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Nokia 5.3 Android One Smartphone (AU Version 2020) $219 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Nokia 5.3 for $219 at Amazon AU. Not a bad price for a mid ranger.

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  • looked at these at 229 at JB today.

  • I have one of these. Owned since June 2020. Great camera, especially night mode. The software is a bit buggy imo. Expected more from Nokia/Android one. I reckon my partners Samsung a20 is a better all around phone

    • I had a Nokia 5.1 and after it broke got a Samsung a20. Samsung a20 was very slow and frustrating to use. Nokia 5.1 was much better than Samsung a20. After 7 months of use got a Poco X3.

      • How's Poco X3? Did you install custom ROM? I'm interested to know cos I'm getting one.

    • The software is a bit buggy imo

      Android fragmentation problem. Even though Nokia is Android One it takes effort to get the software to work flawlessly (which shouldn't happen).

      • Do you think this is true for older model pixel phones too? I'm thinking that might be my next handset (hopefully in a year or two if my Nokia can last)

        • Having had Nexus devices Google devices should be okay. If you get 2 versions of Android your phone would be slow and battery life is bad (due to small batteries). I don't think Android does "efficient" the code seems to keep on getting bigger and bigger.

    • I found the stock camera app to be pretty bad actually. Only after I got a GCam APK working it became pretty decent though.

  • FWIW I have been on the Nokia 5.3 for a few months now. It was good in the beginning, but it's starting to show its flaws.

    Frozen apps / screen, disappearing app icons, randomly doesn't open PDFs, randomly inaccurate touch screen, randomly freezes for a bout 20 seconds / app crashes. Didn't have issues like that on previous phones (Samsung S8, Motorola G series, LGs)

    Now purchased a Pixel 4a and couldn't be happier.

    • Curious to know if you tried a factory reset?

      Dad was having heaps of trouble with his phone (Motorola) being unable to install or update apps, disappearing apps, etc. Tried clearing play store data and a few other things, but nothing really worked. Factory reset and it appears to be much better. Forgot to backup Whatsapp & Messages, but apart from that everything else was backed up in the cloud.

      • I reset it, but it slowed down again /showed similar issues soon after. If you don't mind the occasional hickup and slower performance there's nothing wrong with this phone.

        Personally it's the first time I went cheaper than a Motorola G series (which I used in the past and had no issues with), but I won't do it again.

        Haven't used the Moto G9 Plus, but I'd get that over this one.

    • Yep the Android one phones in theory were great but phone makers dont put much effort into the updates.

      Rather less security updates but a less buggy phone.

  • Typing on a Nokia 5.3. The screen freezes sometimes, the solution I have had to use is to lock the screen then unlock again. Otherwise I dont recall any other software issues. I'd say get this if you dont want to buy a chinese brand phone (even though this is made there).

  • Now $227 for "Charcoal", and $229 for "Sand", with "Cyan Blue" OOS.