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Pelican G40 GO Personal Utility Case $29.98 (50% off) + Shipping ($0 with $99.95 Spend) @ Pelican


The G40 GO Case is being discontinued in Australia, so we're running a clearance sale on all remaining stock.

The G40 is a waterproof micro bumper case with a pressure valve and a latch-loop molded in.

It's sized to easily hold large phones or phablets and all their addons, or any similarly sized pieces of kit.

These cases are covered by the same lifetime warranty as full-sized Pelican hard cases.

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  • I heard a rumour about the Pelican.

  • goddamn shipping though!

  • plus Shipping / FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $99.95

  • $8.94 for shipping

  • Was deciding but shipping.. Deciding on this or a waterproof smartphone bag for boating. The Go case can be tethered tied to you but kiss your phone goodbye if it slips on the Go.

  • OP, any coupon for free shipping?

  • Hey rep, I can't proceed to the check out. I've entered my shipping address, selected the suburb etc. but it still says I need to choose a shipping method. No matter the option, it doesn't work.

    • I cannot pick the shipping method.. I cannot complete my purchase.

      • I think it does not like to send to parcel locker. I change to my home address and it works.

    • Hi there, we use TOLL shipping and freight tables to calculate postage costs and delivery methods, it's possible the address you've entered falls outside of the shipping methods offered, or is simply not recognised by the boundaries of the shipping zones in our system.

  • Why would I need this?

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      Hi there, thanks for asking! It's a small waterproof container made to be attached to a person's clothes, baggage or vehicle. Anyone who needs that little extra peace of mind for their pocket-sized goods could benefit from it, especially climbers, hikers or cyclists who may encounter wet or dusty conditions, hard bumps and drops, or have very slim or very bulky clothing that makes the use of pockets difficult or impossible.

    • I can use this for my spare camera batteries and SD cards.

  • Just bought four to push the free shipping threshold, still a great deal 4 for the price of 2!

    • Have you received any delivery update yet? I purchased one on Jan 22nd but have not received any confirmation yet.

  • Would love to grab one as im part of the RFS and am always worried about getting my phone wet but that's a brutal shipping cost for a $30 case

  • Says it fits up to a Note 9. I have a Note 20 Ultra. Have you tested against this phone at all?

    • Hi there. Haven't tested the 20 Ultra personally, but, according to its dimensions vs the interior of the G40 case, it SHOULD be compatible, but may be a snug fit (around 1.5cm of clearance in height and width)

  • really wanted the memory card cases but they're out of stock :(

    • Hi! Always happy to see enthusiasm for our products. I'm not personally aware of when our next shipment of SD and Cflash cases is arriving, but they have definitely NOT been discontinued, and we have an XQD case from the same design family launching in the next month or so.

  • Bought one on 22/01 but no confirmation email whatsoever till now.

  • It's a solid product! I wish I would've bought more. Thanks, OP!

  • Deal seems to be over - but still showing as live on Oz Bargain. How does this normally work guys ?

    • Hi there! The deal was set to end at midnight on the 31st both here and on our store, but due to a difference in server times, there may have been a few hours where it showed as still live here, whilst closed on the website.