight evolution of existing LCDs, main difference is just more control over dimming specific pixels. It's a nice upgrade, but if a product with OLED exists you go with that every time over mini LED.

            Samsung released the first 'consumer' micro LED panel in December in Korea. I use inverted commas around consumer as it's really only for the super rich at the moment haha. But in a few years once it's at a reasonable price it should in theory be the panel of choice over OLED, with the same benefits but with more brightness and no threat of burn-in.

            • @X2Jason: It wasn't MicroLED it was Mini when they actually showed what they used. Need to get the LEDs to under half the size to call it MicroLED. Actually Sony who first did it around 10 years ago for commercial sales. Samsung just took the tech and copied it like usual, but did a bad job of it

              • @Monstalova: Ah interesting, I didn't realise they tricked people. I just remember reading the articles last month when their 110" 'Micro LED' screen came out for big bucks in Korea!

                • @X2Jason: Even the wall screen which they showcased at CES last couple years was technically Mini LED. Their 8K screens were only 25% contrast ratio (which is how defined each pixel is). Sony is around 65-70%. LG is 50%. They were told they're not allowed to bring another one to CES unless they get it to 50. As it's not technically 8K either. They got it about 45% or just over and were allowed to do it.

            • @X2Jason: not really, I prefer the brightness of LED to OLED.

              • @smigglejiggle: I mean yeah they can be a little brighter but there are way more pros for OLED than LCD in 2020. I have owned two OLED screens, laptops, tablets and phones, never experienced any form of burn-in either (and I'm an idiot and leave static images up all the time haha).

                The 2021 OLED's should make the brightness gap negligible anyway, with the new extra layer on the higher end LG and Sony 2021 panels boosting peak brightness.

          • @guidedlight: Then no, MiniLED is not "nearly identical" to OLED.
            Self-emissive > backlit every time.

      • It seems like the mini leds are only in the flagship tvs. So i wouldnt count on it being that much cheaper

      • Mini LED is already out - Saw a TCL 65" one for 3k at TGG.

    • Yeah I ended up paying around $2700 for my 65 inch C9 about 10-11 months ago. Such a good TV. Sure the CX came out a few months after that but it seems like it still isn't at the same kind of discount prices so no regrets from my part really.

    • What so special about it? What do you guys do/will with those old/current one?

    • While Myer is selling the 65CX for $3789, I managed to get JB to price match that model for $3400 back in November 2020 if you want the receipt to try the same

  • The BX 65 were 3K 6 months back

  • So happy I got my C9 55 on clearance from good guys a year ago for $1800. It doesn't look like we'll ever see that price again

  • of course these are on sale just as i gave up and bought a sony x90!

  • I got the CX65 from JB on Dec 19 for $3700 without too much hassle.

  • 75$ delivery !

  • Still a $1000 covid tax on these compared to last year's models.

    C9 55" $1712

  • -2 votes

    Haven't seen anything come close to my bargain back in December 2019

    • geez, no need to rub it in all our faces

    • Meh I'm happier with my 65 c9 for $2600
      The hdmi2.1perks for my ps5 makes it future proof over the c8. The size is nice but I'd still rather the tech match to upcoming trends.
      In saying that it's still a good deal

  • LG CX 48 inch is what I need..

  • There's a CX55 at a certain retailer that looks like it's in the wrong section. I'm patiently waiting for the day they eventually slash the price because noone can find where it is.

  • I read something about LG A1 OLEDs potentially replacing the BX series… no word on pricing though. TVs are surprisingly expensive at the moment. I picked up a 55” B7 on Boxing Day sale for about $1888. Great tv.

    • The A1 will be the US variant, which apparently is a 60hz OLED with HDMI 2.1 (but not the actual features) and the B1, C1 and G1 for the BX, CX and GX.

      Though, the schedule (and price) on what’s coming first up, is not out yet.

      There are also some 60/120hz QNED and OLED versions like the Nano, QNED or UP series LED panels for 2021 that will have shared features, and some budget models won’t get VRR or Dolby Atmos/Vision support, etc.

      Not much has changed apart from WebOS, a few software tweaks and the AI upscaler. Some of the gaming models with VRR are getting new menus, they’ve also upgraded the audio so it now works across apps and amplifies to the peak volume. Supposedly to keep the volume for TV ads at level. YMMV.

      The G1 will have a brighter OLED Evo panel, and the same thin Gallery/Wall mount as the GX (probably due to the higher cooling needs for the increased power and brightness.

      So far, only the G1 has the brighter OLED Evo, and there may be some more premium models with the new Evo panels

      The C1 is still getting a 48”, but also an 83” size.

      • Oh thanks for the information! Makes it easy for us in Australia, we can simply look forward to B/C/G1.

  • Damn, so OLEDs have gone up in price, opposite to what we all predicted 2 years ago.

  • Insane that a 55" BX on sale costs nearly 1k more than i paid for my C9 more than a year ago? Very marginal feature changes between gens too.

  • Would JB price beat?

  • Shame there's no 75" :( I'd buy one seeing as it has all the HDR/Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDMI 2.1

    • Same. LG does 77” in this size but they’re literally 3x the price at the moment and out of stock until late February.

      It’s tempting to get the Samsung 75” instead but no Dolby Vision is a killer. It’s used in so many Netflix things.

      I’m at TV replacement time so watching all of this stuff like a hawk. It just seems like the worst possible time to buy.

  • I need/want the 65 CX. Do we agree this is as good as the price will get for the CX? Also, how much do you think the C1 65 will release at?

    • "need/want" LOL - I approve this phrasing

    • Hard to say. Its been had for these prices by anyone with decent haggling even without it being a "sale". Everything is so over inflated price wise im personally just skipping this series. We need micro LED to spice competition up and COVID to bugger off.

  • How's the cable management with the CX 65 wall mounted? Is it difficult to reach the ports?

    • I have C9 55 wall mounted with a very slim bracket, yes it's very difficult to reach the side ports. Should be less an issue if you're not using a slim bracket.

  • What cashback would it be?

  • Been waiting for the 48” to come back in stock at JB since the end of November 😔

  • I managed to grab the CX 65 for $3400 from TGG around 4 months ago… crazy that prices aren't lower now!

  • Still loving my c9 65 :)

  • All these deals that are more expensive than pre-covid because of supply/demand issues etc are so depressing

  • How do you justify the extra 500 on the CX? Just a bit higher brightness?

  • Finally able to get the JBHIFI price match with this. Thanks :)

    • Let us know if it worked.
      Jb from experience is fk'ing stingy a$$ when it comes to price matching.
      It's like drawing blood from stone

  • Standard sales prices anyone can get with a little haggle. Nothing to be terribly excited over.

  • Retailers 'advertise' the LG OLEDGX65 for $4999, but a good deal is more like $4k. No-one keeps them in stock, so I thought I'd see where they have them, turns out there might be some in Qld somehwere (I ended up ringing them up, as all my local searches of their website's inventory in Sydney (all regions), Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide showed zero available, and the online store won't ship one out without finding a unit in your local courier region).

    Also looked for the $5199 Sony KD65A8H they had for $4500, but they seemed to have no stock of that either. But you can get these anywhere at that price anyhow.

    Fed up waiting, I ended up committing to a GX for $4k locally, (had to place the order up front). Still think the price is way over the mark when they were $3.5k pre-SARS-2. So they should now be cheaper, esp as they will probably be old models this year and the market is hotting up. But in the US, retail is $3.5k, street pricing seems circa USD $2500 and coincidentally stock seems thin also.

    Maybe one of those ships that lost all its containers had loads of OLEDs top-loaded above decks- and in a few days time new production will be waived through customs and the price head down to 1.5-$2k, a week after I paid 4. That's be just my luck.

    Anyhow, fingers crossed its a decent unit. I've never even seen one…

  • Looks like Cx65 is out in Sydney

  • Sorry if dumb question but when do most manufactures new TVs come out each year?

    And for how long are previous years models e.g. the BX & CX available for?

    In the hunt for a new TV but don’t need it till June when we move into new house and want to try get the best deal on a 2020 model :)

    • Usually March new models are released from most companies. In Australia we have to wait a little longer for stock to arrive. With Covid add on a month I guess. So by May new models should all be here. May/June is the best time to get last years TV's for cheap if they haven't sold out. When new models arrive is when they start putting good clearance prices for older stock. So keep an eye out Easter time for the new range. I did it a couple years back and had to search all of Australia to find the model I wanted, so if you see a good price before mid year on the TV you want, better off taking it just in case it's all sold out

      • Thanks for the intel, will keep a close eye out.

        Do you think there’s a chance the 65BX could be had for $3K or under at some stage?

  • For the last 3 years for LGs C8,C9,CX models it was April when they came out

  • FYI, yesterday I price matched the CX 65 with VideoPro ($3,780) at JB HiFi. There is a large back order at JB that they are expecting to land in Feb

  • Did anyone manage to buy one of these from Myer?

    Or even see any of the 65" models at Myer?

    My stock searches fail no matter what state/postcode I use. "No stock found nearby. Order online and get it delivered to your home"

    Couldn't order for delivery either, no stock.

    Maybe it's a total dud(?) or YA corporate scam to collect email addresses

    • Basically no one has stock at the moment. You are essentially pre-ordering for when the next shipment arrives.

      • Yes, except that the website wouldn't take an order, calling over the phone them didn't result in any other way to place an order, even if it was somehow possible in store.

    • I ordered a 65cx on 21/1 from Myer. Called to follow up today cos hadn’t heard anything - couldn’t give me an answer, was told someone would call me back in a day or so. Couple of hours later get an email saying order has been canceled. And yet still able to add to cart on website. Has anyone actually received their order from Myer? I’m about to go down there n get some answers - appalling service. Not to mention I purchased 2x $500 gift cards to place the order. Useless to me now…

  • I managed to get JB to price match on the CX55 - but they added delivery on top, as nothing in stock until 3 March.

  • Not bad, just need further 50% reduction before considering such a purchase

  • LG is advertising great deals on OLED TVs on their web site from 28/01-3/2. Shouldn't people wait until then and not buy TVs now?

    • Curiously, the Myer sale ends today (27/01). Possible there is a broader price reduction as of tomorrow.